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My Final Mugen Roster 1082 Characters Now Downloadable



The HORIZON-CD-ROM, released on January 24, 1996, is the first volume of the complete collection of music by the Japanese band Boris. It was composed of only one CD, all of which contained cover art by Kyohei Osawa. It was limited to 2,000 copies. It has been re-released as a vinyl.



1. HAND OF A STRANGER – A mysterious black figure glides into a room in a shadowy fog before entering a brightly lit room to pull back the curtains. He’s revealed to be our old friend ZERO, in a white kimono, sunglasses covering his eyes, and what appear to be green flames shooting out of his back. (A nod to No, God is not a DJ – the stage costume of another member.)
2. THE CAT MAN – The band’s cover image for the next cut is an anime-style drawing of the band members kneeling in a circle, arms linked, looking up at this cat who crouches calmly between them.
3. NAMORI – Another eerie piece of music, this one is picked up by a woman’s voice over a muffled instrumental. After a few moments, a man’s voice is heard, speaking in Japanese, and soon the instrumental track stops completely. (An ominous tone.)
4. LOVER – The band’s album cover for the next cut is a generic jazzy version of the band standing before a piano. The rest of the track is set in the studio with the band’s members seated at the piano.
5. CYCLONE – The band’s cover image for the next cut is the band members in white and maroon suits, faces hidden by dark hoods, also standing before a piano. After a few moments, the vocal line comes in, as a man with a deep voice says something in Japanese. Again, the instrumental track stops completely for a few moments.
6. BOYS OF SUMMER – Another piece that is quick-paced and melodic, this time the band members are wearing white and gray suits, sometimes also horns. After a few moments, the instrumental track has an intense and dramatic feel to it.
7. PARADISE LOST – The band’s cover image for the next cut is a painting of a waterfall, with the band members sitting on a stone island and looking to the waterfall at the left of the picture


1082 characters in Mugen. So far the only ones I have unlocked:
Mugen.. Powered By Mugen. Introduction
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