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C# Class as a singleton and generic type

I have a class in my C# code that contains a generic type, say an array. I think this is an anti-pattern and I am seeking suggestions as to what would be the best way to refactor this into the new C# 6.
public class SomeClass
public int[] SomeData { get; set; }

The use case for this is that the actual class has no other members besides the array. I just want to be able to get and set a value on this array, and maybe other things as the more developers get familiar with the code.
What I would like to change this to is:
public class SomeClass
public T[] SomeData { get; set; }

This doesn’t compile as I would expect, because the type T is constrained to an array, but the actual data in the array would be an int (or another type).
Is this the best way to approach this or is there a better option that I am missing?


In your case, the singleton is a good fit. The fact that it needs to be generic does not really pose a problem, as it only acts as a factory that will turn an int[] into a SomeClass instance.
In reality, the argument type

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