How to install sony vegas pro 9 with crack and keygen on windows 7, windows 8.1EXCLUSIVE: No Ninja Turtles in 2016 While the original comics were inspired by the 1984 movie, the characters are far from dead: Playmates still has plans to produce, among other projects, an animated TV series for Netflix, a live-action Nickelodeon series, a slew of toys based on the cartoon and a cartoon based on the popular video game. But the team behind the Turtles can’t help but think about a reboot. “You can’t help but, because the original is such a big thing, you’d like to continue that and then maybe use it as the springboard for something else,” said Kevin Eastman, a co-creator and artist on the comic and the main creative force behind the new movie. “It’s never off the table.” Though he’s still at the very early stages of planning a reboot, the different mediums are at the front of Eastman’s mind. A movie won’t immediately follow the animated series, though he says there are rumors of an animated feature being in the works. But one day, the story of the Turtles may reach a new generation on the small screen. “You have to start from the beginning, and the beginning is, ‘What is the simplest thing that could get me in the most money? That’s the template that you have to start from,” Eastman says. “So we’ll start with the TV show, then we’ll go to the movie. We’ll see what happens. I kind of have to do a high-minded job of running a business, but I’m also an artist and a storyteller, so I get excited about the possibilities.” The man that made his name as a comic artist is, though, making his mark with the studio on a different film for 2016. “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” is what Columbia Pictures call their reboot of the live-action franchise, after they were forced to give up their rights to the films and TV series from Paramount. Eastman is doing art and story for the film, and his movie-making partner Alan Burnett is doing the screenplay. Since 1990, Eastman and writer Kevin Eastman have been the main creative force for the Turtles comic, where their stories have reinvented a group of four anthropomorphic turtles in half-human, half-turtle bodies who fight crime and fight for freedom.

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