Pharmacy Detective Full Version Free

Let’s you quickly search over 3000 prescription medications available at online pharmacies without ever leaving your computer.
You can easily search for your prescriptions using a browser or download the application to use on your desktop.
Click on the ‘Setup’ tab to access the tutorial that will show you how to use Pharmacy Detective Serial Key and also shows you a few example searches.
You can use all the controls and functions that Pharmacy Detective Product Key offers.
You can also use it to find drug interactions, overdosages, check symptoms of several diseases and even weight management, anorexia, bulimia, and other weight loss conditions.
You can also use it to:
– Schedule your next scheduled prescription (or prevent them from being filled without authorization)
– Protect yourself from counterfeit or substandard drugs
– Monitor your health and report potential health problems to your doctor
– Check Drug interactions
– Use it as a diet log tool and track the medications you’re taking
– Use it to shop for cheaper drugs online
– Find cheaper generic alternatives to your prescription
– Search for diet pills, weight loss supplements, muscle enhancers, herbal medications, natural remedies, and all sorts of vitamins
– Get a customized E-Newsletter if you want
– “Sell” your own medications for profit or if you’re a pharmacist
– Get a little pocket cash for referring new customers
Use the QR code scanner on the right to quickly scan and add new medications to your database.
After you set up the application, you can search your database using the search box on the toolbar.
You can also sort your medications by several fields.
And you can filter your results so they only show what you want.
You can save your searches using the ‘Save Search’ button on the toolbar.
You can also create a category by dragging and dropping them.
You can also choose to include or exclude medications from specific categories.
You can export your searches to a text file, or even use the ‘Export Search’ button to save them as an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV file.
You can print and email your searches.
And you can share your searches with your family, friends or even the world.
(as long as they have the application installed on their computer)
This application was designed by a young man that wants to make it easier for people to find drugs in order to avoid being scammed and also avoid buying medications that may not

Pharmacy Detective With Full Keygen

KEYMACRO is a free, easy-to-use, utility designed to help you find all the information you need for prescription drugs.
KeyMACRO Features:
Search over 3000 medication names and order on the web. Browse the latest drug info from Lexi-Comp databases or Compare medication by name or by generic name. See the latest FDA approvals, side effects, indications, and interactions. Save your favorite medications to your custom list.
KEYMACRO does not require any installation, just download and run it to get started.
KEYMACRO is completely free, no spyware, adware, or other type of hijacker is included in the application
KEYMACRO has no access to your personal information, it is totally safe to use.
KEYMACRO is developed by Dentrix – a leading provider of Clinical Drug Information.
KEYMACRO is supported by a growing community of highly skilled developers. You are invited to submit your ideas and suggestions for improvements to the product. Visit our forum:
KEYMACRO, trademarked under the trademark KEYMACRO, is covered by U.S. Patent #6,957,878.

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Firmware version:


If you

Pharmacy Detective Crack+

– Free, fully functional.NET WinForms application –
– Search from 3000 prescription medications online!!!!!!
– Supports XP and Windows 2000
– Very intuitive –
– No need to register to find out if a medication is available or not
– For any further questions or inquiries, please email me at:
See screenshots below for more information

This image says it all

Screen shots


Google “Scannable”


My Pharmacy Detective application


Go to my Scannable web site


Scanned image of a bottle of Zantac


Scanned image of a bottle of Xanax

I hope you find this useful.

If you like it, please click the “Like” button, or pass it along to your friends.

All the best.

This is the Pharmacy Detective application. It works by scanning all the prescription medications that are available online at With my application, you are able to do a scan to see if a medication is available and then enter the details into your system, so you can save time and money, by scanning online at

In order to show you my appreciation for your interest in my application, I have made some big offers to you. For this Limited Time Offer, you can download my application for free for Windows XP and Windows 2000. You do not have to register, as the application is free to use.

After you purchase my Pharmacy Detective application, you will receive a FREE complimentary version of the Pharmacy Detective Application that allows you to search from 3000 prescription medications online. It will be sent to you in a format that is easy to use and understand.

You will also receive my free Pharmacy Detective Gold Kit. This will include several advanced features that may not be found anywhere else online.

This kit will help you become a true Pharmacy Detective, and a better pharmacist for you and your pharmacy.

Finally, I have made a small donation to a local charity. For every $10 you buy, you will receive a unique “thank you” message in the program for your purchases.

Special Offer: This offer is for a limited time only.

If you like it,

What’s New in the Pharmacy Detective?

All the information and prices can be searched from one easy to use application.

Download now!

*This is a one-time free download. No long-term subscription.


You can find a quick start guide, as well as a detailed help guide on this page!


Copyright (C) 2018 Wehrlan Verlag

Your feedback:

We appreciate your feedback! Please post any problems or comments to the thread on the website: Pharmacy Detective


– Aureate developer: Wehrlan Verlag



How to install the application on your computer

Click the download button above

(If you do not have any AdWare or other malware applications on your computer, you may skip this step)

Once downloaded, run the program and click on the OPEN button.

If you are asked for a registration, just ignore it and close the application.

How to uninstall the application

Open Control Panel (All Programs, right-click on the Pharmacy Detective file name and choose Uninstall)

Thank you for your interest in our Pharmacy Detective! I appreciate your feedback.

Pharmacy Detective is a commercial software, and your registration will allow you to use more features. I do not want you to miss out on these additional benefits.

Thank you for your interest in our Pharmacy Detective! I appreciate your feedback.

If you have any problems or questions with Pharmacy Detective, feel free to contact us.

Thank you,

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