Primrose is a simple, Java based application designed to help you identify potentially useful oligonucleotides for use as probes or PCR primers as phylogenetic tools.


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Primrose Product Key is a new tool designed to help students in the laboratory/laboratory course. Primrose Serial Key organizes and displays the relevant information on the sequences you submit in a more user-friendly format, which reduces the amount of time you spend entering data. Primrose also makes it easier to find the oligonucleotides you want to analyze. Primrose highlights the regions you want to analyze with a link to the oligonucleotide sequence viewer.
Main features:
Primrose supports four types of input. In brief, each input file will display the following information:
RNA – Pairs of nucleotide sequences are displayed by the “Pair Fills” tab. For each pair, you can choose to view the nucleotide sequence on the 5′ or 3′ end, depending on which appears on the right hand side.
DNA – DNA sequences are displayed by the “DNA Fills” tab. You can choose to view the nucleotide sequence on the 5′ or 3′ end, depending on which appears on the right hand side.
GenBank Query – GenBank is a sequence database, so you can use this tab to search for a DNA or protein sequence in the database. You can then narrow your search by specifying the criteria that you want to use to retrieve the data. The criteria include molecular weight, G+C content, length and any other criteria you specify.
Search by Primer Sequence – The Primer Sequence tab allows you to search for oligonucleotides you can use as primers for PCR. Primer Sequence is a part of the Oligo Wizard or Primer Express software. If you submit sequences to Primer Sequence, Primrose will determine which primers are available from these sequences.

Transcription factor binding sites (TFBS) and regulatory elements in the genome are critical for gene expression.
RxnSift is a Java based tool for identifying TFBS and/or regulatory elements in a large nucleotide sequence data. It is an automated script that compares a nucleotide sequence to a library of known transcription factor binding sites and regulatory elements to detect putative TFBS and regulatory elements. It identifies a range of TFBSs and regulatory elements including CpG island, G-rich region, GC box, homeobox binding site, LTR, MYB, MYC, PEA3, POU, SOX, SPL, STAT and TATA box.
Main features:
There are a number of command line options available for the

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Purpose: Primrose Torrent Download is a simple, Java based application designed to help you
identify potentially useful oligonucleotides for use as probes or PCR primers as
phylogenetic tools.
The Primrose Crack For Windows interface allows you to do the following tasks:
1. Input a sequence in FASTA format (suitable also for EMBL)
2. Input a Primrose Torrent Download or a ‘Find’ string
3. Analyse your sequence for the presence of *any* string or sub-string of length up to 20
4. Generate a report with the information you entered, in a simple HTML format
5. Generate an image for you to use for publication
In this Primrose directory you will find the following scripts:
rpt: This is the output of the application, in the html format.
There are also postscript (ps) and pdf formats available.
See the ‘Help’ for more information.
RptHelp: This script outputs html help for the Primrose application.
CompareToPrimrose: This script takes a DNA sequence as input and generates a report
containing the sequences present in the Primrose database.
Show: This script compares the input string against the Primrose database.
Top10: This script generates a list of the top ten most common oligonucleotides
obtained from a search of the primrose database.
primrose -db -logger
This file should contain a list of all primers in the Primrose database.
The database can be updated from your web browser by simply clicking on the links
at the bottom of the Primrose database page.
This file should contain a Java class name to use as the log object.
You must define this at the top of your Primrose script.

You can log messages to Primrose using the primrose-logger.
import java.util.logging.Logger;
import java.util.logging.LogManager;
Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(“PrimroseLogger”);“Hello, World!”);

To define a Java class that will output messages to Primrose use:
public class My

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What is Primrose? Primrose is a simple, Java based application designed to help you identify potentially useful oligonucleotides for use as probes or PCR primers as phylogenetic tools.
Primrose Features:
Primrose Features:
The main feature of Primrose is that it looks up your query sequence, and gives you information about its characteristics. It gives you what you would want from a database; genus, species, and strain name, and a range of characteristics including whether or not it was found in a recent genome project, and whether it is conserved. It also reports the bit score of the match, and the longest length found. You can search either by database, or by the quality of the hit, or both. Primrose also allows you to download the best hit (in text format) if you want.
In addition, Primrose makes it easy to search across multiple genomes using simple, user friendly searching formats. It allows you to find:
* all the matches in any one genome, or
* all the matches in several genomes that are more conserved than those found in any one genome.
Primrose Features:
The best way to explain Primrose is to see for yourself. You can view the examples at the top of the page.
To see it in action, click on the ‘Get Hits’ button at the bottom of the page. To use Primrose, you need to have a local copy of the NCBI nr database. Primrose was designed to work with a local copy of NCBI’s nr database, which has been compiled as of June, 2004, and can be downloaded from
View an example:
Type the string:
You can also view the example text in the following two ways:
1. Open the example text in your browser:
Primrose requires that you have Java JRE version 1.5 or greater to view the example text. Note that the example text is not from the database (there are example results for human and mouse as well), so it is not representative of what you will find in your database. It is included only to give you a feel for how to use Primrose.
2. Use the download link at the bottom of the page to download the example text:
The example text is a text file which can be

What’s New in the?

Primrose is a small Java application that will allow you to search the UniGene cluster files for gene products corresponding to a series of oligonucleotides you have previously defined as ideal primers or probes.

We maintain Primrose at our web site ( as a demonstration application of the Chimeragenome family of software.

Primrose Usage:

At the time of this update, the application has been updated to support searching of both UniGene-cluster and protein database search results.

The usage is simple. When you have completed the Primrose tutorial, simply enter the UniGene cluster identifier or UniGene Cluster ID into the field below (e.g. 9586), or a UniGene Cluster (UCS) ID if you have it, and click Search to see your results.

Primrose Tutorial:

For more detailed information on the Primrose usage, see the Primrose Installation instructions.


Notes about Primrose:

Primrose has been tested to work in most browsers including Netscape 4, Internet Explorer 5, Firefox, and Opera. If you experience problems with the Primrose GUI in any browser, please contact us.

Primrose is distributed freely for educational purposes, but may not be distributed commercially.


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System Requirements For Primrose:

• XP
• RAM: 1 GB
• Free Disk Space: 1 GB
• DirectX 9.0c-compatible graphics card.
• DirectX 9.0c-compatible graphics card. DirectX: Direct3D 9.0c-compatible

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