Creating effective Access reports can be a tedious, confusing process. With Report Builder, you can create attractive, professionally formatted reports following an easy-to-understand wizard.
Report Builder for Microsoft Access will enable yo to quickly build your own, personalized reports.


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Report Builder for Microsoft Access provides a set of tools that will allow you to create high-quality, robust Access reports quickly and easily. All you need is a pen, a tablet, and a word processor.
Whether you need a standard report, an ad hoc report, or a report that can adapt to change, Report Builder for Microsoft Access makes it easy to create one.
In just a few minutes, you can build Excel-style charts and other features like headings, grids, text boxes, buttons, and more in an Access report. You can also select any data entry source, and customize report options such as which fields are displayed and the layout of the report.
After building your report, you can add a variety of presentation effects that make your report professional and attractively look. You can even print out a report in a variety of ways.
Catch key report items such as headings, footers, and navigation links at a glance. Customize the header row and footer row in any report, and specify where they appear in the report. Take advantage of existing formatting and formatting options in any report.

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Version History:

Version 3.9.1

Added ability to select a different email address for the info bar option. Now you can click on the new email icon to use a different email address to compose your message.

Added a Refresh button to the Email buttons list on the Info Bar.

Version 3.9.0

Fixed toolbar on an Access 2003 report.

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With Report Builder, you can: • Create compelling reports based on the data from
temporary, queried data sources; • Easily create and publish user friendly
reports using the wizard interface; • Create dynamic report linking logic with code; • Create dynamic chart and graph types; • Encode and decode data with secure, random encryption; • Display/hide the data source row details in reports; • Create queries that can be used as SQL-like data sources; • Create multiple report scenarios; • Build reports in different languages; • Combine data sets across queries, reports, and databases; • Quickly add data from Access databases, Excel, and text files; • Deploy report templates and prepare them for deployment; • Construct a graphic interface using HTML and the HTML templates; • Access to various optimization options to make your reports more responsive; • The ability to connect to other databases, report templates and common data sets; • Exporting reports to PDF, CSV, XPS, image files, and HTML; • Provide for code-free report documentation.
You can also build reports from templated queries, subreports, and actions.
Report Builder for Microsoft Access can be accessed through an Access interface, or via a Web page. You can preview reports
before publishing, and then give your reports a professional finish with formatting options. You can also publish reports with
report security, protect reports with encryption, and publish reports as HTML, PDF, Excel, or image files.
Report Builder for Microsoft Access is based on the Access technology and integrates with MS Access, including MS Access 2016 and
MS Access 2007.
Additional features:
o Access reports to tables, queries, and views in MS Access databases
o Access to metadata in.mdb files, a files structure that facilitates the management of Access databases
o When using Access to generate reports and charts, the report data source can be changed after the Access queries and
reports have been created
o Deployment and Version Control of your Access reports
o Create PDF reports of any size including in landscape mode
o Publish to web pages, email, HTML, XML, XPS, Excel, image or many other file formats
o Export reports with XSL style sheets
o Quick Access to Layout and Property pages
o Preview reports with Preview Mode
o Allow reports to be exported as PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML
o Easy linking and combination of data from a database, Excel worksheets, and text files
o Encode and decode

Report Builder For Microsoft Access Download

Report Builder for Microsoft Access gives you easy to create your own and friendly features to create excel reports using Microsoft Access database. You can easily print the report without saving or printing.
Report Builder easily add multiple tables and Datagrid controls to the report. You can also add header and footer to the report.
Report Builder also provides design tools with the report so that you can create attractive and professional reports.
Built-in wizards to create professional reports from Microsoft Access database by simply creating few configurations.
Supports multiple tables, queries and queries views, in a single database.
Supports Excel 2007-2010 file formats and.XML report.
Supports Automation options for deployment as well as saving report as PDF, HTML and Excel.
Supports SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase database as well as pure Access database.
Printer friendly, PDF and HTML formats are available for the created reports.
Built-in tools provide the most needed features of the reports.
Supports the formatting options with page headers, footers and style sheets.
Supports the dual-page grid (2-up) in reports.
Option of building reports with single-select and multi-select access choices.
Supports the data grouping.
Supports the MDX language.
Supports the SQL and VBA scripting options.
Supports the query, SQL statement and user defined functions in reports.
Supports the dataset selection, query, query-condition, sorted and multiple Access queries.
User defined functions of Access:
User defined functions like fetch, join, aggregate, conditional, order by, order by with offset, set null, set range values, set aggregate, extract, and other SQL functions.
Support for your favorite SQL database.
Built-in Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle SQL as well as Sybase SQL support.
Microsoft Access Database Engine SQL dialect support (e.g. Access as the data engine).
Dynamically supports all Access data types such as date, time, numbers, string, multivalue, shorttext, longtext, binary, blob, userdefined, query, list etc.
Custom color highlight in the report.
Custom report header and footer.
Built-in security such as user privilege, group, role, database authorization.
Supports shared and linked reports.
Supports the locks, sharing and security of the report.
Supports the security rights for the different users for the report.

What’s New In?

Report Builder is a professional reporting tool for Excel, Access, and SQL Server. With Report Builder, you can build and distribute professional-quality reports including:
* Formatted text
* JPEG, TIFF, PNG and GIF images
* Excel PivotCharts
* Multi-page reports
* Histograms
* Indented list views
* Subtotals
* Vertical and horizontal groupings
* Column subtotals
* Flash charts
* Analytic charts
* Geographical maps
* Pushpins and lightning charts
* Web pushpins
* Drillthroughs
* Citations
* Sub reports
* State and church list views
You can create and distribute the reports in their final form, including a format for printing on paper. In addition, you can create PDF reports for automatic printing. Report Builder is highly intuitive and includes a set of easy-to-use wizards to help you from start to finish.
Report Builder for Microsoft Access is so easy to use that you won’t have to create one report before you start learning. With Report Builder for Microsoft Access, it will be a cinch to create your own professional-looking reports.
Although Report Builder has made it easy for developers to create professional reports, it also supports the complex, idiosyncratic requirements of specific reports.
For example, you can build reports with an enhanced text box that will automatically resize and automatically recall the value of the cell that it’s based on, even when the row is modified. And you can create multi-column reports with nested grouping, and design and create your own functions to perform more complex tasks.
Report Builder for Microsoft Access is open source and free.
Report Builder for Microsoft Access
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Report Builder

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Geforce RTX 2060, RTX 2070, RTX 2080
RX 590, RX 590 2G, RX 580, RX 580 8G
RX 550, RX 560, RX 570
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HLSL 1.4, Shadowlands 1.9 + Vulkan, VXGI, Raytracing, Recast
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