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What is SoftwareZator?
SoftwareZator is an integrated project planning and code generator tool that allows its users to create their own software applications without writing any code. It offers various templates, project management, and a work area to view the final product. If you are an expert programmer, feel free to try it.

SoftwareZator is a project planning and code generator tool that allows its users to create their own software applications without writing a single line of code. Anyone can use it and their applications created this way will look great and function well, thanks to a variety of tools that creates powerful applications with a combination of drag and drop technology and standard wizards. All of this in a simple and intuitive interface.

Its drag and drop feature is similar to the functionality of the Microsoft Word and Excel documents. This means that once you have designed a layout for your software window and sub-windows, it is ready to be placed inside the system tray. This makes the workspace look even more professional.

There are many ways that SoftwareZator can be customized by the user, from the layout of the main windows, to the view of the latest work, that is, the previews of the software. The toolbox allows the user to add, delete, and customize the creation of the software app.

There are also tools that permit the export of the final software project to popular applications like the Windows desktop manager and Visual Studio.

All the components of the toolbox can be deleted or added at any time. Create your very own SoftwareZator.

SoftwareZator Features:

Easy to use
The tool is easy to use with clear and simple design. Its creator, Schabseman, and users also say that the tool is easy to use.

Intuitive interface
The interface is intuitive and its design was built with common user tasks in mind.

SoftwareZator is a software program that will create your custom software applications without writing any code. It is a drag and drop tool, so all you need to do is connect to the laptop’s Internet connection and select the software you want to create. Then you can watch the project being created.

What are the benefits of the software?

The software can be used by people who do not have programming skills. The Professional version allows users to see the software development in great detail and it can be exported to Visual Studio, which is a powerful application for Windows. The online version can be used directly

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Here is our brief overview on SoftwareZator. Use this SoftwareZator description to assist with the understanding of the product.
SoftwareZator is a user-friendly wizard-style software designer, offering multiple ways to start projects: from the main window to multiple customizable windows. Select from more than 350 ready templates for your next project.
Features include:
-The ability to create start projects without the need to write a single line of code.
-Easy and quick installation.
-By drag and drop you can build the app window, add widgets, icons, images and other resources.
-Powerful wizards to guide you through the creation of the app.
-Ability to export completed projects into Microsoft Visual Studio.
SoftwareZator Latest Version:
SoftwareZator free download for mac is one of those several SoftwareZator editor that you can use to create your own software. In this review, we give you a brief overview of this product on macintosh platform.
SoftwareZator includes tools for building the software and allows you to run software after successful creation. This utility is well-suited for newbies who want to create software without programming experience or requiring much guidance. It also lets you build complex projects with ease.
The application can make your life easy as it makes the coding process efficient. The tool supports the creation of simple apps that have all the necessary elements present in a single window.
In this SoftwareZator review, we highlight some of the features that make this tool a good choice for the novice.
Feature List:
Simple to use
While the tool can be used by programmers with little programming experience, it is also a good choice for the newbie programmer who does not want to spend time writing code. Use the builder to save time and build software without writing code.
Multiple project modes
In this SoftwareZator review, we show you how to customize the software for creating the structure, layout, elements and any other needed resources.
Drag and drop code
You can use drag and drop to build the app. Simply place the widgets, images and other assets in the desired locations, and the application can be created.
Drill down levels
Navigate the app using drag and drop, and customize the windows according to the needs. At any point in time, you can drill down into the structure of the project to find the elements and customize them.
Multiple user interface modes
The builder offers user interface modes that will inspire you. You can take

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SoftwareZator is able to create a simple computer application without writing any code, with drag-and-drop interface that guides you in the process of creating the application.
The tool is up to date with the ability to create an application that includes all kinds of devices.

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System Requirements:

2.1 GHz Dual Core or higher Processor
NVIDIA GeForce 6 series or above, ATI Radeon HD 2600 or higher.
Windows 7 or above
DirectX 9 or above
1 GB of RAM
3 GB of available hard disk space
1024×768 resolution monitor
Built-in speaker and microphone
PlayStation 2 Controller
Audio adapter
Internet connection for online services
Minimum 5GB of available hard disk space
Windows Media Player 11
Mozilla Firefox 3.5.4, Internet Explorer 8

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