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inCarDoc is the best doctor for your car: Check Engine codes reading, diagnostics, vehicle scan, monitoring and log book tool: reads .ovr files, scanter
Tesla has released its own social service that will meet the social needs and needs of motorists. In the foreseeable future, registration on the Tesla website will become mandatory. The basis of the service will be loyalty programs, as well as offers of mutual assistance.The service will allow owners of Tesla cars to share messages, photos and videos with friends on social networks. Those. the service will be useful as an addition to Tesla car services.

Guests of the capital can not only try, but also buy delicious and healthy food. Everything that is sold in Moscow, such as: yoghurts, cookies, chocolate, bagels and nuts, is captivated by the so-called. “teftology”, the incomprehensible and not tasty name of which comes from the English. the words “teeth” (teeth). Thus, Teftology is a kind of help for lovers of comfort and who cannot afford to buy traditional food. All Teftongs can be purchased at Teftology at a low price.

Fit Bit
In Russia, the Fitbit application has become popular, designed to control your body. The company GFI (Global Forum Inc.), which is known to a wide range of consumers as a developer of computer games, is developing. FitBits also caught sight of modern computer technology.
Fitness bit (fitbit) is a high-tech fitness tracker that offers users to measure, analyze, analyze and evaluate their fitness progress in real time. And also to keep the family fitness runners, that is, reports.
GFIS (GF International, Inc.) is the market leader in fitness monitoring and nutrition software technologies. Founded in 2006 and has offices in the US, China and Russia. The Fitbalit software is freely distributed throughout the world.
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