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Get your very own personal message carried on silver-plated drums, here in the grand style of a dueling piano, or marvel at the fantastic harmonization of a grand organ. Who would have thought that playing such instruments could be so wonderful?
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The point-of-view camera shakes to match the rhythm of the music. A ribbon of audio, the spoken word, describes the decoration’s action and the surrounding cityscape. With this time-lapse video, the hand-painted ceramics and tiles in a bathroom design sectional are drawn to life.

Set yourself up to create time-lapse videos of your next project. Use video to record and save your ideas. The possibilities are endless. Modify images and apply them to different media. Layer and blend elements. Discover features at your fingertips.

This video, created with the NodeRED platform, is a great introduction to time-lapse video for new users of NodeRED, and is suitable for intermediate users as well.
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Cleaning up the formatting helps this a lot:

For some reason, the compilation bar is growing, but it remains unchanged throughout the song, and even blurs the time.
You have the loader/cursor in the wrong place; it’s supposed to be over the video.
The video itself is a bit under-utilised, but it looks like it’s at least not noticeably compressed.
It appears you were saving while the original video was playing.
The song isn’t playing, but the song itself is at the start.
The compilation is the starting point.
The bar at the bottom is larger than it should be, and it’s stopping at the correct time, but it’s at the bottom.

October 22, 2008 – Joe

Once again, E3 is over, and we don’t have anything substantial to write about. Hopefully, the next version of the site will have some features to it, such as the Daily News and our forums! Meanwhile, look for articles, videos and podcasts with more background on what happened at E3. Enjoy your week, and the holiday season!

It’s always a pleasure to have the chance to give back


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