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Watch Shringaar 2013 Full Hindi Movie Free Online Director: Kumaar Aadarsh ​​Cast: Kumaar Aadarsh, Sahil Khan, Khushi Mukherjee Genre: . Melodrama. Description: The film Shringar takes place in the city of Srinagar. The main characters of the film, Muslim warriors who made pilgrimage here, were forced to leave the city due to the attack of robbers. But their traces are lost in the vicinity of Srinagar. And then a tireless young guard, climbing the career ladder and longing for only one thing – victory over Tarik – goes in search of him. On the way, the charming Dilara joins him. They accidentally get to a wedding where young people in love are trying to connect. Jayi Mata (Khushi Mohd) and Roopa (Sahil Khan) are true lovers, unaware that they have a tough role ahead of them. Their brides will have to go through difficult trials in order to finally find each other’s love. But there is also a force in the world that can destroy such marriages – this is the spell of the devil, who can arrange so that one of the lovers is cursed.
Directed by: Kumaar Khadarsh
Cast: Roxana Mannhan, Noor al-Din, Sarwar Daoud, Khitayab Muktar, Khatit Nemeh, Kingash Sayat, Shinai Ji, Malika Abdullu, Lot Fahd, Asker Fahmy, Abdullah Salkhiyar, Basani Dodi, Kadir Hussain, Haj Abul Zaki
Release Year: 2006 \\t\\tIn Cinemas: 2006 \\t Running Time: 1 hour 48 minutes \\t MovieSearch Rating: 5.7127726 \\t \\t
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