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I can read Oru Desathinte Katha sitting in a chair, but I can also move… The nightingale, having sung his song, From a roadside tree flew down. (C) Nat Pinkerton “The Nightingale Sings Sitting” I would beg to differ that I am “sitting”, I am sitting only in an armchair, and at work I am exactly “running”. Because at the moment I’m on a plane. And it’s because I’m running that I get to read a book. And when I’m reading, I’m not sitting down after all. Otherwise you wouldn’t notice me, I’m a “runner” (c), I – like all of us “proletarians” – “work standing up”, so when I run, I don’t sit, I run. Well, if only to the bathroom, but otherwise I’m more of a “runner”. Running through life.



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