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Simple and powerful Unicode text alignment
Split screen mode
Text alignment
Merge and split text
Highlight parallel text
Create parallel text documents

Nova Text Aligner is a free for private and commercial use.

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English, French, Spanish

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12.9 MB

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It doesn’t work.
I installed the program but it doesn’t work. Not only that, but there is no way to get a refund even though I paid for the product. I’m very angry about that. It’s unfortunate because other products I’ve bought have worked fine and they’re just as good. Now I’m stuck with this one which doesn’t work. Please get rid of this application. I’m upset and I’m sure many others are too.For those who know me well, you know that the history of the central role of the textile sector in Portugal is pretty old, even before the Portuguese Revolution.

But the last decade has been the real one of recovery and renewal. The sector continues to be among the ones that have always been more resilient to crises than any other sector in Portugal. I can not say enough about the work of my colleague Hélder Guerreiro, who has been so in charge of many recovery strategies.

The first was published in 2010, when the issue of demographic change and the problem of jobs was one of the key strategic issues of the time. The recovery strategy highlighted three main pillars for the sector: the Industry, the Logistics and the Education.

All these were defined with a simple, clear and understandable logic:

We are well placed, in terms of competitiveness and technological know-how, to become the leader of the European Textile and Clothing sector. To do that, we need to invest in the Industry, in R&D, in logistics and in education.

Is a really simple and clear logic, that based on many studies and analysis, that developed in the Government and that were also implemented. It was then in the center of the debate on the employment strategy of the country, based on the launch of the 100 thousand jobs

NOVA Text Aligner X64

Smart text alignment – NOVA Text Aligner is a free yet powerful text alignment utility.Align text in your documents with NOVA Text Aligner – Written in a highly intuitive, user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, NOVA Text Aligner will quickly come to understand how the text in your documents should be aligned. Make text parallel and blend text, perfectly aligned – NOVA Text Aligner will align your text documents automatically based on any standard text style that you choose. Take control of aligning text – NOVA Text Aligner comes with a series of powerful tools that will allow you to easily control text alignment and align text based on predefined styles and formatting.
Useful tools – NOVA Text Aligner provides users with a range of useful tools to help you in aligning and blending text. These tools include the ability to insert text blocks and blocks of numbers, mark up text and insert comments into documents.
Multiple align styles – NOVA Text Aligner comes with multiple align styles that you can choose from. These include normal text styles, automatically blended text, and various default styles for documents that use the Microsoft Office Open XML format.Align text in your documents with NOVA Text Aligner – NOVA Text Aligner is a free yet powerful text alignment utility.
Integration with Microsoft Office – NOVA Text Aligner is fully integrated with Microsoft Office. It is capable of aligning text from Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Visio documents.Align text in your documents with NOVA Text Aligner – No need to go through the hassle of creating and maintaining complex templates. Just create your files in a normal manner and NOVA Text Aligner will do the rest for you automatically.
If you’d like to try out NOVA Text Aligner and the other applications we have on offer, then please use our 15-day free trial for a full assessment. But don’t delay as trial versions are limited in time!
What’s New in version
* New “Preview” mode will show a preview of the finished alignment on the fly.
* New “Styles” dialog allows you to choose a document style.
* New sample documents for NOVA Text Aligner are included.
* “Import [OLE2] Series” option added to “Import from File > OLE2.”
* Option to export text alignment as HTML added.
* Option to

NOVA Text Aligner [Win/Mac] [2022]

NOVA Text Aligner is a software solution that is user-friendly, intuitive and very easy to use. The software’s colorful interface gives you a modern look and it comes with the option to use extended tools on your documents. It also allows you to work on your documents in a split-screen mode, which gives you a quick and easy way to work on the application.

NOVA Text Aligner Text Features:

• Align text to a pattern.

• Find, replace, justify and highlight text.

• Create a parallel document from the imported text.

• Split the document in half or into thirds.

• Merge the document into one or more.

• Move the text up or down.

• Delete lines.

• Split words.

• Mark phrases.

• Duplicate selected lines.

• Change the colors of the text.

• Export the project as HTML, PDF, a CSV file and an Excel spreadsheet.

The software comes with a help file and it’s multi-platform, meaning you can install the program on any operating system. All in all, NOVA Text Aligner is a very versatile and powerful software that comes with a user-friendly interface that allows you to work on your documents efficiently.

Whats New in NOVA Text Aligner:

Version 2.9:

• Massive performance improvements.

• New shortcut key.

• Automatically calculates the width of paragraphs.

• Auto-wraps lines.

• Support for Vietnamese.

• Improved Windows 10 launcher.

• Improved consistency and error handling.

• Added new languages.

• Tweaked indenting.

• Fixed an issue with Chinese characters.

Version 2.8:

• Google Drive, DropBox & OneDrive file support.

• New shortcut key.

• Auto-indent for the entire paragraph.

• Edit mode.

• Clipboard support.

• Auto-merge function for CHM.

• Auto-merge for HTML.

• Auto-merge for PDF.

• Improved performance.

• Fixed an issue with Chinese characters.

• Improved consistency and error handling.

• Added a Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian translation.

Version 2.6:

• Improved PDF support.

What’s New in the?

NOVA Text Aligner is a professional tool that helps you align text and create parallel text. Generate parallel text from Transifex with NOVA Text Aligner.

Increase the visibility of your translations by visually editing the text.

Work faster by creating parallel text in NOVA Text Aligner.

Text clean up in NOVA Text Aligner.

Include color changes with EaseUS Backup.

Parallel Text in EaseUS Backup:

Saving multiple files under the same name prevents them from being overwritten.

Gather all your files into a single folder, and then click “Open” to import them.

VitalSource Translator Pro Features:

Parallelization of documents is a high-performance technique for creating multiple output files from one input document. Parallelization can be configured in a few easy steps.

Supports Unicode, UTF-8, and more.

Parallelization supports Unicode, UTF-8, and many more.

Built-in translation features, such as translation memory, make translation very easy.

With the built-in translation features, parallelization is an easy and efficient way to translate from one language to another.

Supported languages: more than 70 languages.

Supported platforms: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.


Multi-lingual users can quickly and easily translate from one language to another.

VitalSource Translator is the best software solution for all your multi-lingual projects.

Dynamic Language Interface:

Dictionary: offers a comprehensive dictionary that includes over 50 million words.

Grammar Builder: suggests a variety of grammatical rules from the linguistic experts.

Convert the text you want to translate into a new language with VitalSource Translator.

The perfect balance of speed and accuracy, helps you to complete your translations swiftly and accurately.

And, of course, it is designed to be easy for you to learn, use and work with.

With VitalSource Translator, you can translate whole documents or sections of a document into

System Requirements:

Windows 7/8/10.
Mac OS X 10.11+
Minimum 1GB VRAM
OS: Windows 10 64bit
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 10GB free space
Compatibility: VR-Zone
Alpha version V1.0.0.0 Alpha V1.0.0.0
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