Administrating a server can be a challenging job, especially if you don't have an appropriate set of tools that can help you simplify your tasks.
Fortunately, nowadays there is a broad collection of software solutions that can yield quick, satisfactory results in the situation mentioned above. One of them is Proxy Log Explorer Standard Edition.
Explores and analyzes proxy logs
Proxy Log Explorer Standard Edition enables you to access raw proxy log files and processes them in order to provide you with detailed reports on various parameters related to your server.
Its reports are dynamic and are being generated as you go, making it easy to interact with them and retrieve real-time data without significant efforts. The reports also contain subreports that can be visualized by right-clicking the parent category and selecting the desired items from the newly opened list.
Performs various actions
Among its capabilities, you can benefit from automatic log format recognition, compressed log extraction, batch processing and log retrieval from multiple sources, whether it's a local or network path, an FTP server or an HTTP one. Reports can be customized so only relevant data will be displayed whenever generating a report.
Among the information it can provide you with you can find summary stats, raw logs, visitors, requests, bandwidth usage, site categories, file types, protocols, extensions, response codes, search engines, destination IPs, visitors' countries, operating systems or browsers.
Additional functions
Aside from its core functions that let you access logs and generate reports, this application also features a handful of auxiliary ones that can help you enjoy a richer experience. Among the extra features mentioned earlier, you can find a Whois tool that lets you find additional information by inputting an IP address or a host address, an HTML export tool, as well as an auxiliary database updater.
Log analyzer with additional functions
To sum it up, Proxy Log Explorer Standard Edition is a handy tool that can help you analyze proxy log files in an efficient manner. It can generate detailed reports containing a wide range of relevant data, while also providing you with auxiliary functions, such as a Whois tool or an HTML exporter.







Proxy Log Explorer Standard Edition Free Download

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Proxy Log Explorer Standard Edition Crack +

After you download the program, extract it to an appropriate location on your computer by double-clicking its setup file.

Run the setup file and follow the on-screen instructions to finish installing the program.

This tool will now be available on your computer’s system tray, making it accessible at all times.

First of all, this software provides an ability to track user behavior online, including browsing history, site visits, uploaded files, search engine used, current IP address, current browser, operating system used, current user agent, or whatnot, all of which can be viewed and analyzed through proxy log analysis.
Another thing that you will like about this software is that it can help you keep an eye on your website traffic trends. When you have access to a raw log file, you can analyze and pinpoint the reasons of website drop-off. You will see details regarding the number of visitors, page views, traffic sources, and other crucial data that will help you get a better understanding of your website’s performance.
It will also come in handy whenever you have to deal with site security. This tool can monitor incoming requests from a website and provide you with an analysis of their origin and detailed explanations about the current IP address.
Proxy Log Explorer Standard Edition Full Crack is an excellent solution that you can use to monitor and analyze your website’s traffic.

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Proxy Log Explorer Standard Edition License Code & Keygen

Proxy Log Explorer Standard Edition is a tool that can help you analyze, view and process proxy log files, and then generate detailed reports that will help you get a better idea of the server’s activities and any irregularities that could impact your site’s performance and its overall functionality.
You can keep it handy in your taskbar or desktop to make it readily accessible, and if you need it to be activated, you can right-click its icon and select the following menu item: “Local or Remote Server”. This will allow you to either access a proxy log file located on your computer or a remote server.
This application offers an effective solution for users who need to access the detailed information related to your server, and who want to know the real-time activities that take place within your network. It can analyze and process proxy log files so you can get access to a deep insight of the activities related to your server.
This software application will enable you to view logs and generate reports that will help you find out what your server is doing at the moment, while also analyzing the log files, extracting compressed versions of them and then generating detailed reports.
This Proxy Log Explorer software version can analyze and process compressed or log files, providing you with detailed reports that can bring light to the activities taking place on your server. It can also extract and process compressed versions of these log files and generate detailed reports regarding the same.
This application can be used to view logs and process them in order to generate detailed reports, and can bring light to the activities taking place on your server. Thanks to its smart analysis and processing features, it can effectively help you view and process log files, thus generating detailed reports. This application can be used to view logs and process them in order to generate detailed reports, and can bring light to the activities taking place on your server.
You can generate a compressed version of your logs in order to save space on your hard drive. You can also extract compressed versions of your logs and generate detailed reports on your server, providing you with a better view of your data. Thanks to its smart analysis and processing features, this Proxy Log Explorer software can process your log files and generate detailed reports in an effective manner, allowing you to check out the activities taking place within your network.
Proxy Log Explorer can be used to view logs and process them in order to generate detailed reports, thus enabling you to check out the activities taking place on your server. Thanks to its smart analysis and processing features, it can effectively process the activities

What’s New in the Proxy Log Explorer Standard Edition?

Proxy Log Explorer Standard Edition is a powerful free proxy log analyzer that can help you process proxy logs from a local or network path, an FTP server or an HTTP one, or even from multiple locations. With its features, you can access raw logs and generate reports in real time.
The program features a user-friendly interface, it comes with a small size and no intrusive add-ons or unwanted components, which enables it to run without any type of conflicts or compatibility issues.
Furthermore, Proxy Log Explorer Standard Edition is among the very few free proxy log analyzers that also features a number of convenient auxiliary functions, such as a Whois tool or an HTML exporter.
Advantages of Proxy Log Explorer Standard Edition
Allows you to access multiple proxy logs
By using this free proxy log analyzer, you can connect to any type of proxy log files, whether it’s a local one, or a local or network one, and also a local FTP or HTTP one.
Its interface is also simple to use so it is relatively easy to access the features offered by this software.
Additionally, Proxy Log Explorer Standard Edition allows you to generate a wide range of reports, although you can also process the raw logs in order to view the data contained in them.
Guaranteed Data Protection
One of the concerns that you might encounter when looking to access proxy logs is ensuring that their privacy is not violated. Unfortunately, with the usage of an open proxy log analyzer, this may occur. However, Proxy Log Explorer Standard Edition can help you avoid this type of concern since it stores your log data in different places that are highly secured.
Additionally, it encrypts your data using different methods, such as the AES cipher and the RSA algorithm. Therefore, you will not have to worry about your data being leaked or accessed by third parties.
Provides easy control over your proxy logs
Proxy Log Explorer Standard Edition lets you control and manage your log data. It features a powerful search function that can help you search for any type of information you want, as well as scan any proxy log file to quickly identify any application or operating system that’s being used.
Additionally, by using this free proxy log analyzer you can customize and store your reports, which can be useful to you when generating reports at a later time.
Safe File Downloads
If you want to download a proxy log file, you will need an open proxy log file downloader. Proxy Log Explorer Standard Edition can help you in this regard since it enables

System Requirements For Proxy Log Explorer Standard Edition:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Processor: Dual Core CPU with Intel® 64 Architecture (or AMD equivalent)
Memory: 2 GB RAM (32-bit)
Graphics: Microsoft® DirectX 9 graphics device
DirectX: Version 9.0c (Graphics Driver: Version 8.0 or later)
Storage: 2 GB available space
How to install the game:
Download the game here:
For the game, we will provide you a

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