Note: Norton Security has been discontinued and replaced by the company's newer product, Norton 360. Follow the buy links to purchase a Norton 360 subscription.
Formerly known as Norton 360, Norton Security with Backup represents Symantec's top-of-the-line antivirus solution designed to safeguard the PC against all kinds of Internet-based attacks. In comparison with Norton Security, this version adds a backup feature that allows users to regularly copy files and upload them to a secure location.
Rapid installation and clear-cut interface
The setup procedure is a fast and easy job that does not need customization. When it comes to the interface, Norton is wrapped in an elegant window with a neatly organized structure that provides immediate access to the main components, grouped together into the Security, Identity, Backup and Performance areas.
Secure the PC by running multiple scans and configuring settings
Norton features various scan modes that enable users to quickly examine key areas, thoroughly check the entire computer, search only in custom-defined areas, scan the Facebook Wall for suspicious activity in exchanged links, determine which files need to be scanned via Norton Insight, as well as create diagnostic reports and resolve difficult malware scenarios using Norton Power Eraser.
Users have the possibility of tinkering with advanced settings when it comes to boot and real-time protection, along with the av behavior (e.g. compressed files, heuristics, tracking cookies, network drives), not to mention automatic updates and anti-spyware protection.
Protect user identity by keeping data secured
Norton features an Identity Safe that collects all private information into one place, a tool that randomly generates secure passwords based on user-defined rules, along with a function to safely navigate the Internet using an engine powered by to always be aware of trustworthy and suspicious websites. When it comes to ID settings, it is possible to tinker with settings pertaining to anti-phishing, malicious webpage blocking, and more.
Boost PC performance and back up files
The computer's overall performance can be maximized by defragging the disk, removing junk or unnecessary files (e.g. IE and Windows temporary files), managing autostart entries, and monitoring important events in graphs.
The backup feature can be customized in terms of files to backup, output location and schedule. Multiple configuration sets can be created to keep track of multiple backup jobs at the same time. It is possible to include pictures, music, financial files, video, Microsoft Office docs, emails, contacts, Internet Favorites and other file types, aside from user-defined objects. Files can be stored online via a Norton service or to another drive or disc.
Performance and conclusion
Norton has always been a user favorite when it comes to antivirus solutions. The new Norton Security with Backup does not disappoint, since the backup feature offers advanced, yet intuitive settings to users who want to store their important files in a safe location. Paired with the fact that the tool delivers good results concerning malware detection ratio, real-time shield responsiveness, scan speed and resources consumption, users should at least give Norton Security with Backup a shot and see what it's all about.


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Norton Security With Backup (Norton 360) Crack PC/Windows [Latest-2022]

Norton Security with Backup and Norton 360

Review Date: February 7, 2013


We like:

Good malware detection

Good performance and fast scans

Stable software

Able to automatically update itself

We don’t like:

Unclear interface

Did you know?

Norton can detect and remove malware without endangering your other files.

You can customize scan speeds, scan types, and generate advanced reports with Norton Security.

Remove malware using both automatic and manual modes
Norton Security with Backup offers complete malware detection coverage, letting users protect their computer against all kinds of Internet-based threats. Users can select from two scan modes – automatic and manual – and tweak settings to accomplish specific goals, such as finding spyware or detecting new viruses that may have appeared since the last update.
In addition to antivirus, the tool offers a number of other options, such as the ability to keep track of recent transactions in the form of history reports, define risk settings for the home folder, and execute scheduled scans.
The software can easily detect and remove malware using both automatic and manual modes. Scanning can be performed at preset times or in real time using the available heuristics. While automatic scanning can detect thousands of types of malware, manual mode is usually used to detect more specific malware, such as spyware, Trojans, viruses, phishing, rootkits and so on.
Advantages of Norton Security with Backup
Tested to provide accurate results and support customer service, Norton Security is one of the most recognized antivirus brands in the world. For 2013, the software is designed to be one of the fastest ever, promising users a truly automatic experience.
Norton Security with Backup has been enhanced to provide additional features, such as behavioral analytics to detect suspicious activities and sensitive material. Aside from that, the software also protects users from online threats and privacy issues, scans internal documents and files, and serves as a free backup program.
When it comes to the interface, Norton Security with Backup is reminiscent of Norton 2011 and offers a sleek and clean interface that is easy to navigate. Among the software’s key features are the well-organized Security, Identity, Backup and Performance sections, along with various controls and options that make it easy to configure settings.
Disadvantages of Norton Security with Backup
As is the case with all antivirus programs, Norton Security with Backup requires a small

Norton Security With Backup (Norton 360) Crack+

-Possible to make the notification message to show up if the user set the date time correctly
-Possible to take the wrong password for the account which is used for password changes.
-Possible to show also the sensitive files in the password view of the notes file
-Possible to setup the Google Bookmarks for Norton 360
-Possible to take the wrong file system name for the backup (it will show the current path).
-It’s possible to take wrong time for the start of the schedule if the time zone of the user is wrong.
-It’s possible to install the Norton AntiVirus without a License.

KEYMACRO Description:
The user name of the Norton Anti-virus is added as a label in the file browser.

-Possible to re-show all Norton License if the user is using the old Norton License.
-It’s possible to enable and disable the language support in the Norton License.

-Changed the order for the volume buttons on the mouse.

-Possible to take wrong format of file. It will be changed in the next release.
-It’s possible to show the user a wrong “Log in” name if the same username and password is used for many users.
-It’s possible to show the wrong default path when taking the update.
-It’s possible to show the wrong “Ready for updates” text.
-The settings menu of Norton is changed.
-Some icons on the user interface are changed to their newer version.
-It’s possible to show the mislaid Norton License.
-It’s possible to show the wrong date time.
-It’s possible to show the wrong date in the toolbar.
-It’s possible to show the wrong “Start date” for the schedule.
-It’s possible to have the wrong “Default time zone” if the system time is set manually.
-It’s possible to show wrong language in the instructions window.
-It’s possible to show the wrong language on the start menu.
-The “Change language” option is removed.
-It’s possible to show the wrong date on the browser if the system time is wrong.
-It’s possible to show the wrong date in the toolbar.
-The user interface is updated.
-It’s possible to show the wrong “Click here to remove Norton AntiVirus

Norton Security With Backup (Norton 360)

Norton Security with Backup is your complete security solution. This edition adds a backup feature that lets you protect your files by storing them in an encrypted folder on your computer.
User reviews:
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Jul 16, 2018

Value for money and great support. Not only that, but it was the best AV I have ever used.

The first couple of months of using the Norton antivirus software I was very disappointed. The Norton help desk was not very helpful and the product worked just fine. After those 2 months I got tired of using a product that was not working right and decided to switch to another AV.
The problems with the Norton were resolved. The Norton help desk was able to resolve all issues that I had.

Its a little pricey and a pain in the backside. It requires constant updates and the problem with the product is that it seems to force these updates on you. So when you have a problem with an update, your stuck.
But once you get it installed and it works, its worth every penny

The old Norton Antivirus product used to be my favorite because it was the only antivirus product that I could get to work. I could scan, backup, and restore files in only seconds while the other AVs I tried to scan my files for viruses, really took a long time.
However, my experience with Norton this year has been a disappointment. I purchased Norton last year and have been using it ever since. It would occasionally freeze, or simply not start. So last year I uninstalled it.
This year I tried installing it again, and got the same issues. I decided to try a different AV, and it seems to be working better. My antivirus, McAfee, works fine with the automatic updates, but the Norton product still freezes and will not start.
I really like the fact that Norton can backup files, it has two different backup options, one for hourly and the other for daily. The only thing is that the restore feature for the hourly backup is very limited.
So my recommendation is to get a different AV, because Norton simply does not work well.

Symantec has one of the best antivirus programs on the market. I

What’s New in the?

Norton Security with Backup is the most complete and powerful antivirus solution available for the Windows platform. It is designed to help protect your Windows PC against dangerous viruses, spyware, and other online threats.
One-click protection for all your PCs
Norton Security with Backup is a single program that protects all your PCs, no matter what operating system they use, including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. It includes the latest, award-winning Norton Antivirus and Norton Internet Security technology, making it the most complete and powerful solution available.
Built-in security solution for PCs, tablets, and Macs
The same highly sophisticated protection Norton Security with Backup provides to PCs works on all the most popular tablet and mobile devices, including Android and iOS devices, as well as the Mac. This gives you the most convenient protection on the planet: one solution for all your PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.
Protects against the latest viruses
When you're getting ready to hit the road for vacation or business, you should be confident that your laptop will be protected from viruses and other online threats, so you don't have to worry about the risk of your personal data being stolen. This is what makes Norton Security with Backup so powerful: it protects against the most recent viruses, spyware and other online threats, so you don't need to worry about your data being taken from your PC.
Complete protection for your work
Norton Security with Backup gives you all the security you need to make sure your business is protected from cyberattacks and data loss. This includes covering the following areas:
• Identity theft protection: This protects your bank account number, credit card numbers, social security numbers, passwords, birth date, home address and more from being stolen or misused. If you don't have any of these things on your PC, this solution will help you keep it that way.
• Protect your business: Protect your business assets, protect data, back up data. Anything you can think of that would help protect your business, Norton Security with Backup can do it.
• Remote management: Need to access your PC to make a fix? Need to see your antivirus status? This software provides you with the tools to do all of this and more.
Built-in backup solution for PCs, tablets, and Macs
Norton Security with Backup automatically backs up your personal data to multiple locations. This means you can be sure that no matter what happens to your PC, you'll have a copy of everything on it so you can easily restore your files. You can back up to your own cloud account, your DropBox account, your USB thumb drive or any other location.
Built-in antivirus solution for PCs, tablets, and Macs
Protect your tablet, mobile and Mac devices from viruses and other

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 (SP1)
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo (2.0 GHz) or AMD Athlon 64 X2 (2.0 GHz)
Memory: 2GB
Graphics: 1GB
Hard Drive: 7.7GB
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: DirectSound Compatible sound card
Additional Notes: Minimum system requirements are subject to change without notice.
Additional Notes: The game is available in a variety

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