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Okok Telugu Full Movie Download


OK OK – This is a romantic film for the 2012 Telugu, with the participation of the Udhayandi Stalin, Hansiki Motani, Sharani Ponananan, Santans and Dzhangiri Madhumit Because of the fact that it is too strict and forces only family work. He decides to leave the village houses and goes to live in the city. But Parashaki has a job only at his beloved Radha, who, together with her husband, is engaged in agriculture in the neighboring area. Parashaka is inherited by a large apiary, and he begins to work on the restoration of the economy. Parash is well drawn with animals and collects wonderful honey. Despite the fact that Parasakti lives in society, he cares about the peasants and takes care of the environment. Since childhood, Parashaka knows that he must become like a father, because his father, famous for scientists, harvested his time on the development of science, and not to work in agriculture. Parasch decides to go to learn in the Agricultural Institute, but, learning that it is necessary to receive an agricultural education without appropriate experience in a rural house, he leaves the Institute. Two years later, Parashak enters the agricultural institute, where he plays the role of Syam’s assistant on laboratory experiments. Parasharma likes to work with Syam, and the couple fall in love with each other. Parashar falls in love with Radha and refuses to look for work in the village. He is forced to work in Kisore (the city in the south, where the institute is located) as an assistant Dr. Bhakti, who is an experienced surgeon. Parash starts working on bhak, trying to learn everything about paragliding. For him, flights in the sky are a unique experience that he likes much more than work on earth. He tries to learn as much as possible about Paraglore and, finally, learns that bhaki is an active paraploader. After several successful experiments, Bhakov invites Parashar to join him for comments among pets. The couple listens to how Bhakov describes the competition, and, in the end, agrees when he finds out how highly jumping bhako. The couple is well versed in dogs, but he does not know that his old dream learn to fly can come true. The couple offers a bhaku, who is very interested in Parashharma



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