OggVorbis decoder plugin for Winamp is a lightweight piece of software aimed to provide you with the ability of listening to OGG format files in your favorite music player, without having to go out of your way to achieve this.
The utility is very easy to install and work with, requiring simply that you run the executable and follow the wizard steps.
Ogg Vorbis decoder plugin for Winamp will automatically find its proper location in the player’s installation folder, allowing you to access it from the ‘Preferences’ section, by clicking on the ‘Input’ entry under ‘Plugins’.
Double-clicking OggVorbis decoder plugin for Winamp in the list reveals its configuration window, where you can start adjusting the preferences for its running. The tabbed interface allows you to switch between ‘Decoding’, ‘Display’, ‘Streaming’ and ‘Multichannel’.
The ‘Decoding’ section enables you to set the preferred priority level, optionally buffering full files from disk. You can select the number of bits per sample or dither the audio. You can also use replay gain and prevent clipping, just by checking the corresponding boxes. The plugin even lets you apply a preamp of a preferred value.
From the ‘Display’ tab, you can choose the title format for the currently playing song, opting whether to show the average bitrate while playing. Moreover, from the ‘Streaming’ section, you can set the buffer size as well as the prebuffering values.
Lastly, the ‘Multichannel’ tab enables you to choose whether to apply conversion when processing 5.1-channel audios, even being able to opt for a source channel order.









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One of the main features of Ogg Vorbis is its ability to encode higher quality sounds than the conventional mp3 format.
This allows the plugin to play streams from either the original music or from the internet itself (such as the “LiveStream” option in Windows Media Player), while seeking to the right position.
However, you’d need to compile the library on your own before making use of it.
This approach is taken by the one of the most popular audio websites – The Pirate Bay!
As a result, any song available in the Ogg format can be played back on Windows and other compatible platforms, without the need to add any extra configuration to the player.
In this article, we’ll show you how to add this capability to your Windows installation.
Step 1:
In order to use OggVorbis, you’d need to install a suitable library using a download manager or your operating system’s package manager.
We tested the installation by using the 7z file.
Note that the plugin is also easily available at the official website, making it much easier to download it and install it.
We advise you to do it before continue reading this article, so that you may be familiar with all the steps that follow.
Step 2:
Download the plugin from the site listed above, choosing the right version for the supported platform.
Once it’s installed, launch it.
Step 3:
A simple installer will start, prompting you for the directory in which to save the downloaded files.
We recommend the following:
(18.4 KB)
Step 4:
Go to Ogg Vorbis plugin settings to customize it to your liking.
Step 5:
You can now configure your decoder to your liking from the plugin’s settings.
The configuration window is very easy to use, allowing you to review all the settings provided by the plugin and adjust them as needed.
In the ‘General’ tab, you’ll notice a ‘Preferences File’ button.
Click it and open the one located in the installation folder.
Paste this in the empty field:

OggVorbis Decoder Plugin For Winamp Crack Free

OggVorbis is a free, high-quality, widely used open source (LGPL) audio codec for compressing audio data. OggVorbis does not hold all the features of proprietary codecs. OggVorbis is lossy and usually degrades to a lower quality to save space. OggVorbis is the default audio codec used by the Ogg container format.

OggVorbis takes advantage of the best parts of the Vorbis codec and also adds some of its own features. OggVorbis has Vorbis-specific features that streamline the user interface and the API.

OggVorbis is part of the Xiph.Org Foundation project which further oversees development and support of the other freely licensed audio formats part of the specification: MP3, AAC, and Opus.

NOTE: OggVorbis can be embedded inside your own proprietary audio container format, just like the popular MP3 format. But that is not the subject of this article.

OggVorbis is portable. It can be used with audio processors and sequencers that use little memory (such as Microchip’s PIC microcontroller) and can access general-purpose I/O functions on the host computer. It can also be used with software players that are designed with audio-related operations in mind. Software players are available for almost every operating system.

OggVorbis can be transmitted over a network using standard file transfer protocols and needs a little extra “transcoding” to be played on such protocols, since it is not designed to run over a network. Most computers that can run Vorbis-playing software can also be used to play OggVorbis files or their “transcoded” versions. On UNIX or POSIX systems, in particular, the file format is self-describing, so decoding is extremely easy.

OggVorbis generally plays well with the other popular open source audio formats. It is in widespread use for distributing audio over the Internet. It has been used for music CDs, streaming audio over the Internet, DVD audio, and other formats.

OggVorbis does not set any copyright protection on the data it produces, but the xiph.org Foundation offers royalty-free licensing for proprietary use. The format is, after all, a format derived from Vorbis.

Key features of OggVorbis include

OggVorbis Decoder Plugin For Winamp License Keygen [Mac/Win]

From Codeweavers, a company that specializes in compiling of software for Windows platform, is out with a new release of its well-know CrossOver Linux installer.
CrossOver Linux features an improved installer, with a new interface and other features, while still keeping an “analyst” status.
According to the developers, they improved the installer with “a new user interface for downloading and installing CrossOver Linux at a major web site ( a launcher that can be used to automatically setup and update CrossOver Linux installations, and a system to dynamically identify and react to common operating system kernel and driver incompatibilities”.
Besides, “the installer now supports single-click install or, for those that want to start a complete CrossOver Linux environment at once, CrossOver Automatic Install feature. In addition, CrossOver Linux Setup in CrossOver has been improved, resulting in faster setup time and increased stability”.
CrossOver Linux comes in two editions; the Personal Edition edition and the Professional Edition.
In the Personal Edition, you can create an Operating System on your Windows PC that permits you to run all Linux-compatible software like MS Office applications.
The Professional Edition is aimed to advanced users, who want to dedicate their machines to run Linux. It contains, as well as CrossOver Linux itself, also a full version of Linux distribution like Debian or SUSE.
Both editions of the new release, as its previous releases, are available at a discounted price ($49.95) for those that hold a Codeweavers’ account. Also, a special offer to those that want to buy a gift for someone are available, with the option of several gift cards and not just the regular discounts.
Besides the new release of CrossOver Linux, Codeweavers offers a new version of its AVMp3encoder plugin, with features similar to the ones that came out from the now discontinued Acetone DVD to Audio Converter.
In any case, here are some of the features that we covered, in Codeweavers’ press release;

Codeweavers has released an update for its popular virtualization software, CrossOver Linux.
The new release is actually the company’s first update of the software in more than a year and a half, since the last major release of

What’s New In OggVorbis Decoder Plugin For Winamp?

Stable Version: 2.00b

Size: 7.5 MB


Winamp 2.85

How to Install OggVorbis decoder plugin for Winamp?

1. Download OggVorbis decoder plugin for Winamp from the link below.
2. Install the program and run OggVorbis decoder plugin for Winamp.
3. If you do not have Winamp2.85, you can download it for free from here.
4. Put the OggVorbis decoder plugin for Winamp into your Winamp installation folder.
5. For detailed installation instructions, please refer to this post.

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System Requirements:

General Requirements:
– 4 GB of free disk space
– Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003
– Microsoft DirectX 9.0c
– CD-ROM drive
– Sound card capable of playing PCM or ADPCM audio at 44.1 or 48 kHz sample rate
– Network access
– 2 GB of RAM
– Internet Explorer 4.5
– Screen Resolution: 1024×768 or greater (pixels)
– Sound card capable of playing PCM or ADPCM audio at 44.


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