When you want to fully enjoy your vast collection of images, you need to make sure your viewer packs as many features as you need. If you want to try an alternative to the default graphic viewer packed in your PC, you can try Portable XnView.
Portable image viewer
One of the most important aspects about this utility is that it does not need to be installed on your computer before getting to enjoy its functions. You can just keep it on your removable USB drive, then launch it whenever needed.
Its main window is pretty straightforward, and as soon as you navigate to the folder where your pics are stored, thumbnails are instantly generated – you can switch to icons, thumbnails and details, list or details.
Supports a wide range of formats
In addition to the most common formats that are typically supported by all viewers out there, Portable XnView also supports RAW formats, meaning that you can preview the pictures captured by digital cameras without any specialized software.
Additionally, you can also read EXIF data, such as camera manufacturer and model, exposure time, focal length, date modified and so on.
Includes extra operations
In addition to previewing pics, Portable XnView can also be used to capture the desktop, active window, a chosen window or a custom area.
You can also batch convert images to other formats, while also adding some transformations along the way: flip, rotate, resize, crop, auto de-skew, and many more.
Slideshow generation is also possible, and you can even choose the background music and the transition effects.
To wrap it up
All in all, Portable XnView can easily become your go-to solution for all operations involving graphic files, especially since it does not come with a steep learning curve and can be used by novices within seconds.







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XnView is one of the most widely used graphic viewers out there. It is often paired with Acorn Soft’s WinAmp as a media player. The lack of a dedicated media player was the main reason why it never gained popularity. With Portable XnView, that’s no longer a problem as it includes all the media playback and music management functions.XnView includes:• Set up the first screen• Powerful search capability including filtering files• Advanced File Exchange technology• A batch command file• All the main image file formats supported by XnView are supported in Portable XnView. The file formats supported include.jpg,.png,.gif,.bmp,.ico,.fnt,.cbr,.csv,.html,.txt,.pdf,.doc,.ppt,.xls, and.xml.

Top PC Review

Alright, as of recently a new program has been released and it’s a program called Portable XnView, and it’s a nifty little program that not only just renders images in 3D, but does so in a realistic way. There are no games of this nature, nor are there any points but…


Portable XnView, the latest software in our series of top PC reviews, is one of the most useful and powerful graphic viewers around. With a combination of both industry-standard and user-friendly options, it’s sure to become the go-to utility for displaying large quantities of images.
The most important aspect of Portable XnView’s design is that it includes a huge set of features that most users will require, all with a slick and intuitive interface.
Furthermore, it doesn’t require that you install it on your PC in any way, meaning that you can always take Portable XnView wherever you wish to go, even if it’s on a USB drive or CD-ROM.
As with all our programs, there’s a huge range of in-depth features included, including being able to preview files in JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG and other formats, along with EXIF data and other miscellaneous info.
In fact, the only other program that comes even close to having so many options is Windows Live Photo Gallery. This makes Portable XnView an incredibly powerful utility, and it’s extremely useful for getting to know your pictures.
However, there are a couple of things worth noting about Portable XnView. The first is that it has a

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Portable XnView Crack Mac is an advanced graphics viewer and editor used to browse your collection of images. The program has a pretty clean user interface and is easy to navigate, and in addition to view the contents of the folders, it also supports batch file conversion, image rotation, resizing and cropping as well as exif data reading.

Multimedia Software Toolbox 1.51
Multimedia Software Toolbox is an easy-to-use software solution that lets you quickly and easily convert videos into new videos, or import videos to a faster PC or Mac. It’s the perfect tool to convert video files, work with audio and music, convert files, and re-encode files into new formats. Multimedia Software Toolbox comes with over 200 video effects and transitions built in to help you make new movies, edit existing videos, and improve your video quality.
Multimedia Software Toolbox has been trusted by video professionals around the world for 15 years, and has played an important role in the video revolution. Multimedia Software Toolbox is the number one toolbox that video professionals trust to quickly and easily get the job done right.

Newswatch 10.45
Newswatch is a powerful new news and sports-oriented application designed to enable sports enthusiasts and professionals alike to track the latest news and action from around the globe, right from their desktop.
It is a simple, easy to use multi-platform news application. Quickly browse the latest news from the built-in newsfeed or switch between channels, countries, sports, leagues and categories for all the latest sports news. Daily updates offer the latest sports and world news from ABC, BBC, CNN, ITN, EBU, RTÉ, and CBS among others.
There are news and sport groups that are tailored to specific sports and can be freely used. For sports such as tennis, golf, cricket, rugby, Formula One, boxing, UFC, American football and more, there are over 30 sport groups.
If you are into football, then this tool will help you track the latest news and sports coverage from the league you follow.
You can search keywords, authors and periodical sections to quickly find the news you need and aggregate it in a convenient and easy to use interface. You can also use the handy search tools to quickly locate news you have missed.
Newswatch is the perfect tool to find the latest news and sports coverage anywhere in the world.

Skeatechnic Document Imaging 1.7

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Directory Opus was a software solution for users who are looking for a way to monitor their networks easily and get alerts on operating system events. It allows you to remotely check your network status, view detailed log files, monitor servers and let you get alerts when a TCP error occurs. Directory Opus was bundled with many other useful utilities, such as File Opus, My Opus and Network Opus. It was initially released for DOS, but later expanded to support Windows. So if you are looking to replace a directory monitor like NetOpus or monitor and log TCP/IP activity with a simple tool, and want to remove the bloatware that comes with most utilities, this is a good solution. This may also be the only solution, if you are looking to go beyond NetOpus capabilities.

Directory Opus Universal (DirOpus) – is a command line utility for monitoring remote and local TCP/IP traffic (application level) on any operating system. DirOpus was designed to be included in any system that supports TCP/IP traffic monitoring but also supports the ability to gather key system data such as CPU, memory, disk, and even network information. Directory Opus has a very simple interface and a powerful command line interface (CLI), it also supports multiple configuration formats. The command line program will self configure in the simplest of operating systems, support Windows 2000/XP/2003 server. Directory Opus is extremely stable and fast with a clean code design that makes troubleshooting very simple. It can interface with numerous network tools to acquire real-time data without “noise” or “lag.” DirOpus also provides detailed errors via FTP and email that are extremely useful for identifying network problems, firewalls, load balancers, proxies, web browsers, and many other common troubleshooting scenarios. It is easy to deploy because you can use it on a single machine or multiple machines. Directory Opus now supports all of the TCP/IP protocol uses and can easily add support for new protocols as needed.

FileOpus.net (FileOpus) – is a multi-platform command line tool for monitoring file activity. FileOpus provides file monitoring and logging utilities and can monitor file shares and network shares. FileOpus is a command line tool designed to monitor file activity on files on a local and remote computer or network share. It provides monitoring for over 100 protocol types, file creation and deletion events, system events, FTP activity, file properties and more. The software can be used

What’s New In?

How To Take Screenshots and Record Video in Windows 10?

You can take a screenshot or record video of your desktop with a single click in Windows 10.

Easily record entire web pages or selected parts of them without leaving the page you’re currently viewing.

Make video calls from your phone or tablet to any PC in the house.

Take screenshots while recording video.

Automatically display a toast notification with your screenshot or video.

How To Record Desktop Screen on Windows 10?

Want to record your desktop, but can’t figure out how? Here is step-by-step explanation on How To Record Desktop Screen on Windows 10.

Is it possible to record the screen on Windows 10? Of course, it is! It’s easy to make video recording with your Windows 10 computer. The built-in screen recording feature of Windows 10 will allow you to capture what you’re seeing on your PC’s screen and save it in high-definition on your PC. This article will show you how to take a screen recording using your Windows 10 device.

To begin, connect your Windows 10 device to a display (or the same one where you want to record your desktop) and click on the Rec button, which is in the bottom left corner of your screen. A pop-up screen appears.

Select Screen recording from the drop-down menu.

Click the record button, which is in the bottom right corner of your screen. This opens the screen recording pop-up.

Screenshot and Record Screen Video Using Windows 10

To continue recording the desktop, use the mouse and click in the top right corner of the screen.

Use keyboard to press Ctrl + Shift + N and select Save in File.

Type your desired file name for the desktop recording and click Save.

Your screen recording is saved on the desktop.

Record Computer Audio, Skype, Google Chat on Windows 10

Some audio types don’t come with Windows by default and these must be installed before you can listen to them on your computer. You can install the following codecs for audio files.

How to Play H.264/AAC Video on Windows 10?

How To Play H.264/AAC Video on Windows 10?

H.264 and AAC are two types of video compression codecs that are supported by Windows Media Player. To watch and listen to H.264 and AAC videos using Windows Media Player, simply

System Requirements:

Compatible with macOS 10.9 or newer
1024 x 768 or higher
Adobe Flash Player Version: 9 or newer
Minimum Requirements:
You must also download and install the supplied drivers for your specific card type from the manufacturer’s website. You can find the drivers and installation instructions here.
Download: Choreopix
Choreopix is a simple movie


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