Be it that you are a full-time professional working in the education field and you prepare an exam for your students or just an avid quiz solver which wants to create some intricate tests for friends, having a dedicated software to help you with that is ideal. QuizMaker offers users several standard quiz formats, such as short answer or essay, which can be easily customized and adjusted in order to create tests according to their specific requirements.
Create XML format tests using an intuitive layout that emphasizes the quiz-question type relationship
The application will allow you to first create one or several quizzes, and then assign questions to each one. The provided interface carries a well-thought layout, which holds the tests on one side, and their corresponding answers in the other.
At this point it is worth mentioning that the application also offers batch processing, which can come in handy especially to those who wish to create multiple tests in a timely and efficient manner.
Select one of the multiple question types, add answers, grades, penalties and even individual feedback for each answer
By far, the highlight of the app is the way it deploys its question types, as well as the available customization. One can choose a pre-defined question type, assign it to a particular test, name it, add its corresponding test, as well as answers and scoring or grades.
Furthermore, penalties are also provided, for incorrect answers and automatic numbering is included as well. Last but not least, previewing of the resulting tests can be done either in plain text, HTML, or even “blackboard” formats.
Purpose-fit quiz creator that offers in-depth customization of questions, answers, and grading
If you’re looking for a simple yet capable app for creating quizzes, which also offers deep tweaking for the questions and answers, then QuizMaker might just be for you. Built as a lightweight, portable package, it offers a good blend of functionality and ergonomics.







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Define the questions you need, and then how you want them to be scored, graded and marked-up. Create multiple tests for each quiz and grade each in your own way – complete with special cases like single-choice negative marks-off, multiple choice incorrect choices, scaling of difficulty and penalties for wrong answers. The built-in quiz editor is fully customizable and includes a range of options for creating the look and feel of your test. The Marking Engine scores your tests, and reports back the results via data export. You can export your results to PDF or Word so that you can share your tests with other members of your team, or attach your results to an email so that colleagues can share your work. And of course, QuizMaker uses the XML data interchange format for creating, editing and scoring your tests – simply export as a ZIP file then unzip and you’ll have the XML data.

QuizMaker Review (Be Safe, Free)

QuizMaker is a comprehensive quiz making application that serves as a great tool to create short essay tests in a matter of seconds. It offers a plethora of flexibility as one can choose the various question types, as well as the formatting.

QuizMaker is a free and portable test creation tool that has made it possible for users to quickly and easily create quizzes. It has been developed to allow you to create quizzes on your computer, then export them in XML format for sharing with others. QuizMaker is based on the XML quiz format and as such, it is highly compatible with other programs that creates tests in this format, including Quiz Maker Pro.
The software allows users to create any type of quiz such as multiple choice, multiple choice negative marks off, short answer, or even multiple choice negative marks off. The creator is able to choose the amount of questions in each test and can customize the look and feel of the quiz.
Of course, the application is fully customizable and the creator can manage the look and feel of the quiz, the type of answers and grading, and even the difficulty. He or she will also be able to assign a subject-matter to the test.
When it comes to creating the test, users are able to choose whether they want to assign the questions to one or multiple tests. One can even drag and drop questions to the test that they want.
Moreover, quiz creators can also choose whether they want to offer a choice of the correct answers or have all answers provided in the multiple-choice quiz

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QuizMaker is more than a simple quiz app, it is a full-blown quiz creation suite that contains a comprehensive set of quiz-creation features. It allows you to create quizzes from a question bank, to create a series of quizzes each with different types of questions, to give your quizzes a

QuizMaker X

QuizMaker X is a new quiz creation, management, and analysis tool that makes quizzing and learning easy for teachers and students. It is easy for anyone to create, edit, and present quizzes. It has an extensive library of hundreds of questions with answers. You can create quiz questions using pre-made templates, and there are 1-click options for creating questions from pre-made image lists. It’s the only tool you need to create engaging and personalized quizzes for both teachers and students. Create quizzes to learn or review, learn from multiple perspectives, track class participation, and get instant feedback on your quizzes. Check out the video tour below to see how easy it is.

QuizMaker X Video Tour

Step 1:
Start by opening the QuizMaker application.

Step 2:
Click on the Quizzes tab (there are no prompts or helpful dialog boxes) and click on the Create New Quiz button.

Step 3:
QuizMaker creates a temporary quiz that you can use for now. Once you are done, click on the Save button.

Step 4:
Go back to the Quizzes tab. You will see a new menu item in the top right menu bar. The Subtasks dialog box opens.

Step 5:
Use the filters to narrow your results by category and then click on the New Subtask button.

Step 6:
Step 6 shows you the newly created quiz.

Step 7:
Click on the Submit button to send the quiz to someone else.

Step 8:
Click on the Edit button to open the Edit Quiz dialog box.

Step 9:
This step opens the Edit Quiz dialog box. If you want to add questions, click on the Edit question button to open the Edit Question dialog box.

Step 10:
Then drag and drop the new question into the existing question pool.

Step 11:
Now you can add the answer choices and drag and drop a template question into the Quiz.

Step 12:
Click the Submit button and the Quiz

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Create XML format tests using an intuitive layout that emphasizes the quiz-question type relationship.

Create a predefined question type for your quiz.
Select one of the multiple question types, add answers, grades, penalties and even individual feedback for each answer.
Save your quiz to a text file that can be loaded to the QuizMaker user interface or exported for use on other applications.
Purpose-fit quiz creator that offers in-depth customization of questions, answers, and grading.

The LastPass app has been downloaded over 3 million times since its inception as a standalone app. Simply put, it offers consumers an indispensable computer browser that can be used to store and synchronize passwords to websites and online services. With the uprise of online services and the ever growing list of login details, for the average internet user, this application becomes a necessity to store and manage their online identities.
Security & Privacy
Since its introduction as a standalone app in 2010, the LastPass concept has grown in popularity. In the last couple of years, more and more Internet users have found that the lastpass browser is a great alternative to storing and maintaining login details with other password managers, such as RoboForm, 1Password, or Keeper.
The LastPass browser is a cross-platform application, and therefore, is available for both iOS and Android users. With the latest update, the app now offers universal icon support, even for Android tablets. The app also retains its traditional two screens format, but with a brand new look.
Like any other browser, the LastPass app supports accessing the login information, and filling out forms. The user has the freedom of specifying what data they wish to keep on their iPhone or tablet. Not only can they store the login information, but they also have the option of backing it up to the cloud, or creating other folders for the storing of different classes of information.
One of the biggest pluses of using the LastPass app is its search feature. It can be used to search for any saved information, and very conveniently, the search results are presented on the form of a web-form, meaning that the results are both comprehensive and user-friendly.
Importing Data
The LastPass team also offers a huge database of users, something that other password managers lack. The LastPass users network is a community of over 1 million users who share data through the LastPass app. Users can import all of their login details from other web logins to LastPass, and share them with

What’s New in the QuizMaker?

System Requirements:

– Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 (all editions)/ Windows 10, etc.
– At least an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU (or equivalent)
– At least 1GB of RAM
– At least 500MB of free space
– Internet Connection
– Resolution 800×600 or higher.
– If you are using Windows 7 or higher, try to use the latest version of Internet Explorer
– If you have any kind of controller (joystick, keyboard or mouse) while playing game

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