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ProLoad V4.1 For 89 Series Programmer.rar


Mar 20, 2010 – Thank you. 1. Is there any step by step tutorial for beginners like me. 2. Can we use a SERIAL – to – USB converter to use this with LAPTOPS? 3 … Oct 05, 2008 – Everything about the LAPTOP USB converter or not.
How to use LAPTOP USB Converter, how to set up LAPTOP USB Converter for.
A guide on how to use the converter.
Connecting to a computer using a USB-PS/2 cable (if your computer does not have PS/2 ports).
3. Is there a better way to use the LAPTOP USB converter to use this with LAPTOP?
My neighbor has an old laptop with a USB port on the back.
I am trying to connect it to a router.



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