Tech-savvy users know that the safest way to check the availability of a certain domain is to ping it. Specialized network packets are sent to the specified domain or IP and, as soon as a reply has been received, the time is calculated to assess the reachability.
While this is not news for expert users, more and more people are using the PC on a daily basis and this means that they also need to rely on specialized utilities, like ping ones.
Minimalistic ping tool
Ping Lite is one such solution since it allows you to enter an IP, hostname or a domain name, and then check if it is reachable. Depending on its status, a checkmark or a cross is displayed, meaning that the target address is up or not, respectively.
The main window of the application is kept as simplistic as possible, without any distracting menus or buttons.
In addition to displaying the status of the pinged address, the app also shows your current IP and this is it. Unfortunately, you do not have the possibility to check multiple host names at the same time, nor can you export the result for later analysis.
Ping application with a GUI
While it is true that ping is a function that is natively integrated within Windows, regardless of the edition you are running, not everybody has the skill to operate Command Prompt syntax.
And the fact that it comes with a handy interface is what makes Ping Lite useful. This way, even beginner users can benefit from checking the availability of IPs, hostnames or domains.
All in all, Ping Lite can prove to be a reliable solution for all those who want to check quickly if a certain address can be accessed, without needing to open Command Prompt or a browser.







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You can also ping a domain name or IP address to check its availability. Ping Lite is a free application that is built specifically to help you check your network connectivity.

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Basic commands for all Windows users: ping, traceroute, nslookup.

Available on all editions of Microsoft Windows operating system.

Can check multiple IPs at the same time.

Over 900,000 downloads.

Free software that can save you time and money.

An interesting and simple interface that allows to check several items at once.

We recommend downloading and running WPS Office Setup on your PC to install Microsoft’s productivity suite. You can install it from Microsoft Store or by clicking the Windows Installer icon on your Windows screen.

More about Ping Lite

About Ping Lite: A minimalistic ping tool that was created to check if a certain domain or IP address is reachable. The app is compatible with any Windows edition. Get it free of charge and check the pinged addresses as soon as you need.

Download Ping Lite

You can download and install Ping Lite on your computer with the help of the link given below. The software has been updated to allow you to download it from Microsoft Store if you are running a Windows 10 version.



Using Ping Lite: The tutorial video below demonstrates the main features of Ping Lite, how to check if an address can be accessed, how to export the result and the settings options.

Video Tutorial:

System Requirements:The minimum requirements for this software are Microsoft Windows and Windows Vista.

Supporting Languages

System Requirements:The minimum requirements for this software are Microsoft Windows and Windows Vista.The GNOME team released the 2.30 version of the desktop environment today, which includes a new default wallpaper.

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What’s New in the Ping Lite?

Powerful, lightweight, fast, reliable and free – these are the keywords to describe Ping Lite. Ping Lite is a fast, lightweight utility that allows you to send ping, traceroute, trace route, host, and traceroute-w / ping statistics to any host or domain. It supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2 and Windows Server 2008. With only a few clicks you can get a list of online destinations and be sure that a destination is up or down. You can check a domain, network card, a private IP address, a public address or a hostname and see if it is up or down. You can check where the traffic comes from and where it goes. You can also check if there is an attempt of a connection. For more than two decades, Ping has been the first and most reliable solution for checking the availability of a certain address. Yet, despite its simplicity, it is still one of the most commonly used tools for network and system administration. Why? Simply because it is reliable, lightweight, cross-platform, fast and free.
Ping Lite Details:
Easy and fast to use – ping and ping statistics are the hardest part of using ping. However, for both commands, you only have to enter the address or network that you want to ping. Then select the port that you are going to use to send packets and click on the ping or ping statistics button. After that, you will have to wait until the ping or ping statistics are done. In case of a failed ping, Ping Lite gives you a clear explanation about what you did wrong and exactly what you have to do in order to be successful.
Determine ping statistics – the first thing that you see is the list of ping statistics. Each ping statistics contains information about what packets were successfully sent, what packets were lost and in which percent the packets were lost. With this information, you can determine the average ping time, the maximum ping time, the minimum ping time, the hop count, the round trip time and other interesting information.
Easy installation – it’s the hardest part but not the biggest. Installation is as easy as: unzip the file, start, and everything is ready to go.
Cross-platform – you can use ping and ping statistics for any Windows operating system from XP to Windows 10.
Free – ping statistics is included with every release of Ping.
Ping Lite Credits:

System Requirements:

*Installed RAM: 1 GB or more
*Installed Hard Disk: 300 MB or more
*Installed Internet Connection: Broadband connection
*Operating System: Windows 8/Windows 7/Windows Vista/Windows XP
*USB Flash Drive: 1 GB or more
*Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card with hardware mixer
*Mouse: 1-button mouse
*Keyboard: Compatible with English Keyboard
*Game Disc: Disc or USB Flash Drive or Downloadable version

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