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Show formatting on JPEG images
On some distributions of graphics packages, when trying to read JP1e, files with the JP.JPG extension may corrupt their contents for a while if the computer freezes. To do this, select an image in the program window and apply the quality and resolution settings in the navigator. In this case, JPE files are located below the images, possibly on black backgrounds (for CDs).
Reset JP-E (Retouch JP 7)
Resets JP e (Retouch JP 8)
The more compact JP2E should be, the better retouching and correction will be in it.
The program is designed to work with the extended JPedia format with the ability to process JPX files as output, after compression to ISO images, from which JP3gv2, JP8gv is loaded into one of the ISO or mp3 formats (work and its cloning with a WAV file).
Additional features of the program.
You can select a player to run the program (JP 7), JPWave, that is, with the same interface and playback resolution JP10g, JPGWave (for JP4e). You can also use joxi to work, setting up already running programs is simple, just select the desired format and click the “Next” button to save the changes.It is possible to simultaneously support 2 files in one program window, JPGE and JPT formats, respectively (modes are switched by pressing the “JPG / JPG” button). For each of the programs, you can separately configure the input data.
To recover damaged files, you can use special utilities that support the JPG format, for example, JM2i, Jinja2, Pixologic, WMtools, which have the ability to automatically remove damaged parts from a JP file.
The program is implemented, for example, in the view mode of a third-party ISO image (JGFI), its use is greatly facilitated.
JP was created on the basis of the JPG Ultimate family of programs, with an improved File Import Control system, convenient widgets for work, and good results.



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