Show Code Vulnerability Scanner is an easy to use and efficient software solution developed as a means of helping you determine the reliability of your PHP version, by checking the vulnerabilities present in your code.
PHP code vulnerabilities can have a number of causes, many of which can be attributed to inexperienced programmers or an oversight in its initial writing. These vulnerabilities can be exploited by people with less than honorable intentions, and even lead to data theft situations.
As such, it quickly becomes evident that you need a tool with the abilities to check your PHP version and evaluate its security status. Show Code Vulnerability Scanner was created to cater precisely to this need. The utility is very simple to use, requiring a lot less experience than writing your code does.
In order to check your PHP version, all you need to do is enter the domain name and file name in the assigned field, then press the 'Scan' button. Show Code Vulnerability Scanner will display the targeted page in its main window. If any vulnerabilities are discovered, the application will display the source code of the PHP file, enabling you to try and locate the cause of the problem.
By assisting you in discovering the security risks comprised in your PHP code, the tool can help you further analyze your work and discover the potential issues it might be having. By resolving these problems, you can strengthen the protection of your domain or network, so it will no longer be exposed to outside dangers.
To conclude, Show Code Vulnerability Scanner is a useful and reliable program whose main function is to help you detect any PHP version risks, so you can take proactive measures against your code, network or domain becoming the object of malicious attacks.


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Show Code Vulnerability Scanner is a tool that scans the PHP version of a website, so that you can check its security and determine the risks this website has. With this tool, you can evaluate the security of your PHP version without the need to write code. You can also find out if there are any potential vulnerabilities that are tied to the PHP version.
If your website uses the PHP version 7 or above, Show Code Vulnerability Scanner is the tool you need.
Show Code Vulnerability Scanner Details:
Show Code Vulnerability Scanner uses the following features:
• Evaluate the PHP version of a website.
• Check for potential vulnerabilities.
• Find out which PHP version the website uses.

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Show Code Vulnerability Scanner is a user-friendly program developed to easily scan for vulnerabilities in any PHP code on a Windows system. The tool is designed for novice to intermediate PHP developers.
Key features:
Scan any PHP files on any Windows system
Check for vulnerabilities in plain PHP script, with comment blocks (single line, double and multi line)
Detect SQL injection, XSS, XML External Entity, and LDAP injections
Check for a specific vulnerability, such as MSSQL injection or MySQL injection
Detect VF injection and NoSQL injection on your application
Check for security risks and general weaknesses
Detect vulnerable functions
Keep a record of your findings
Show Code Vulnerability Scanner was developed to be extremely easy-to-use.
Simply enter the domain or URL you want to scan in the provided text box, then click the Scan button. A page displaying the source code of your PHP file will be displayed. If any vulnerabilities are detected, the source code will be displayed in the main window of the program.
Note: This is a free trial version of the tool. The trial period lasts 30 days. If you want to continue using the program past this period, you will need to purchase a license. After your 30-day trial has ended, you can purchase a license for $99.
Show Code Vulnerability Scanner Key Features:
Efficient and easy-to-use solution to help detect vulnerabilities in your PHP code
Possibility of performing scan on any URL or file
Support for HTML, XML, and PHP scripts
Detect SQL Injection, XSS, MSSQL, LDAP, and others
Detect general vulnerabilities, such as DoS attack or application vulnerabilities
Detect Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
Detect VF injection, NoSQL injection, and PHP injection
All included files will be saved in a folder named scan-results to keep track of all scan results and serve as a log of all previous scans
Discover vulnerabilities on any system using Windows 2000/XP/Vista, 2008, 2012
Show Code Vulnerability Scanner – Watermark

Show Code Vulnerability Scanner is a free utility for PHP developers designed to help them detect security risks inherent in their code. It’s easy to use and allows for the quick scan of any URL or PHP script, with the ability to detect a number of security issues. All findings are saved to keep track of this scanning session and as a log of previous scans.
Show Code Vulnerability Scanner

Show Code Vulnerability Scanner Patch With Serial Key

◾Easy to use
◾Detects Vulnerabilities
◾Detects Vulnerabilities
◾Detects Vulnerabilities in a PHP Source Code file
◾Finds PHP source code with vulnerabilities
◾Finds PHP source code with vulnerabilities

Now you can see how this tool works and all the features.
If you need any query then contact us.
Your feedback will be appreciated.
If you like and hate the tool that’s fine.
Just leave a comment and we shall reply.

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What’s New In Show Code Vulnerability Scanner?

Provides security guidelines, recommendations and a point and click interface that enables you to rapidly evaluate the security of your PHP code.
Identify code vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently.
Vulnerability identification can be a time consuming and highly complex task.
With the help of the vulnerability scanner, you can easily identify vulnerabilities in a fraction of the time you normally spend hunting for them.
Provides security recommendations in a compelling manner and is suitable for all levels of expertise.
Security has long been a major concern for everyone who uses the internet.
The security scan can provide you with recommendations on how to improve the security of your applications.
Provides up-to-date detection results for vulnerabilities and threats.
The vulnerability scanner is always up-to-date with the latest detection results for all known PHP security vulnerabilities.
Remove critical code flaws quickly and easily.
We have handpicked the most critical flaws for you that we know your code has to deal with.
The removed code flaws can be seen in the detailed report.
Resolve software code conflicts quickly and easily.
Find and remove all software code conflicts.
Incorporate the usage of external libraries.
The scanner helps you to remove code conflicts (dependencies) using popular third party libraries.
Assess your code for the use of XSS (Cross Site Scripting) vulnerabilities.
The scanner is able to detect if your code could be attacked by XSS.
Assess the use of Remote File Inclusion (RFI).
The scanner is able to detect if your code could be attacked by RFI.
Assess the use of SQL Injection.
The scanner is able to detect if your code could be attacked by SQL Injection.
Identify PHP files that contain the “eval” command.
The scanner is able to identify if PHP files contain the “eval” command.
Get information on the use of directory/file listing.
The scanner is able to collect information on the use of directory/file listing.
Check if server files are open to attackers.
The scanner is able to check if files on your server are open to attackers.
Remove unused, outdated and problematic code quickly and easily.
The scanner helps you to remove unused, outdated and problematic code.
Check the maximum path length of your code.
The scanner helps you to check the maximum path length of your code.
Check the maximum string length of your code.
The scanner helps you to check the maximum string length of your code

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DirectX 11 Compatible (DX11) hardware with Shader Model 5.0 and above
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Network: Broadband Internet connection
Minimum Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card

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