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Restore Image For Acer W510


All you have to do now is wait for the image to finish (takes 30 min or so) and BOOM! You’ve got a brand new working Acer W510 back. .
May 5, 2019
I installed the latest version of Windows 10 on my (now Acer Aspire V13 Nitro) and tried to restore an image from it. The following is what I tried:
– No Windows Recovery Disk (Boot Device – Hard Drive – sda)
– No USB Recovery Disk (Boot Device – Portable device – sdc)
– No.iso file on the HD
It either gives me an error message telling me to buy a recovery disk
or it says “failed to get partition boot record, could not find driver”.
The USB boot device is connected and formatted as FAT32 (in my case)
I then tried adding bootmgfw.efi to the USB, but that didn’t work either.
Have also tried using the Acer recovery USB stick, and downloaded the image from Acer that came with it. Neither worked.
Any ideas?
My EFI is broken too and I can’t boot from USB.
I also tried the latest version of Windows 10 (build 16.15.90410.173) (I installed it in a virtual machine). It has no recovery disk (It doesn’t have that option in the first place – I tried it).
After the installation ended I logged in with my Windows login (I used my active windows account). When I started the computer again, it said “can’t sign in because of a problem with your sign-in key”.
I was still able to get into safe mode. I tried to use the recovery cd, but it didn’t work (can’t help, sorry).
So that’s basically my problem. And I can’t get my Windows 10 desktop back.
Windows image recovery will fail if the system is set to boot from USB, not HD.


Well I solved it on my own after many, many tries. I’m answering this so other people might find it useful.

I did a fresh install of Windows 10
used the free version of Acronis True Image to make a backup (file backup, no restore) .
Then I downloaded the windows 10 installer and used that to install .
Paid version of Acronis again to make a Restore Image (from File Backup)


Saved content for Acer W510
Microsoft tutorial for Acer W510
Restore image for Acer W510
You may already know this, but you may just want to check anyway.
But if the format button is shown, you can remove all the formatted content.
You can also remove all the private and system content.
If the Acer W510 is used at a public venue, you are now in the hands of the local management. But if you are just a single user, your data may not be secure.
You can check the tool’s details on the publisher’s page.

Tutorial for Acer W510 .

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