Simple EMR is a simple to use medical management software tool that provides solo or small clinic medical practitioners and students with the means to practice not only their medical skills but their managerial ones too.
In order to efficiently administer a medical clinic, you need the right management utility that would ease your work and store all vital information about your patient's medical records and contact information.
Safe keep your patient's records in a database
Simple EMR helps you not only to create a database of all your patient's medical records but also gives you the ability to manage appointments and schedule them by notifying clients in due time.
The program is available in two versions: imperial and metric measurement unit. It also provides multi user support over your local network.
To increase productivity, the application features an auto complete function and self-learning information fields, as well as some QuickText templates that simplify and reduce data entry procedures. Plus, it comes with an extensive drug list based on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s National Drug Code Directory.
Generate 3D vital sign charts
Simple EMR grants you with workflow simplicity but it sure doesn't lack functionality, since it enables you to generate, edit, spell check, format, print and export personalized prescriptions or consultation records with the clinic's logo, information header and signature footer.
Furthermore, you can attach medical imagery to the patient's record by importing and exporting images, as well as add comments or side notes to pictures, save and print vital signs charts that show the temperature, pulse, blood pressure, height, weight and BMI of the patient in 3D form.
At any time, you have the possibility to back up and restore medical records from the database in case of power failures, malware attacks, hardware malfunctions or system crashes.
In conclusion
Overall, Simple EMR isn't as simple as it looks, it is actually a rich-featured software solution that simplifies patient data management in your medical facility. The application runs on low to moderate system resources, depending on how many medical records are included in the database.







Simple EMR With Registration Code Free Download For PC (Updated 2022)

Simple EMR Activation Code is a small medical management software application that enables both lone practitioners and small practices to store all medical data about their patients, to analyze and retrieve it in a few clicks. Its functions include:
• Database management
• Intuitive and easy to use user interface
• Shareable from the cloud
• In the cloud
• Import and export from more than 20 different software sources, including Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, Dropbox, CD-ROM
• Track appointments and import/export from EASI and most on-line scheduling systems
• Extensible for additional features (custom date formats)
• Patient web pages
• Medicines and drug list and the ability to add any drug of your choice with one click
• Check and notify for prescription changes
• Creation, upload and download of Patient Health Records
• View and track medical records
• Export/Download Prescription, Medical Image and Notes to almost any format you wish
• Automatic formats conversion
• Import/Export and backup and restore
• 3D Chart creation, editing and saving
• Adjust records length and number of fields
• Visualise prescriptions and other information by printing them
• Signatures, Labels and comments editing and importing
• Spell checking and correcting
• Voice recording and import
Download Simple EMR
Simple EMR is a 30 day demo version of the program
Download it now for Free!
Download Simple EMR
You can get Simple EMR for Windows.
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The answer to

Simple EMR PC/Windows

The software is flexible and provides a variety of useful management functions including an appointment management system, receptionist, lab appointment scheduling, surgery booking and alert system, health care provider profiles, pharmacy, customized e-prescribing, billing, reminder services and a contact manager.
The database administrator will have ready access to all patient demographics, insurance information, test results, prescriptions and X-rays.
The program can be expanded by adding the necessary tables and fields, and also by downloading add-ins to perform more advanced functions and procedures that are usually performed in a typical medical practice.
The program is available in two versions: imperial and metric measurement unit. It also provides multi user support over your local network.
It is a program designed especially for solo and small medical practices.
The software makes use of a Registry file that enables an easier method to find the database records and columns.
The 3D charts for vital signs help patients and doctors understand the current status of a patient’s health.
Small clinics and medical practices can now use this powerful piece of software at a much lower cost than a typical hospital-based system.
This software is so much more than just a medical record software system, it also enables the owner to increase productivity and streamline operations.
There are many features and add-ins included with the program, such as contact manager, appointment scheduler, billing, reminder service, patient profiles, health care provider profiles, medication inventory, X-ray, laboratory, appointment management, surgery booking, pre-medical lab reports, pharmacy, graphic templates, wizard forms, prescription emailing, custom fields, rule engine, import, export, e-signatures, images, video, radiographs, and a body charting toolkit.
•Registration of Medical Records in Simple EMR Free Download
•Get EMRs into Your System in Minutes
•Customize Your Treatment Forms
•Easily Access Patient Data
•View and Manage Patient Data
•Export and Print Patient Records
•Create and Manage 3D Medical Charts
•Import Patient Data from many different EMR Systems
•Import Patient Data from Text Files
•Create Patient Registration Forms
•Create Tabs for Each Patient
•Create Personalized Forms for Medical Practices
•Configure Automated Reports
•Protect Patients with User Access Management
•Export Patient Records
•Create Prescriptions with Auto Texts
•Print Patient Labels and Forms
•Create Prescriptions
•Configure Automated

Simple EMR Crack + With Serial Key For PC Latest

**Rapid and full-featured practice management software for solo physicians
**Create a database of patient medical records with password protection
**Practice management software for small or solo practice
**Automate any task with available macros
**Intuitive interface designed for 1st time users
**View, edit, view, and print reports and billing statements
**Sensitive data like addresses, phone numbers, and Social Security numbers are protected
**Back-up and restore patient data from any location
**Track whether your patients are responding to their medication and give alerts when they are overdue
**Use built in patient history and records viewer to view cases, history, and other patient files
**Locate and manage all patient information in the database with subject unique records
**Check and update patient reports and statistics like age, sex, birth date, vital signs, etc
**Sophisticated patient administrative features like insurance billing, case management, and other features to help you become the go-to clinic and save money
**Multiple user support, including team collaboration
**Customizable reports, including the ability to print out patient history and treatment plans
**Create your own patient records and documents that you can email or print
**Full Patient Care search database with over 46 million patients and diseases
**Full text search for use with record display
**Integrated drug references for physicians and pharmacists
**Create and manage your own medication list for patients, including dose strength, number of days, and frequency
**Automatically update your prescriptions
**View and print prescriptions and patient status reports
**Simplified user access and log-in controls
**Import contacts from Microsoft Outlook
**Calculate age and life expectancy
**Get quick access to physician billing statements and other important documents with built-in attachments
**View, edit, and print progress notes
**Create and email electronic prescriptions
**Apply a company logo and style for records
**Calculate insurance company billable days and charges
**Keep track of clinic and office administration and employee productivity
**Save money on postage with out-of-pocket billing
**Track patient visits to your office, including demographics and vital signs
**View and print electronic health records
**Print patient intake documents
**Search patient records by keywords and conditions
**Generate, sort, and distribute appointment reminders
**View and print appointment calendars
**Electronic consultation templates
**Customize report or template design
**View patient records in 3D
**Print out

What’s New in the Simple EMR?

System Requirements:

Intel Pentium or equivalent
Windows 7/8/8.1/10 64-bit
1 GHz
4 GB RAM (32-bit) / 4 GB RAM (64-bit)
5 GB available hard disk space
1280×800 or higher screen resolution
5 GB available

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