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survey field data collector; Ranger 7, Windows 10 Pro field data.Testing both the spacecraft and the software allows evaluation of the design progress as well as assessment of current and future spacecraft applications.
To assess the quality of software and its applicability on various spacecraft, as well as to demonstrate and solve current problems, Elbrus uses software from Aerospace Testing Technology, which is part of the TsNPO Tekhnomash.
In February 2018, at the 10 Years of Satellite Communications exhibition in Kaluga, a new on-board set of on-board software Elbrus-3D was demonstrated. This set includes: an airborne segment, an autonomous segment (from atmospheric entry to landing), a working segment with an onboard computer (integrated information processing, trajectory calculation, INS, etc.). The set also includes peripheral equipment: load cells, GLONASS/GPS systems, etc.
The state-of-the-art software suite is the result of the work of several development teams at once. The software supplier is the Aeroscraft company, which is a subsidiary of NPO Karat and performs all work in the interests of the Central Research Institute Kurs. Yury Urlichich, General Designer of JSC Russian Space Systems, among other developers, is the technical leader of the Elbars development team. Russian scientists, designers and specialists in the development of spacecraft onboard devices are working on the project, which underlines the high level of integration of Elbar’s developments.
Aerosoft, together with CENTER INFO (part of ATOL Group), has created such a unique opportunity for processing and searching for information as Zond-8M. The program was created on the basis of the software of the German company Spectrum, and “Zonda-8” is, in fact, a “Copy” of the Spectram program used in the American NASA ERA program. This allows not only to search with a given accuracy and quickly find the information you need, but also to quickly respond to emerging situations: for example, if you can’t find the desired link on Google, you can automatically send a message to your operator to get an answer.
As the software of the information processing module, an integrated data processing system (ISOD) is used, developed by



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