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S1 Boot Fastboot Driver Download Windows 7 21


😉 I’m assuming you deleted the device and started from scratch?
– Yes, I also considered this option, because there is Android OS version 4.4.2.
– You need to restore from a backup, get root rights and reset to factory settings.
As always, I wanted to outsmart the system, but a cell phone is not a camera, and for it you need to return to the factory settings. I had to agree to restore from a “backup”.
This is where things got interesting!
I will describe my return last time point by point:
1. Open several links to Google accounts.
2. Check that Google has closed its main applications.
3. Ask them to open the necessary applications, such as Yandex, Crypto-exchanger, Muz-TV, etc.
4. Without opening other links, write a letter asking you to unblock the necessary applications.
5. You can do this by email or phone.
6. If it does not help, then you need to roll back the system to the state at the time of remote use of the smartphone (March 2013)
7. Do a factory reset (if you are sure that the device is completely new and has not been previously used)
8. Print text on paper with the text inside: “Logging in from a smartphone is blocked. When turned on, it immediately wakes up from sleep mode. Notify technical support.”To reset the settings, you need to solve the problem with buggy software, which, unfortunately, was installed on our phone. MTS Mobile Communications lived in the phone itself for quite a long time, but the manufacturer took care of security: “The user can always disable unwanted services by logging into the account using a pin code and a photo of a finger.”
So, first we need to start the Sleepybox office and try the login unlock again (for a while, ask one of your friends to replace your mobile phone). Then you need to go to your Google account settings, select the language in the input field (using Russian, write below that Russian), then select Russian.
In the window that opens, select the options we need:
– Settings section “Download and use” (Fig. 5). If you do not know which language to choose, then use “Russian”. In the menu, select “Other languages: Russian” and enter the language you need. If after filling in all the fields, you need to select “Normal



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