Planet 2 Lehrerhandbuch Download


Planet: Deutsch für Jugendliche. Lehrerhandbuch, Volume 2. Gabriele Kopp, Siegfried Büttner. About this book · Hueber Verlag. Berlin, 1998. Foreword · Chapter One. The First Disciples · Chapter Two. The First Disciples: “Fathers and Sons” · Chapter Three. First Attempt · Chapter Four. From “fathers” to “children” · Chapter Five. Summing up · Chapter Six. Fathers and sons: “fathers” · Chapter Seven. Fathers and sons: “children” · Chapter Eight. “Fathers” Chapter Nine. “Children” · Chapter Ten. Fathers and sons: “adults” · Chapter Eleven. Fathers and sons: “children” · Chapter Twelve. “Fathers” · Chapter Thirteen. “Children” · Chapter Fourteen.



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