If you are tired of turning off your monitor the old-fashioned way and want an application that can do just that at the click of a button, then ScreenSleep is the app for you. Not only is it small, but it is useful and not at all intrusive, rare qualities for applications today. The program is as simple as it is effective. There is literally no interface since it only runs in the system tray.
The idea behind it
ScreenSleep is a simple application. You don't have to think too much about what its purpose is. It is here to help people and make life just a little easier for users who want to maximize their capabilities even by a small amount.
You can put your monitor to sleep by using the system tray icon or by hitting a custom combination of keys on your keyboard. There is a preconfigured hotkey which may or may not be tailored to your tastes. Nevertheless, no matter what you choose, ScreenSleep will definitely be there to literally help you move faster.
Regardless if you use it for home or for work, this app will fit all environments. It simply makes things happen faster. The interesting fact about it is that its size compared to its usefulness is head on opposed. If you add to this the portability factor, it literally means that when you decide to remove it, for whatever reason, you can simply click it and delete all the related files from that one and only folder.
ScreenSleep is a simple and effective application. It provides you with an alternative method of putting your monitor to sleep. No prompts and no annoying waiting times. Just click, select and be on your way out, assured by the fact that your monitor is now turned off.







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ScreenSleep Cracked 2022 Latest Version is an application that will put your monitor to sleep with just a single click. It is small, unobtrusive and fully customizable. You can even use one of its preconfigured combinations of keys to put your monitor to sleep at the click of a button.
The following reasons will convince you that this program is right for you:
You are tired of having to hit on your monitor to put it to sleep.
You have found that people are more likely to use the computer when it is already turned off.
You find yourself too lazy to hit a combination of keys and mouse to wake up the computer.
You want to use the computer more time on the go.
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ScreenSleep 4.5.2 Full Version Download [32|64bit] Latest

ScreenSleep is the program that turns off your monitor by clicking on the application’s system tray icon.
Key Features:
– Turn your monitor on or off any time and any place from your system tray without having to open any applications.
– Customizable setting to choose a hotkey combination to put your monitor to sleep.
– Can work without the user interaction for automatic screen saving.
– Has a customizable feature to show a message at the end of use to notify the user about updating to a new version.

The app is well done for a first try. It did however crash a few times at startup – hopefully that will be resolved soon. It is the kind of application that can be offered to a friend at a later date if he/she asked for something like that.
I use the app and it works perfectly. You can of course register for an account and save your preferences, but its really not necessary. I did not understand that the free version removes ads or isn’t limited in some way. There are some restrictions to the free version, but again, it’s still free, and that’s what matters.
For anyone looking for a way to get a little more done, it could easily be used as an alternative to AutoHotkey. I would however recommend against that, at least for now. It’s hard to keep track of scripts just to use them once or twice.
I did not however test saving the monitor settings from one computer to another. Perhaps it works, but I didn’t try it.

Attention, the program has to be running in the background for your program to operate. If you log out then you will lose the status. This means that if you log out of your computer and if ScreenSleep is not running you will loose all settings. You will have to start ScreenSleep again then.

Review Source: Capterra

Response: ScreenSleep, February 6, 2018

Thank you for your feedback. The app can be run in the background. However, the settings can not be saved. That means that in order to get the program working again you will have to start it anew. Please be aware of that.

ScreenSleep is a simple, effective, and useful screen saver for the Mac.

Ease of use


Customer support

All software should have instructions to be used properly by the average user. ScreenSleep does not.

Review Source: Capter

ScreenSleep 4.5.2

ScreenSleep is a simple program that puts your computer’s monitor to sleep for a predetermined period of time and then turns it back on. Although the setup process is a little tricky, the application itself is fairly straight-forward and does an excellent job of controlling your screen on a one-by-one basis. Once you’re through with the initial setup, it provides three different ways to turn your screen off and will then automatically choose the best of the three options for you. There are no prompts or unnecessary wait times to be overcome.
ScreenSleep Feature List:
* Put Your Computer’s Monitor To Sleep At a Customized Time
* Select A Hotkey or Use the Window’s Notification Area To Send A Shortcut
* Select A Number of Seconds Before Closing the Screen
* Configure an Individual Timer For Each Screen
* Choose a Screen Quickly By Quickly Picking Through All The Screens
* Change The Screen/Monitor Layout
* Adjust The Hardware And Aesthetic Quality Of The Screen Saver
* See A Sample Of The Screen Saver Before It Is Applied
* See a Short Demo Of The Screen Sleep Shortcut
* See a ScreenSaver Screen Saver
* Save Your Settings As A Customized List Of Actions
* Export Your Customized List Of Actions To a Customized Hotkey
* Export Your Customized List Of Actions To a Customized Timer
* Control Which Screens Can Be Taken Off Automatically Using A File
* Export Your Customized List Of Actions To a Customized Timer
* Under The Hood: The Visual Settings, The License, And The Browser Compatibility
* Don’t Be Overwhelmed By The Technical Details: It Just Works!
* ScreenSleep is Free and It’s Easy to Download. (5595 Bytes)
ScreenSleep’s Pros
* Intuitive Design
* Easy To Use
* Undeniably Simple
* No Interruptions
* No Wait Times
* Easy To Install
* Works Great
* Easy to Understand
* ScreenSaver Settings
* Easy To Access
* Easy To Control
* Easy To Use
* No Complicated Programs
* Simple and Intuitive
* Works Better Than The Other Apps
* Fast & Easy to Use
* No Long List of Requirements
* Undeniably Simple
* Works Great
* Works Better Than The Other Apps
* Works For You
* Works Better Than The Other Apps
* Works

What’s New In?

ScreenSleep is a small system tray application to put your monitor to sleep using a customizable hotkey combination. It offers a smooth, comfortable and simple way of putting your monitor to sleep.
Add, remove, or select hotkeys.
Control the application with a mouse or keyboard.
Save and uninstall…

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System Requirements For ScreenSleep:

Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
OS version: 5.1
1 GHz processor
800 MB HD
800 MB free disk space
Mac OSX version: 10.9.5
2.5 GHz processor
Please note that since version 1.0, the application downloads most recent datasets and updates the installer with any changes made to the datasets.
The following


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