=========== ==============================================================
(Pressing the key does the same thing as clicking the respective icon on the taskbar.)
Application Name: BinViewer
Developer: Web Projects
Category: Binary Viewers
Incompatible Processes:
===================== ========================================================
C:\Program Files\binviewer\binviewer.exe
C:\Program Files\binviewer\binviewer.exe.config
C:\Program Files\binviewer\binviewer.exe.config.mdb
C:\Program Files\binviewer\binviewer.exe.config.old
C:\Program Files\binviewer\binviewer.exe.config.scr
C:\Program Files\binviewer\binviewer.exe.config.tmp
C:\Program Files\binviewer\binviewer.exe.config.xls
C:\Program Files\binviewer\binviewer.exe.config.zip
C:\Program Files\binviewer\binviewer.exe.config.zip.mdb
C:\Program Files\binviewer\binviewer.exe.config.zip.scr
C:\Program Files\binviewer\binviewer.exe.config.zip.tmp
C:\Program Files\binviewer\binviewer.exe.config.zip.xls
C:\Program Files\binviewer\binviewer.exe.config.zip.zip
C:\Program Files\binviewer\binviewer.exe.config.zip.zip.mdb
C:\Program Files\binviewer\binviewer.exe.config.zip.zip.scr
C:\Program Files\binviewer\binviewer.exe.config.zip.zip.tmp
C:\Program Files\binviewer\binviewer.exe.config.zip.zip.xls
C:\Program Files\binviewer\binviewer.exe.config.zip.zip.zip
C:\Program Files\binviewer\binviewer.exe.config.zip.zip.zip.mdb
C:\Program Files\binviewer\binviewer.exe.config.zip.zip.zip.scr
C:\Program Files\binviewer\binviewer.exe.config.zip.zip.zip.tmp
C 70238732e0

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>iceLogo.exe ksortLogos.lst align.txt output.jpeg
For a detailed description of iceLogo features including the input data, see HELP iceLogo.
Input data (example files):
ksortLogos.lst: an input file with sequences aligned by a given protocol.
Output files:
output.jpeg: JPEG file with a picture for every logo.
Note: If you use the default settings and the ksortLogos.lst input file has an empty first line (empty input file) iceLogo will give you error messages and do not work. To avoid these error messages there are other options for the input data. Please look into the iceLogo help for more details.
Additional file where the input data is stored:
Example of input file
kbio.out: an example input file to produce a alignment with the Bio::Tools::Pairwise::Align::kbio module.
Example output file:
Example of output file
kbio.out: an example input file for ksortLogos.lst. It should be in a format where lines are grouped into one line for each pairwise comparison.
The following lines are generated with iceLogo:
– ——————————————————–
– X-coordinate (logo of size X is drawn)
– Y-coordinate
– Size of logo (logo of size X is drawn)
– Line weight
– Font size (default 15)
– Label colour
– Label font
– Sequence widths
– Sequence types
– Scoring rules
– Alignments grouped by columns
– Label to alignments (col.1,2,…, n)
– The paired sequence types
– The score values for the alignment
– The columns, where the paired sequence types are aligned
– The sequence widths for the aligned columns
– The sequence weights for the aligned columns
– Width of the columns, which should be aligned
– Width of the columns, which should not be aligned
– Width of the “empty” columns
– Scoring rules for the aligned columns
– Sequence types of the aligned columns
– Label of the column, where the sequence types are aligned
– Label of the column, where the sequence types are not aligned
– ——————————————————–

4 8 7 3 17

2 1 4 0 3
0 1 2 1 2
4 3 1


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