Secret Explorer 7.0.1493 Crack+ For PC [Updated]

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Secret Explorer Serial Key – Simple to use web browser’s password recovery tool which allows users to explore and update information they cannot normally access.
Version 3

Support is available on the Secret Explorer Product Key website and email.
Recompute Bases uses a saved password history file.
Do not remove the Password History or the Display Password checkbox in the Internet Options.
You cannot continue while the Protected Storage window is open.
It is a beta version.


I have found it a real help and I think it will be greatly useful in my business too.
Muy recomendable – Marco Guadalupe
Este programa es fantástico. Me ha ayudado mucho y pienso que será muy útil para mis negocios también.
Brilliant, thanks! – Nick Mount
Brilliant, thanks!
Obviamente él está intentando si está en la posibilidad de contratación, a lo que tengo que decir es que al menos los desarrolladores han sido muy buenos y han realizado un trabajo excelente.
It is a great piece of software, which has helped me a lot and I think it will be very useful for my business.


No, this will not help you. There is no way to tell if the password you are requesting is the correct password for that website.
Further, it has no way of telling if the password you are requesting to protect is the correct password to that website. Because this is hidden, you have no way of knowing if it is the correct password.
If you are not able to guess the correct password, I would say that the password on that account is likely incorrect, and a password recovery process will not be successful.

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Secret Explorer 7.0.1493 Crack + Free Registration Code

Secret Explorer For Windows 10 Crack is an application designed to help those users who need to access hidden information in Internet Explorer.
Normally, hidden or protected information is not intended to be seen or found in a standard website search, it is in fact hidden or covered by passwords.
Usually, when some information is protected from view, it is done so to make sure it is secure and safe for Internet users to view or collect information from.
But what if some users or companies need to access this information? Or they have forgotten their password?
Secret Explorer Serial Key enables you to do just that.
The software allows you to navigate through Internet Explorer to locate concealed information and then apply a new password.
You can also view, save, edit and remove the information from the program and export it to text files if required.
What’s new in this version:
Changed password field to have a number pad inside of the password box to save typing in a long password;
Fixed a bug when there were two password fields on the page, there is now one password field allowed in a password field.
Fixed bugs with viewing a page containing password protected information, as well as missing options in the video window (Videos window)
Fixed issue with the marker telling the number of characters typed in the form, not actually working for all
Version 1.8
• Improved display of information in the videos window.
• Improved the user interface.
• Fixed a bug where all the other passwords were deleted when the password box was clicked on to save the new password.
• Improved the handling of the browser window.
• It will now always display the “Type new password…” window even if the characters are not defined.
• The sites list can now be sorted alphabetically.
• The current session is displayed at the top in the right side of the program.
• Other minor changes to the program and the user interface.


You can use one of the following:

Grep and find, if you have the “find” feature in your browser.
RegEx is your friend.

Of course, there are many more online; this is just a few.

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Secret Explorer 7.0.1493

Secret Explorer enables users to explore and edit data in the protected data of Internet Explorer (not included in the standard version), such as password and credit card numbers, in order to recover the password or financial data, either automatically or manually. Without Secret Explorer, if a password is lost or forgotten, users will not be able to access the related websites. With Secret Explorer, users can recover passwords and credit card numbers by exploring the Internet Explorer protected data.
Basic usage
Firstly, click “Local Protected Storage” to find out its default location. For example: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\LocalLow\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ Protected Storage
If the Protected Storage has hidden files, click “Show Hidden Files” to show all Protected Storage files
If you are sure the Protected Storage has a password, click “Protected Storage Settings” to open the Protected Storage dialog box. Click “Local Protected Storage” to show its contents. If the Protected Storage doesn’t have a password, the Protected Storage box will appear empty.
Then, if the Protected Storage has a password, click “Protected Storage Settings” and enter the appropriate password in the Protected Storage dialog box to access its contents.
Navigate the Internet Explorer’s Protected Storage to find passwords and credit card numbers. The Protected Storage entries are the same regardless of the settings of the corresponding website.
Then, open the file that you wish to view.
Useful features
Bookmark the Protected Storage area with a keyword, so that you can find it later.
Use the bookmark to navigate to the Protected Storage with a single click.
Delete records
Deleting records is easy. Click “Delete” to delete the record, or you can click “Delete Some” or “Delete All” to delete multiple records.

Markup Validation
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The beginning of the root element is missing </app>

The beginning of the attribute is missing

The ending of the attribute is missing />

Error: Invalid character & not allowed anywhere except in a notreplaced element

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The ending of the child element is missing

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What’s New in the Secret Explorer?

Secret Explorer is a program created to help you recover lost passwords on various websites, emails and other resources. With this application you can easily and simply recover lost passwords on websites.
Recover passwords to websites
Recover passwords to emails
Recover passwords to message boards
Recover passwords to particular PDF files
Recover passwords to pictures and movie files
Recover passwords to radio and ringtones
Recover passwords to other files
Password Hints
Bookmark your password protected areas to get quick access to them in the future.
Quickly Delete your passwords
Accurately find out who can access what files and folders.
Customize the appearance of the program
Change desktop and Start menu icons
Change file associations
Change the way people who open your files are notified
Change the way Internet Explorer displays your folders
Apply different Wallpapers to Explorer Windows
Simple and easy to use interface
Helpful quick start option to jump right into recovering lost passwords on websites, emails, message boards, PDF files, pictures, movies, ringtones and other files

Secret Explorer 25.83 Free Download

Secret Explorer 25.83 Overview
Secret Explorer is a powerful password recovery software that helps you recover lost or forgotten passwords on the Internet. The program supports Windows XP and above and can recover passwords from various browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and many more. After you launch the program, a hidden password protected file tree is displayed and users can easily navigate it to access password-protected sites, emails, pictures, text messages and other important files and folders.

Secret Explorer can recover lost passwords to almost all kinds of applications including: websites, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Thunderbird, Postbox, Gtalk, E-Mails, Mozilla Message, Opera Mail, Sametime, MSN Messenger, Skype, Google Talk, Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Paltalk, AOL, ICQ and so on. This very useful software is worthy to get! Secret Explorer can effortlessly scan and restore passwords to lost websites, email accounts and other protected data. With the help of this tool, users can preview all types of password protected websites, from simple accounts to confidential websites such as ebay, yahoo, google, and so on. It can recover passwords for even the most complicated web addresses, so that they can easily access protected files. Moreover, Secret Explorer is not just designed to support the above browsers, but also many others, such as Internet Explorer for

System Requirements:

Each character has a threshold for minimum and recommended system specifications to make the game playable. There are three minimum requirements for the game to work correctly.
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10
Processor: 1.8 GHz
Graphics: DirectX 8
The recommended system specifications should be considered when selecting your build. These are the minimum requirements for the game to run well, but should not be considered the absolute minimum requirements for a PC.
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7

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