MP4Box (mp4box.org) is a software that compresses files to MP4, H.264, 3GP and MP3 formats. It can also decode MP4, H.264, 3GP and MP3 files. This is a free and open source application.

Using Java MP4Box Gui, you can make a new movie, merge several movies or play a movie file within the application. A powerful option is the ability to split a file into chapters.

Software features

File Encoding:

MP4Box is a free and open source application. It can encode and decode files of the MP4, H.264, 3GP and MP3 formats.

Automatically Split MP4 files into chapters

It can encode and decode files of the MP4, H.264, 3GP and MP3 formats. It can split a movie file into chapters, and you can pause and resume an already created chapter.

Simple user interface

It offers a GUI to use the program. You can also use the command line.

Select encoding parameters

MP4Box supports 7 encoding parameters and 5 decoding parameters.

File Size

MP4Box supports 6 formats for the output file.


Supported operating systems

MP4Box is a freeware application. In order to run it on your computer, you need to install Java Runtime Environment.Q:

Accessing a variable through out the controller in AngularJS

I need to access a variable defined in the template to show up as “test” in the controller. I think I have to have access to that variable before the controller is called but I don’t understand the correct syntax.
In the template.html:

In the controller:
$scope.test = “test”;


In Angular, you should just be able to do the following (from within the controller).
$scope.test = ‘test’;

This will set your scope variable test to equal ‘test’.


Can I add extensions to my VIM shortcut like AutoHotkey does?

I am interested in programming some of my own shortcuts in VIM to automate some of the things I do in Vim every day.
Are there any extensions for VIM that allow me to create custom shortcuts like:

CTRL+N: create new file 70238732e0

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This application was developed to solve the problem of when you get a bunch of text messages, you have to individually go through each message to see what’s going on. So you are forced to open, read and re-read messages. This is a very boring task.
The KEYMACRO application was designed to eliminate this problem and streamline your working experience.
How to use this application:
The first thing you will need to do is to create a new contact. You will be able to add an email, a contact’s personal message and a name. You will also be able to add a phone number to the contact.
Once you have a contact created, you will be able to click on it and it will take you to the contact’s profile.
The next step is to go to the incoming gateway, to the SMS Queue, or to the outbound gateway.
You will be able to view and manage the SMS sent to the contact and you will be able to see who the messages were sent to and what time the message was sent.
KEYMACRO Features:
This application has several features. First of all, it will detect if the modem is connected or not, if it’s connected, you will be able to set it. It will also detect if the modem is set to silent.
When the modem is connected to a switch or a bridge you will also be able to check the serial number, the type of the modem and the language.
You will also be able to change the incoming gateway, the outgoing gateway, the incoming port, and the outgoing port.
You will also be able to view the incoming and outgoing queues.
The most important feature of the application is the ability to create customized messages that are going to be sent to specific users.
If you are not a professional mobile apps developer, you don’t need to worry. The KEYMACRO application was developed with two goals in mind: To make it easy to create new applications and to make it easy to test and debug the applications that you create.
The first thing you will need to do is to create a new project. Once you have a project created, you will be able to drag and drop the required application files.
KEYMACRO is a multi-platform application, it can be installed on both Android and iOS devices.
The KEYMACRO application is available to the public. If you would like to become a developer of this application,


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