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NetworkActiv PIAFCTM is an efficient application which will help you to monitor your network and network traffic in real-time. It can be used to network security and firewalls, network monitoring, network traffic analyzer, network performance monitoring, network assessment, network intrusion detection and network traffic analysis.

Total Network Security, Inc. is a innovative company providing new concept and practical technology for network, endpoint and application management solutions. Their products have been proven to be cost effective, trouble free and reliable. The company is headquartered in Dedham, Mass. with offices in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sao Paulo. For more information, visit our Website at

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NetworkActiv PIAFCTM Crack Activation Code (Latest)

An easy-to-use, multiplatform network monitor with an extensive packet/file capturing mode for monitoring network traffic.
Who should use this software:
The software is best suited for business or corporate use. The main benefit is real-time monitoring without Windows services, as well as file capturing for analysis afterwards.
Suggested system requirements:
Windows 2000 and later, Linux, MacOS
packet capture, packet analyzer, real-time packet capture

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NetworkActiv PIAFCTM Crack Download

NetworkActiv is an all-in-one tool that acts as a packer/unpacker, traffic analyser/protocol analyser. The application provides 4 different modes of operation. In Packed Capture mode it unpacketizes the files you choose and also allows you to configure advanced settings regarding file size, file format, IP/MAC filtering, firewalls, CPU usage, compression and optional encryption. In Capturing mode it will capture the traffic of TCP / UDP protocols on all interfaces and save the data to a file. In Packed Analyze mode it analyses the packets on the specified interfaces. The application also supports recording packet / traffic analysis and maintaining packet statistics. In both Analyzing mode and network capture the application has the ability to save the captured data and log the captured packets into a file for future analysis. In real-time mode it displays all the packet information on the selected interfaces / networks. The applications interface is quite intuitive and easy to use.
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On Feb 7, 2019

What’s New in the NetworkActiv PIAFCTM?

A data management tool with plenty of functionalities and many features.
Real-time packed analyzer
Once installed, the application can be launched without the need to restart your computer. A main menu shows up on launch, letting you select the area of interest, and you can choose from packet mode, file, graphical packets, and statistical mode. Additionally, you can have the program remember your choice to directly dive into the mode you work with.
One of the main regions is the packet mode. Here the application can start to monitor all data going through your network adapter. Gathered info is found in an organized table with headers for type, size, source and destination MAC, from and to IP, from and to port, date and time, as well as content related info. Selection of an entry unveils more data in the detailed window.
Selecting an entry also unveils some management options in the context menu. You can choose to look up source or destination MAC vendor, reverse resolve source or destination IP addresses, trigger several TCP specific options, or remove the packet from the list. Data gathered is also visible in text, decimal, and HEX view, with the possibility to export as TXT for later analysis.
Analyze files, draw traffic graph, and view statistical data
As far as the file mode goes, all work is narrowed down to analysing data from existing sets of files. The network interface is a mandatory requirement here, as well as the source folder of the constructed file. You can choose advanced settings before starting the session.
The graphical packets mode can seem like a fun mode to analyze traffic, but it’s hardly understandable. It shows either packet driver or raw socket inf, but without any guidelines it’s hard to tell what’s going on.
The statistical mode can shed more light. This can be proper for long-term analysis of data, as it keeps the log, including bytes, in an organized table, with options to save. Last but not least, the application comes with a built-in base encoder/decoder to convert data to readable forms.
A few last words
Taking everything into consideration, we can state that NetworkActiv PIAFCTM is a practical network monitoring tool overall. It provides multiple modes to analyze data either in real-time or based on sets of files, being worth your while overall.
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System Requirements For NetworkActiv PIAFCTM:

Windows 7 or greater
1GHz Processor
Microsoft Directshow 10.0+
Internet Explorer 10+
DirectX 11
CORS support
Minimum of 2GB free disk space
Please note that we cannot guarantee the compatibility of the DirectShow plugins with older operating systems.
Multiple Bitrate (Mobile Version)
Number of videos:
Movie Editing

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