With 3D printing on the rise, more and more people become interested in digital design. Particularly, ceramics is considered one of the easiest to work with material for a 3D printer, allowing users to test the printer while also improving their modeling skills.
PotterDraw is one of the applications that allow the design of pots, vases, bowls, plates, glasses, flasks, and more. It can work with cylindrical shapes of various shapes and sizes, allowing the user to sketch the outer wall using a spline, and generating the inner wall itself.
Create 3D pottery and distort shapes with various 3D effects
You can use PotterDraw to view pottery models in 3D or create new ones. It features advanced object manipulation tools, allowing users to zoom in and out using the mouse, rotate and pan the model, and move around it to view all the facets.
Aside from object visualization and manipulation, PotterDraw enables users to tamper with the properties of your design. As such, one can change the number of rings and sides in the mesh, the radius, and the wall thickness. Moreover, designers can try out different 3D effects, such as bend, ripple, helix, scallop, or twist. Thus, more complex shapes can be obtained by experimenting with the mesh properties. And, what's more, effects can be animated to create videos that show how the pot is built.
Play with textures and colors to obtain the design you want
Shape is not the only parameter one can define. PotterDraw can place various textures onto the pot, your choice. The number of colors in the model and various other parameters, such as the color sharpness, the frequency of the stripes (which are automatically generated), or the color pattern, can be adjusted.
The model can be exported to various formats, including as an object that can be further modified with other graphic editors. Alternatively, PotterDraw prepares the 3D shape for printing.
Context-sensitive help system to assist you
PotterDraw comes with various object manipulation options and tools that allow users to distort the original design and apply the effects they want. And for those who don't know what each function does, PotterDraw comes with context-sensitive tips that are displayed within the main window as various parameters are clicked on.







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PotterDraw is a free to use piece of 3D design software that enables you to create pottery art and 3D scenery with a click of a button. This powerful tool helps you in creating futuristic, egyptian and maybe even deep and psychedelic pottery with a simple click of your mouse.
The main window of this tool is similar to that of a sketchbook. You draw a model on the left side and the effect of the model on the right side. You can change the size of the model and also modify the number of sides the model has. It even helps you to define the texture on the model. With this software, you can also change the color of the pottery model and add a number of 3D effects like bend, twist, ripple, helix, scallop etc.
You can export your pottery model in many ways like STL, OBJ, or OBJZ file, you can also see your model in different 3D programs like Autodesk, Blender, Meshmixer etc.
You can draw a 3D model with the help of this free pottery drawing software.
Additional Software Purchased or Freely Downloaded:

3D Printing: A Complete Beginner’s Guide to 3D Printing

The internet is a great source of information and ideas on how to make a living without a job. I have personally found a few tools that have helped me to make money online and are wondering if any of you have found any useful tools that you can share?

published: 18 Mar 2015

3D Printing: A Complete Beginner’s Guide to 3D Printing

The internet is a great source of information and ideas on how to make a living without a job. I have personally found a few tools that have helped me to make money online and are wondering if any of you have found any useful tools that you can share?


PotterDraw (LifeTime) Activation Code

Create 3D pottery and distort shapes with various 3D effects and textures. If you have a 3D image in the file system, you can use it for further editing and simulation.

Radical Design is an application designed to help artists, students and professionals to create beautiful works of art. Its uses include 3D modeling, 3D printing, mock-ups, quilting, sculpting, painting, video editing, and more.
Create a detailed 3D model of any object on your computer with Radical Design’s 2D to 3D Modeling system. Its modeling features include anti-aliasing, edge round-off, UV map creation and editing, seam welding, Boolean operation, clone tool, and more. The application also uses the latest technology in 3D engine to create a more realistic effect.
Apply properties to your model. You can select from a comprehensive range of 3D modeling options that help you to produce the ideal design.
Discover printable 3D models and create a traditional paper model. Print 3D models to your specifications and import them into Adobe Photoshop or Adobe illustrator to make them compatible with your finished paper mock-up.
Alter and enhance models using the advanced Animation tools.
Explore potential design features with Radical Design’s flexible 2D editing features. You can expand, collapse, magnify and place hotspots on any model.
Apply multiple effects to your creations. Choose from an array of simple or advanced textures, including plaster, fiberglass, paint, chalk, wood and glass.
Begin the creation of your work of art with the many preset templates.
Radical Design Screenshots:

Ceramics designer and free computer application comes with 3D modeling and simulation tools. You can experience the myriad effects and tools and learn how to manipulate various objects in 3D.
Pro Tools, along with the “Assignment Styles”, enables you to create design styles in the form of simple to complex. You can also export the style to other applications such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.
You can also achieve new heights by sharing your designs. You can easily share your work in 3D between your devices.
You can share your work using 3D printing, and you can also apply style settings or color settings to simulate the real feel of stoneware and porcelain.
You can also create your own 3D files and print models or view them in 3D.
With the help of 3D modeling and 3D printing, people can

PotterDraw [2022]

PotterDraw is software for the creation of 3D models of stoneware pots. The creation of stoneware pots is characterized by the combination of an inner wall with a surrounding outer wall.
PotterDraw is a specially optimised software for the creation of stoneware and earthenware models with only a hand-drawn inner wall. It is a free software for hobbyists, students and professionals. PotterDraw is software for designers, and also for potters and ceramists who want to design their own stoneware or earthenware models. PotterDraw gives you the possibility to alter the stoneware or earthenware shape while at the same time modifying its properties (thickness, thickness of the outer wall, etc.).
Here are the features of PotterDraw:
– Compatible with all the major graphics programs, you can import and export 3D models in many files
– Create complex, multi-angled meshes of stoneware or earthenware with a solid surface to see the facets or the inner wall
– Design the outer wall and the inner wall using different tools
– Calculate the area of the models
– Allow the creation of several pottery models per design
– Download all the models and the videos to your hard drive in various formats
– Export all the files in a compressed file or without any compression
– Choose between several types of color
– Choose between different textures
– Choose between all the 3D effects
– Design a stoneware or earthenware pot with the help of a model and a 3D view
– Design the model in its different areas with the help of the 3D view
– Design the model or any of its parts in different planes
– Calculate the size of the model, the amount of its rings or the amount of its sides
– Move around the object with the help of the context-sensitive tips
– Add a border to the model
– Add a texture to the model
– Export the model in many formats
– It is very easy to handle 3D models with PotterDraw
– Design several pottery models per design
– Add a border to the models
– Design objects with complex forms
– Save your work online and access your work anytime at any time
– Export all the models in a compressed file or without any compression
– Export all the models
– Export the model in various formats
– Design a model for your own pottery
– Design a

What’s New in the PotterDraw?

• Create pottery in 3D with PotterDraw
– This pottery is a first in the creation of a 3D pot. The creator can easily design, construct, and modify the 3D shape of the pot and fit various effects to create the pottery of your desire.
– An advanced object manipulation tool, such as zooming in and out, panning, and rotating, was employed to create a pottery with more functions than ever.
– A user-friendly editing system was developed to enable the creation of realistic designs and the manipulation of colors and textures.
• Create pottery with PotterDraw and view it with 3D eyes
– PotterDraw comes with a simulation, so the pottery can be viewed from different angles in 3D to enhance the user’s experience.
– Pottery can be saved in several formats, including STL and OBJ, allowing it to be viewed in other 3D applications.
• Apply various effects to the pottery
– You can apply various effects to a pottery.
– The user can experiment with pottery models to create an original design that will stand out from the crowd.
– Various 3D effects such as: arc, helix, ripple, scallop, and bend, were applied to the pottery to create one-of-a-kind designs.
– An animation feature was introduced to create a 3D video that provides a narration of the entire pot’s construction process.
• Transfer pottery to a 3D printer
– PotterDraw was designed to fit a 3D printer.
– Now all you have to do is transfer the model created in PotterDraw to the printer for printing.
– PotterDraw is compatible with most 3D printers.
– Learn more:
• Create pottery in 3D, but don’t worry if you’re not a digital artist
– PotterDraw is a 3D modeling program for beginners.
– Its advanced graphic editing tool features enable everyone to manipulate and reproduce realistic images using a 3D form.
• Create pottery in 3D using potterDraw (mac)

This is a 3d printed letter ‘E’ table top created with the help of Pottermodeller software. It’s designed to look like an old fashioned E


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10, 8, 7
Processor: Intel Core i3/i5/i7 @ 2.66 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: 1 GB DirectX 11
Hard Drive: 3.5 GB Available Space
DirectX: Version 9.0
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