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Proper Crack Fix-end Boss Fixed Crysis 3


Quote: Type R on February 25, 2013, 05:54:20 pm —so the final boss alpha ceph is invulnerable there is a way to kill him does anyone know a fix for …. 1. Hope for the boss and don’t make a mistake.
2. You can only drain the boss if he is in the nephalem under your control.
3. Boss can be merged only if it is not under the control of another player.
4. You can drain the boss only if it has no spoils.
5. With the boss can be merged only if the Nephalem is in a radius of 15 on the map boss.
6. With the boss can not be merged if the Nephalem is within 15 radius on the map nefalem.
7. Boss can not be drained if the Nephalem is on the boss map.



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