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B0003316-02, Nelly, Suit ‎(CD, Album), Universal Records, Derrty Ent. All rights reserved.
One note in particular: Compilation number 508 / 454. This song is a one-two punch with “Not Fade Away”. Tracks 5.1 and 5.2 appear on the anniversary album.
Online edition of Radio 4 (15th Oct 1992)
On this week of 27th April 1992, the Radio 4 program “Inside Out” had a special entertainment feature which featured a special live performance by The Pogues. Inspired by the album “The Fadeaway” by The Feeling, the band – wearing white long-sleeve sweaters and brown hair ties – performed without any costumes or costume worries. They opened by reading out culled lines from the album, following the song from the lyric “It’s a Bliss… we’re good friends now”. They then performed a number of covers of Billy Bragg’s “All the Things She Said,” followed by a duet between the two performers, lead vocalist Nelly and guitarist Suit.
Nelly was also very adept at reading out lines from poems, and, as Suit relates, this was the only way she ever got her act on. After a few minutes of fame, the group was provided with a dressing room with a large mirror and the hot oven to reheat. Even the musicians were part of this hiatus by wearing sweater outerwear. The result was a relaxed and energetic show that concluded with a very loud and extended final line from the original song: “We found ourselves in a world of drones… we took our deepest shots, and we’ll always take a deep shot with Drones .” To celebrate their 50th anniverary appearance on Radio 4, the Poguets shared an all-talk show with leading jazz saxophonist Tom Kelly, who had just arrived from New York City to be performing with Suit and Nelly. This happened on a soapbox set placed for the audience by the original Billy Bluesbr



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