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This is the download file for PatchMate 2003.
PatchMate, the simplest and most secure patching system in the industry, will automatically find and install Microsoft security hot-fixes from CD to your computer without the need for user interaction.
The installation process itself is a snap. Basically all PatchMate needs to do is start scanning for updates and once it detects a compatible update, it will automatically install the update for you.
If you do not wish to receive security updates from Microsoft via the Internet, you can still download and install them directly from CD. Simply insert the CD into your computer and wait for PatchMate to start finding them.
No additional steps are required for PatchMate to apply patches from CD. The installation process is just as easy as clicking through the Windows Update screen.
With PatchMate, you can finally stop worrying about finding and installing security hot-fixes in a timely manner.
Just sit back and let PatchMate handle the tedious task for you.
Simply insert the CD to which updates are downloaded and let PatchMate work silently in the background to apply the patches to your computer in one single automatic process.
Only a few minutes are required to install the first update, and seconds to install each subsequent update. There is no need to monitor the progress, or need to restart the computer to complete the process.
What’s more, PatchMate can be set to only apply security hot-fixes on an “as needed” basis, or you can also choose to apply all patches at once.
What’s more, PatchMate can be set to only apply security hot-fixes on an “as needed” basis, or you can also choose to apply all patches at once.
What’s more, PatchMate can be set to only apply security hot-fixes on an “as needed” basis, or you can also choose to apply all patches at once.
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PatchMate 2003 is the latest version of our popular program, the original PatchMate. PatchMate upgrades itself automatically whenever available updates are found so you need never need to upgrade manually. And PatchMate 2003 allows you to apply security fixes without downloading them to your PC; instead just let PatchMate 2003 do the work for you. You can even apply fixes silently without notice.
PatchMate 2003 is so easy to use that ANYONE can install updates and security fixes without any training or instruction.
PatchMate 2003 will create a menu from which you can select each and every security patch that is available for your computer (at least 5,000 patches are currently indexed on the PC).
All you have to do is tell PatchMate 2003 which ones you want it to apply.

What’s New


Updated to support XP and Vista.


Improved installer to automatically download and install. No more downloads to you of patch files.


Added tooltip descriptions to the “Help” menu and PatchMate Preferences dialog boxes.


Added support for Vista.


Added support for XP SP2 and Service Pack 1.


Added support for XP SP2 and Service Pack 2.


Updates to make look and feel more like Windows XP.


Added support for Windows XP.


Updated the application title to avoid confusion with the main PatchMate application.


Added support for XP.


Added support for installation of security fixes.


Added support for XP SP1.


Added support for XP SP1 and Service Pack 1.


Updated to run in a Windows Service.


Updated to work with Windows 2000 and XP.


Fixed a crash when loading a large file.


Updated to work with Windows 2000 and XP.


Update to remove license expiration date requirement.


PatchMate 2003

PatchMate is a program that automatically applies Microsoft security hot-fixes from CD to your computer with little or no user-intervention. PatchMate can install in as little as 5 minutes depending on system configuration. Installing patches even via a high-speed internet connection can take hours.
PatchMate 2003 is the latest version of the software developed by ( which is currently at version 3.0. PatchMate allows you to apply Microsoft updates, application updates, registry updates, and internet security updates directly to your system with little or no user-intervention.
Latest PatchMate includes “List Updates” which provides an overview of critical and non-critical updates. With a simple double-click, you can schedule all the applicable updates to be applied at the same time. This way, you will never have to worry about applying critical patches to a system that has hundreds of applications. This allows PatchMate to save a lot of time since this type of update can be daunting for novices.
Once an update has been downloaded, PatchMate (using various settings) will automatically determine whether to apply the patch, by calculating whether the current state of the system meets the pre-requisites for the update. These pre-requisites include system requirements for the file type, hard drive size, and other parameters.
The latest PatchMate has a number of useful new features, including automatic features for:
Network and modem detection and configuration
Automated scanning of the Update Library
Automated downloading and updating of the Internet Explorer and other browser plug-ins
Automated updating of the Windows and application registry
Automated updating of the Windows hotfix and hotfix for non-security patch release
Preventing the application from being enabled and disabled as a result of automatic updates
Configuring a convenient method for downloading updates on a daily basis
Optional hotfix-blocking of non-security patches

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What’s New in the PatchMate 2003?

PatchMate is a patch management tool that provides a simple yet powerful way of implementing “trust”.
It does this by receiving patches for Microsoft software via a network connection. These patches are then installed to the local computer and then kept in a virtualized configuration database. This configuration database contains information on which patches were installed, if they are not already installed, and when they expire.
If a “trust” certificate is required for some reason, the PatchMate application can provide a secure handshake with the server so as to enable it to access the required information.
Once configured, you can trust PatchMate to manage the installation of patches for all of your installed software. It will call you when it is time to perform updates.
Below we will discuss why we chose PatchMate as our patch management software and what makes it different to the competition.
PatchMate – Multiple repositories
When considering a patch management solution that offers multiple repository options, one of the first thoughts that come to mind is, “Is it really important to be able to select from different repository options when doing patch management?”
Although PatchMate will provide the flexibility to switch between multiple repositories, we haven’t found it to be a very useful feature.
Instead we strongly recommend choosing a single repository option for your management solution.
When using a single repository solution like PatchMate, you can easily provide pre-defined configuration options. This includes things such as requiring a “trust” certificate from the server before PatchMate is able to connect to it.
A single repository can also be used for building a meta-repository. A meta-repository is a collection of repositories. For example, it would be possible to have one or more “hosted” repositories that PatchMate will use for its repository, and one or more remote repositories that will be used to access the repository(s) hosted by PatchMate.
PatchMate – Database integration
We like the ability to create a configuration database with PatchMate 2003 that can be updated directly from the SQL Server Agent.
This allows you to build a single database that can be used to manage a number of virtualized patches and update items (installed items that are being patched). This also enables you to build a meta-repository with a single database.
In addition, the PatchMate installation wizard can be used to create a single database for PatchMate, and then each of the repositories can be used as logical databases within the same

System Requirements:

Windows Vista, Windows 7
Mac OS X 10.5 (or later)
DirectX 8.0 or higher
5.1 Audio
OS X 10.8, 10.9, or 10.10
OS version: 10.0
Processor model: iPad1, iPad2 (WiFi)
Memory: 16GB
Video: A4 or newer
Connectivity: 802.11n Wi-Fi

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