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Saint Seiya Legend Of Sanctuary Download Kickass


Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary is a 3D animated movie inspired by the Sanctuary arc from the original Saint Seiya manga and intended as a sequel. Also included as the first trailer is an introductory cutscene that is largely borrowed from the game in 3D.
“SaintSeiya Legend” was released in Japan in July 2007.
“Watteau” also released a short intro to it.
The film is based on the Japanese comic “Saint Seiya: Physical Illusions”. The official mascot of the team, a cat named Louise, also takes part in the film.
The main character of the film is 12-year-old girl Miki. Miki is an orphan who lives with her parents in a small town where she had to change her middle name to “Ichikawa” after the death of their grandfather. Mom’s sister is also an orphan – she works in one large corporation, and mother’s sister is “a beautiful and charismatic girl” – “but not quite an ordinary manager.” Miki is really very talented and began to study music and drawing very early, but unlike most children, her talent was not noticed much – after all, there were not even musicians in her city. In 1999, her grandfather passed away, after which Miki decides to transfer to Tokyo and enter the prestigious Saint-Saeya Academy high school. In addition to music, drawing, and school, Miki, like most girls, is busy with school projects, such as an anime competition. One day, Mom’s classmates decide to go to the famous town of San Seiya, where various celebrities lived. Miiko decides to go with them despite being the girlfriend of Akira (the main character of the manga and movie).
On the way to San Seya, Miki meets a local celebrity, a girl named Yuku. She works at a school as a teacher, but for many years she has not been able to eradicate her passion for drawing. Basically, she has to do this due to the fact that there was no art studio in their city and the artists were forced to draw at home. In San-San Seya, Yuka is met by one person – Professor Yo, who also lives in this town. He lives in a very bad area of ​​the city and is constantly trying to get away from local hooligans and psychopaths. Hieronia



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