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This app is designed to help students who have trouble with good speed in reading debate speeches.
This app reads a word per minute rate from the text and lets you change it.
You can also choose to have it read the text backwards. (Only available in the portable version).
You can also use this app for replacing a mobile phone in the middle of a debate.
Fully customizable.
You can change the BPM rate for even and odd syllables.
You can change the BPM rate for silent pauses.
You can also have it read the text backwards.
Random BPM.
You can define your own words (upto 30) and their BPM rates.
You can define your own silent pause words and their respective BPM rates.
You can define the difference between them.
You can also have it read the text backwards.
Using macros.
You can load and use your own macros.
Automatic mobile phone detection
You can send your numbers automatically to a text message or email.
More details can be found here.
Spreader User Manual:

Questions and bug reports can be submitted here.

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Spreader 1.0.0 Crack+ Product Key Full

Spreader Crack Mac supports the following formats:.txt,.rtf,.xml,.doc and.docx.
You can also manually save each speed (in.txt format) so you don’t have to re-enter the values for the same material.
If you ever need to quickly reload your readings, you can do it through Spreader Product Key’s “Load” button.
Spreader Cracked Accounts also has a “History” button that will display all the data saved in the last session.
If you have any question, feel free to contact us at support@alim’s software.
– Customize the speed for each material.
– Select quickly the value that best suits you.
– Read the material in reverse (right to left).
– Save the current settings in a file.
– Load a previous data using the Load button.
– Set the cursor to automatically display the next speed.
– Select quickly the next value.
– View all the data saved in the last session.
– “History” button that displays all the data in a tree structure.
– Load a previous data using the Load button.
– Toggle the word that will be displayed on the left and right side.
– Automatic measure of the distance between the characters.
– Display the tip of the characters.
– Show the words with each line
– Display the first line of a text.
– Auto fill mode.
Spreader For Windows 10 Crack can run under Windows 8+ (32bits, 64bits).
1. Run the application
2. Select the file to read
3. When the speed is done, press the button “Save”
* Spreader Full Crack splits a file into single lines
* Spreader Free Download reads the file from the end to the beginning, takes the first line and saves the values.
* Spreader 2022 Crack uses the maximum value that is possible to show the full characters of the file.
1. Download Spreader Cracked Accounts from the link above.
2. Unzip the file and double click the setup.exe.
3. Run the setup.
4. Have fun using Spreader Crack For Windows!

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Spreader 1.0.0 Crack +

1. Change the words per minute rate
2. Set the speed to read backwards
3. Make use of any search words
4. Set a timer for five minutes
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What’s New In?

• Designed specifically for use in debate
• Improves listening and reading skills
• Easy to use
• Reads text from back to front
• Supports iPads, tablets and smartphones
• Pithy phrases
• Varying speeds
• After a short amount of usage it becomes clear that a lot of repetitions are necessary to improve and master the skill.
• One can change the speed using the slider that appears in the corner, allowing the learner the ability to concentrate at any desired speed.
• You can stop or start the timer of the app.
• Tapping on the word in question brings up a description of that word, it’s meaning and example usage
• Text is automatically displayed backwards as soon as you start to read
• Text is written in sentences
• You can set it to read sentences backwards
• When the app is started, the timer of the app is set to one minute
• Swipe the screen to undo what has already been said
• The whole application can easily be copied to and from the iPad/iPod/iPhones/Android device
• If the speaker is moved or the device is turned off before the timer is over, the timer is re-set
• The maximum speed achievable is 949 words per minute (for 6-second silent interval)
• Version 1: for Android
Version 1 has been created for the Google Android Operating System
• You can choose the speed of the text you are reading
• Tapping on a word brings up all the information you need
• When the speaker moves, the app shows the words before and after
• A timer for the whole exercise
• A text is written in sentences
• You can set it to read sentences backwards
• You can also choose what the duration of the exercise is
• Version 2:
Version 2 has been developed especially for the Apple i-Phones, the Apple iPad and the Apple Tablets
• You can choose the speed of the text you are reading
• Tapping on a word brings up all the information you need
• When the speaker moves, the app shows the words before and after
• A timer for the whole exercise
• A text is written in sentences
• You can set it to read sentences backwards
• You can also choose what the duration of the exercise is
If you have any doubts or questions, we will be glad to answer them.

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System Requirements:

– All other system requirements apply.
Additional Notes:
** This product contains NO MEOSIS INTENDED! **
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