PhotoWiz is a feature-rich and user-friendly application that can be used for both novices and professional photographers to apply color and highlight corrections, sharpen and reduce noise for various pictures, as well as enhance the contrast, insert multiple color and photo effects.
View individual histograms and choose the preferred mode using an accessible layout
The app comes bundled with a suite of multiple tools, namely, BWStyler, ColorWasher, ColorStyler, FocalBlade and LightMachine, which provides a complete method for adjusting and improving the overall image quality and properties.
It's wrapped in a well-structured and approachable layout that varies from an app to another, but shares a few common elements, like three preview screens, novice and expert modes, along with a split view to edit only a part of the item.
You can use your mouse scroll to easily zoom in and out or use the fit function to adjust the item to the screen. Plus, the tool lets you view histograms for each individual factor (RGB, luminosity, intensity, color balance, saturation, brightness, hue).
Balance different filters to get the desired result
You can switch between various methods, novice that offers the most basic options, expert, which enables all features, as well as global, dynamic, adaptive and local contrasts. You can use those methods individually or adjust them together to improve the details contrast without damaging the picture and the highlights.
Customize the picture with frames, filters and effects
The app comes with a wide range of preset filters, like saturation, balance, highlights, brightness and hue, which can easily be tweaked to a preferred value by enabling the quick edit mode. If you made a mistake, the program provides undo and redo buttons to go back to the original composition and different picture frames. Other worth mentioning features are the ability to apply soft blur, noise reduction, sharpen, lighten or darken a particular area, as well as fix the exposure and saturation levels. The output is saved in JPG, PNG, TIF and PSD file formats.
In conclusion
Taking everything into account, PhotoWiz is a comprehensive and intuitive utility, packed with individual tools and designed for those who want to adjust general and advanced photo properties (sharpen, exposure, contrast, brightness, color levels), as well as correct imperfections and improve the overall quality.









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-Adjust the image’s exposure, color, contrast and brightness levels
-Fix the color cast, remove noise, sharpen or soften a particular area
-Saturate (dilute) or desaturate (lighten or darken) an area
-Filter the image (adjust exposure, brightness and contrast)
-Remove the film effect
-Make objects blur (soften or sharpen)
-Add frames to a picture
-Apply a variety of color effects to the image
-Solve unwanted objects
-Various automated and manual exposure settings
-Fix white balance, black level, colors and contrast
-Correct the distribution of light
-Reduce the image size
-Remove the barrel distortion
-Rotate, flip and crop the image
-Show a histogram with each adjustment
-Automatically save an image to disk
-Display the image in full screen
-Save the image to the device
-Make the image a wallpaper
-Share your image with others
-Import an image from photo album, files or SD card
-Save a picture directly to the Camera Roll
-Print directly from the program
-View the image in landscape and portrait mode
-Scroll over the image to zoom in and out
-Zoom out the image and return to the main view
-Fit to the screen to adjust it to the size of the device screen
-Enable Pan and Zoom or Fit to Screen
-Implement the ability to use the menu buttons

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Applying a good picture composition is one of the most important skills that every photographer needs. It is easy to take great images, but it is much harder to properly frame them. It takes a lot of experience and patience to make the perfect frame. If you’re interested, the PhotoWiz camera app makes the job much easier.
Key Features:
Easy to use
A wide range of powerful tools
Advanced algorithm for adjustment and auto-completion
Detailed histograms
Compatible with RAW files
Supports all camera formats
Total control on brightness, contrast, saturation and white balance
Advanced sharpening control
Exposure, Contrast, Brightness, Saturation and Black and White adjustment
Per-area adjustment
Global, dynamic, adaptive and local contrast
Quick edit mode
Undo and redo buttons
Choice of file format (tiff, jpg, psd, png)
*Preview of raw files is only available after selecting them

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What’s New In?

Manage your photos using PhotoWiz! A very easy to use but powerful photo and image editing software featuring a lot of functions and tools for the most common image editing tasks. Use this app to adjust and improve the photos taken with your camera, or even the photos that have been taken with smartphones and phones. This app lets you adjust numerous image properties such as enhancing images, optimizing and correcting the picture. You can also enhance the image contrast, adjust the colors, add vignettes, apply realistic photographic effects, fix the exposure and saturation levels and much more.
PhotoWiz Features:
– make your photos look better!
– Adjust the overall quality and details of your photos to provide the best results
– Easy-to-use interface allows you to take advantage of all the tools and functions
– Highlight corrections, sharpening, Noise reduction, Color-level adjustments, Vignette, exposure and contrast, saturation and brightness
– Image Filters and Frames
– Works with all major image formats (JPG, GIF, TIF, RAW, PNG, PSD, BMP)
– Optimize the size of your photos
– Crop your photos easily
– Saved images in all major image format
– Perfect Photo is included
– All the filters are selected and stored in the app.
– Preset filters are added by default.
– You can also add any filter using the quick filter mode
– Useful tools are added for quick fixes
– You can manually activate or deactivate filters
– You can customise the color balance of the image
– PhotoWiz is compatible with all major smartphones and smart tables
– You can add watermarks and apply some effects to your photos
– You can share your photos on social media or save them to your PhotoWiz photo album
– Collage mode lets you create different combinations of your photos
– Trim function to resize your photos
– Export functions to let you print, send or share your photos or save them in PSD and TIF format
– You can view and edit the image histogram and the image histogram for each color
– You can find the exact area of your photo by zooming in and out with your mouse
– You can adjust the image size by using a zoom tool
– Use the Quick Edit mode to make corrections and adjustments as needed
– Resize your photo by using the fit function
– You can insert your photo into a frame and save the finished result

System Requirements For PhotoWiz:

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
Processor: 1 GHz or higher
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Video Card: GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon HD 2400
DirectX: Version 9.0 or higher
Gamepad: Nintendo 64 Controller or compatible gamepad.
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