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January 18, 2020 – We recommend you to choose your book by Puri Sharma Kalia or download link below download Inorganic Chemistry: Pearson New International Edition PDF in full-text or read online version if you want to read online. Thanks to the author of this book for the permission to download puri sharma kalia inorganic chemistry pdf. You can find other books in Science, Mathematics, Chemistry or Medicine.Q:

SQL Trigger No Succes?

I created a trigger in PostgreSQL called:
CREATE TRIGGER add_client_start_date_trigger
EXECUTE PROCEDURE add_client_start_date_trigger_func()

The function add_client_start_date_trigger_func() looks like this:
CREATE FUNCTION add_client_start_date_trigger_func()
RETURNS trigger AS


v_date = NEW.start_date;

INSERT INTO “client_activities”(timestamp, activity_description, activity_status, activity_date, client_id)
VALUES(NEW.timestamp, ‘add’, ‘new’, NEW.start_date, ‘1’);

$BODY$ LANGUAGE plpgsql;

So basically in this trigger I want to do this:

If NEW.start_date is null or NEW.start_date is equal to ‘0000-00-00 00:00:00’
INSERT INTO “client_activities”(timestamp, activity_description, activity_status, activity_date, client_id)
VALUES(NEW.timestamp, ‘add’, ‘new’, NEW.start_date, ‘1’);

But I don’t want to change anything in client_activities table.


You might find it more useful to store the date as a TIMESTAMP and perform the insert on that rather than a DATE.
Note that the version of PostgreSQL that I’m using does not


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How to increment a variable in PHP

I need to increment a variable until it will reach 16. The program works as a page counter, and I will run it through a loop.
I need it to increment the variable, instead of equal it to 16 and add 1 each time.
Here is what I have so far.
$counter = 0;

$i = 0;
$l = 16;
while ($counter Maureen Mercieca

Maureen Mercieca is an American lawyer and the former general counsel and chief risk officer of Consolidated Edison. She graduated cum laude from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1983, and received a J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School. She was formerly the managing partner of Martin, Chevalier, Imlin, Bocock & Van Dyke, LLP. Her practice focused on the energy industry. She began her career as an associate at Arnold & Porter.

From 2007-2008, she served as the acting general counsel of ConEd. and in that role she oversaw litigation matters, government matters, and the internal affairs matters of the utility.
Mercieca’s role included negotiating and implementing the recapitalization of the utility that was contemplated in the New York State Public Service Commission Re-regulatory Capital Plan.


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