Piet Mondrian Composer For PC [Latest-2022]

If you like Mondrian’s work, why not get down to work creating your own works of art?
With Piet Mondrian Composer Cracked Accounts, you can use the full color spectrum (although black lines are essential) and you can also use dotted lines – just like your favorite painter.
Piet Mondrian Composer comes with the option to move, rotate, and scale blocks, as well as setting their color. You can even easily adjust the width and the length of a selected block, as well as its position, and also add dotted lines.
When you’re done, you can export your design to your favorite format (JPEG, PDF, and XPS are supported) or you can share it with others via social media or E-mail.
What’s included in this application?
* A user interface.
* A colored palette.
* WYSIWYG canvas.
* Supports virtual printers.
* Supports JPEG, PDF, XPS formats.
* Automatic sizing.
* Automatic rotation.
* Edit dot.
* Rotate and move blocks.
* Custom color of a block.
* Custom shape of a block.
* Custom orientation of a block.
* Add block.
* Move block.
* Rotate block.
* Scale block.
* Adjust blocks.
* Save & Export.
* Create PDF.
* Create JPEG.
* Create XPS.
* Edit block.
* Overlay.
* Selecting dots.
* Transparent area.
* Select the nearest dot.
* Transparent.
* Custom shape.
* Change color.
* Change dot size.
* Change the transparent area.
* Change the color of the transparent area.
* Change dot color.
* Change the orientation of the dots.
* Change the dot size.
* Change the size of the transparent area.
* Change the direction of the transparent area.
* Change the spacing of the dots.
* Change the dash.
* Change the dash size.
* Change the dash color.
* Change the spacing of the dash.
* Change the opacity of the transparent area.
* Change the transparency of the transparent area.
* Change the transparency of the dot.
* Change the transparency of the dash.
* Change the transparency of the area.
* Change the transparency of the transparent area.
* Change the transparency of the

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Piet Mondrian Composer License Code & Keygen PC/Windows

– The creators of Piet Mondrian Composer were able to implement a set of features that only the most experienced artists can use.
– Piet Mondrian Composer comes with an intuitive user interface and many of the actions are available from the program’s main window.
– The application offers a huge database with over 1,200 original works created by famous artists such as Pierre Bonnard, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Paul Klee and Alexander Calder.
– Both experts and hobbyists can get familiarized with Mondrian’s work and improve their skills thanks to this intuitive application.
– The app supports several native file formats that include PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, PDF, PS, SVG and TXT.
– There are two different ways in which you can use the application. You can use the free version, or if you want to make full use of the app, you can purchase a license.
Piet Mondrian Composer Screenshots:

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What’s New In Piet Mondrian Composer?

Piet Mondrian Composer is a tool that aims to help you understand one of the most important modern art movements of the 20th century: De Stijl.
Piet Mondrian was a Dutch artist who died on April 28, 1944. As a painter, he is best known for his geometric abstract paintings. Among his many accomplishments, he is considered as the father of Suprematism.
Piet Mondrian Composer is an intuitive software solution that aims to help hobbyists and experts alike to understand Mondrian’s work while also creating artwork of their own.
The application installs smoothly and you can start getting familiarized with the style of Piet Mondrian by watching some of his works and analyzing their structure.
When you want to experiment with some of the painter’s techniques, you can simply add lines and areas to your canvas, and move them around via drag and drop until you are pleased with the design.
Additionally, you can customize the width and length of a selected line, as well as its color and position – you can even add dotted lines to your project, then start adjusting them as well.
When it comes to inserting blocks, you can also replace their default colors with custom ones; since these colors do not necessarily need to be primary ones, you can let your creativity go wild and see where it gets you.
When you are done with your Mondrian-inspired design, you can export it to JPEG and show it off to your friends and colleagues. Alternatively, you can print it on paper or you can use virtual printers that allow you to save your artwork as XPS or PDF.
All in all, Piet Mondrian Composer can help you improve your artistic skills while also experimenting with modern art and generating your own designs. Nonetheless, a license needs to be purchased if you want to unlock the full functionality of the application.
Piet Mondrian Composer Screenshot:

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System Requirements:

Mac OSX 10.8 or later
512MB memory
800MHz processor
2GB hard disk space
1024×768 recommended screen resolution
256MB minimum of video memory
Web Browser:
Chrome, Safari, Firefox
3D Ready
Recommended Requirements:
Windows 7 or later
1024 MB of RAM
1.5 GHz processor
1 GB hard drive space


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