Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge Trainer 1.001 54


001 ##Red alert 2 unlimited gold, power, fast building, etc.

You also can:
* Create a ship of any faction (but not an artifact) and try to increase its potential.
* increase energy in one action (beyond your level)
* use mass attack system
* launch a non-penetrating (by class and specialization) or invulnerable tank (you see, everything through the “walk”) to destroy an enemy ship from its own port
* replenish fuel supplies (increasing ship speed)
missile cruisers
As a rule, they do not have transportable weapons and move one by one. But if you shoot at one of the enemy cruisers, then he will receive a double blow, strengthening the weaknesses of his hull. This reduces its effectiveness in battles with warships that are trying to destroy it.
Recharge time: infinity
Piloted frigates now have a maximum flight range, twice as long as before.
You can play by inflicting fatal blows on those with more damage. But in general, frigates with their range and speed reduce your advantage in long range fights.
Max range: 160 km
Maeve – 21 – 25 km
Fast carriers
In order to study the ship, first of all, a source of energy is required. Speed ​​does not matter for “survival”, but the ability to fly at close distances, together with a large amount of fuel and potential, makes it possible to stay afloat for a long time.
Insert fuel and you will fly
Command Fighter
After studying the ship, you can: – study the ship of any side of the conflict – explore the asteroid
If your ship survived the asteroid impact, you gain access to the Cypres Base Area.
Clear the Area of ​​infected suits and ships to get full power.
Bagh – 311 – 3311 m/s
Spatial Singularity
A big problem for all ships, as well as for everyone who aspires to a powerful ship. You can only use the Base Area to find traces. An area in chaos is a place where ships that cannot fly (such as damaged, engine damaged, or incapable)



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