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SMILE GAME BUILDER A Healer Only Lives Twice Character Resource Pack Download With Utorrent


July 19, 2560 BC. e. – This add-on contains a total of 95 models: the original 48 unique and cute characters from The Healer Who Only Lives Twice ( 26 models + 22 colors … plus 25 models + 40 colors + 10 models + 80 colors + 4 models + 40 colors
October 18, 2560 BC the second expansion for I’m Flying You Only Live Twice, adding controller support as well as various new models for players to check out what’s new in this part of the game:
3 new characters, as well as new models for other characters:
1. Healer in a red mask
2. Doctor in a black mask
3. Doctor in a white mask
4 new models
1. Doctor in a white mask



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