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Sociology Themes And Perspectives (Haralambos And Holborn) Michael Haralambos


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John Hobbs, Professor at the University of Cambridge, has described the book as follows, “This is a straightforward, compact book that explains a few of the most important historical perspectives and approaches to the development of sociology. Haralambos and Holborn (1988) wrote it before the undergraduate sociology boom, when the unit ‘Sociology’ was introduced into most UK universities, and so are interested in showing how social theory was structured before all the theory crowd came to take over the subject. Their book is very accessible to those who are just going to take A-levels or GCSEs, or have taken the AB pass (which is the coursework that most of our A-level students take). The book adopts a reading order of ‘Sociology: Themes and Perspectives’ first, ‘History and theory’ second and ‘Questions and approaches’ third, and so the first chapter is about ‘Perspectives’. The book is a model of how to teach Sociology at A-level, and its picture of a seminar course of lectures on Sociology is accurate, as the unit of Sociology at most universities now moves away from the lectures-papers-exams model in its newer forms towards something more like the unit as it is described in Haralambos and Holborn (1988). There is a chapter on ‘Theories’ – which is very useful – but the good thing is that it does not necessarily make you read Theories II to IV – the whole point of a course like this is that it teaches you sociology and what society is, without having to read all of the ‘Theories of…’. It is a very comprehensive text, compact but packed with information.”


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Sociology Themes and Perspectives by Haralambos, Michael; Holborn, Martin. Eerdmans.
We’ll ask you to do your own. Turn up what you do know.
Third Edition of Social Theory: Themes and Perspectives. (Haralambos and Holborn). 124 ratings by Goodreads
Gioia, C. (2004). In Love with Sociology: Haralambos and Holborn’s short introduction to
Themes and perspectives in Sociology Haralambos, Michael; Holborn, Martin.
This is a work of Peter Bede Smith. Substantial wear on covers and pages. Some marginal wear on covers. Very good.
2008-01-07. Hardcover. Sociology. Newly released book! The themes & perspective series offers short, accessible texts that provide a solid foundation for understanding the field of sociology. This text meets that need.
‘This is the clearest and most readable exposition of sociology I know’ Anthropology Today. The themes and perspectives series offers short, accessible texts that give a firm grounding for understanding the subject.
978-0-8048-2049-0. Easy to follow and very helpful! Assembled a very good quality – not only the text but also the content that accompanies it. Peter Bede Smith has done a very good job.
0723536633. Sociology – Themes and Perspectives’This book was useful in providing me with the background for sociology, and despite the fact that I am an undergraduate, I found this a challenging, but enjoyable read. It is so because of the style of presentation – and what a presentation it is!
By – Themes and perspectives in sociology is by Haralambos, Michael; Holborn, Martin.
This book sells on your device. Themes and Perspectives in Sociology by Haralambos, Michael and Holborn, Martin.
Sociology, Themes and Perspectives (Haralambos and Holborn) is the ultimate and essential resource for all students and professionals who want to learn.
Sociology, Themes and Perspectives (Haralambos and Holborn) gives a comprehensive introduction to all the key topics in sociology, and explains the role of the sociologist.
This book has some light wear and/or markings but overall is in good condition. 2007. Sociology Themes and Perspectives by Haralambos, Michael

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