Puran Service Manager is an easy-to-use software utility that enables users to seamlessly start and stop Windows services.
It does not include any complicated settings, making it accessible even to users with little or no experience in such tools.
The setup operation is brief and simple. The program's interface is made from a standard window with a well-structured layout, where a list is immediately populated with all services at initialization.
It shows the name, publisher, description, status and full path for each service. All you have to do is make a selection of one or multiple items, and click a button to change their status.
In addition, you can get a program's information by file or name, verify digital signatures to find out whether the products are trustworthy or not, as well as ask Puran Service Manager to hide all Microsoft services. There are no other notable features provided by the utility.
Puran Service Manager has a good response time and carries out tasks rapidly and without error. It uses a low amount of CPU and RAM, so it does not hog system resources. Since it can be minimized to the taskbar, it does not interrupt normal user activity either.
We have not come across any issues throughout our evaluation, since the program did not hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. When it comes down to it, Puran Service Manager offers a simple solution to managing services, and it should please all users looking for a straightforward app.


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Puran Service Manager is an application created for those who need to control all their windows services with ease. A notable thing is that it supports all Windows services.
Puran Service Manager has a set of simple tools. It does not have any complicated settings and the user interface is organized in a clear and concise manner.
This application does not include any hidden menu bars or options. The interface enables you to control all of your services at once with ease.
It displays information about each service on which you can further dig. For instance, you can find the service’s status, the program that created it or its executable file name.
Puran Service Manager allows you to run a program or scan a file by name, and the program also comes with a reliable feature for hiding unnecessary services.
Puran Service Manager has more options, but they can be used only with the right knowledge. We can say that Puran Service Manager is really easy to use.
Puran Service Manager Screenshot:
Puran Service Manager has a streamlined interface and minimal settings.
Puran Service Manager Key Features:
Windows services are the most important application but are often difficult to work with. Puran Service Manager is specifically created to help manage Windows services for users who need to control them all in a simplistic manner.
Puran Service Manager lets you do several tasks on any of these services. You can run any program that is located on the system, or you can update its application by making adjustments through its configuration file.
It can read files, hide and show services, update the service’s information, verify digital signatures, etc. Its interface is designed for people who often work with Windows services, without any complex options or settings.
Puran Service Manager is easy to set up and use. Once you have installed it, it is installed and ready to go.
When it comes to the usability, Puran Service Manager is a good software. It is easy to use and simple. It does not have any complicated settings or confusing interface.
It’s hard to come by a better tool than Puran Service Manager when it comes to managing Windows services. You can customize it to your own needs and use it the way you want. It is a great software for anyone who has to work with Windows services.
Puran Service Manager Requirements:
Puran Service Manager is a great tool designed for those who work with Windows services. It has several user-friendly features, such as:
Run any program
Configure services and information

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This easy-to-use tool enables users to perform numerous operations in the Windows Services Control Panel.
It offers a quick and easy way to set or change a service’s status. It will ask you to rename a service’s name, or give a new status, start or stop it. It even allows you to hide services, so that they appear in the Services applet.
The tool also provides a list of all currently active and running services for easy browsing. You can sort the list by name, publisher, description or full path.

Puran Security Center is a free product for Windows that offers an array of security tools designed to protect a user’s PC from malware and the other dangers of the Internet.
It enables you to protect your computer against exploits, and reduce the risk of your PC or network being infected with malware or viruses. It also provides a centralized location where you can view or download information about online threats in real time.
This unique tool combines the functions of an anti-malware program, a firewall, a parental control and an intrusion detection system.
Puran Security Center is a free version of its paid counterpart, which costs $19.99, and it does not come pre-loaded with any threat definitions, along with tools that provide a global view of your PC’s connections and activities. It still does a decent job of protecting your computer against malware and viruses.

Puran Activity Center is a nifty tool for displaying your Windows activity in a visually appealing format, or presenting your activities to any and all users.
It includes a simple and clean interface with a fixed layout, and it supports various device types including Windows desktop, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Mac OSX, Android and iOS devices, 3G smart phones, and Windows CE devices.
The program’s main window displays a control panel in one of three layouts depending on your device’s capabilities. You can choose to show the panel in a simplified layout for one device, or in a simple and clean layout for all devices.
The panel itself displays all items and events such as recently used applications, recently used files, recently used images, recently visited Web sites, recently received/sent files and calls, etc. You can access and modify these items by simply clicking on a list or text box.
Puran Activity Center is a very useful tool to track your activities online and offline, as well as to control your media collection. It works fast and it has a good response time, so it does not hog system resources

What’s New in the?

Puran Service Manager is an easy-to-use tool that enables system administrators to start and stop Windows services using a single click.
It’s an intelligent and powerful utility, developed to satisfy the need of management of Windows services.
– Use it to start or stop a service, as well as configure a service.
– An optional scan for invalid signature is available.
– Built-in help is provided for more advanced users.
– You can find out the service’s name, publisher, description, status, and the full path to the service.
– Built-in auto search means that the program will search the Windows service list for the desired service.
– The program will list all the installed Windows services.
– Built-in Registry scan provides a high level scan for obsolete, or non-existing registry keys.
– Use built-in option to hide all Microsoft services from being displayed.
– Built-in option to show all registry keys.
– Built-in options to Search for file or by name.
– Built-in options to show a digital signature analysis report.
– Built-in option to hide all applications.
– Built-in option to show all applications.
– Built-in option to create a registry key.
– Built-in option to uninstall a service.
– Built-in option to hide all groups from the list.
– Built-in option to show all groups from the list.
– Built-in option to disable a service.
– Built-in option to enable a service.
– Built-in option to show the service path.
– Built-in option to hide duplicate services.
– Built-in option to show duplicate services.
– Built-in option to select duplicate services.
– Built-in option to search all services.
– Built-in option to search all services.




Can hide any existing Microsoft services with a single click.

Hides all installed Microsoft services including Add Remove Programs Service.

Can not use it if Windows 10 is in use.

Can not use it if Windows 10 is in use.

Can not use it if Windows 10 is in use.

Can not use it if Windows 10 is in use.

Can not use it if Windows 10 is in use.

Can not use it if Windows 10 is in use.

Can not use it if Windows

System Requirements:

PC Specs
OS: Win 8.1
Windows 10 compatible
Minimum requirements:
2GB Ram
4GB hd space
DirectX 11 compatible
Processor: Intel Core i3-3770
Processor: Intel Core i5-3570
Processor: Intel Core i7-3770
Processor: Intel Core i7-3770K
Processor: Intel Core i7-4800MQ
Processor: Intel Core i7-4930MX


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