Super Echo SE-i has four main dial controls: Feedback, Delay Left, Delay Right and Dry-to-Wet.
Super Echo SE-i is a useful software which is commonly used for doubling up smaller sounding instruments much in the way that a reverb effect would be used. This is achieved through the use of time-lagged sound capture-to-playback settings. Unique atmospheric moods can be created using the stereo-independent features of this pedal.







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A two knob control over the delay time and the post-delay time.
Whether a sound is dry or wet-sounding is controlled by the ‘wet/dry’ switch (this switch can be set to ‘off’ for a dry sound).
Each time delay can be adjusted individually from.01 seconds to 99.9 seconds (minimum time.01 seconds).
Time-lagged replay can be performed individually on each delay from -99 seconds to 99 seconds (maximum time = 99 seconds).
The length of this delay can also be adjusted individually from.01 seconds to 99.9 seconds (minimum time.01 seconds).
The length of the post-delay time can also be adjusted individually from.01 seconds to 99.9 seconds (minimum time.01 seconds).
The feedback time can be adjusted individually from.01 to 99.9 seconds (minimum time.01 seconds).
A dry-to-wet switch controls whether the delay is a dry sound or a wet sound.
Holding down the ‘dry/wet’ switch while turning the knob controls the wet or dry sound accordingly.
A buffer can be used with the pedal.
‘Dry’ and ‘wet’ are interchangeable when using the buffer.
Holding down the ‘A’ or ‘B’ buttons plays a stream of sounds without any delay.
Either the left or right delay can be adjusted to a specific value.
Adjusting the ‘delay time’ can be achieved by repeatedly turning the knob clockwise.
Adjusting the ‘post-delay time’ can be achieved by repeatedly turning the knob counter-clockwise.
Adjusting the ‘length of the post-delay time’ can be achieved by repeatedly turning the knob counter-clockwise.
Adjusting the ‘length of the delay time’ can be achieved by repeatedly turning the knob counter-clockwise.
‘Pressing the footswitch up’ or ‘down’ while in ‘A’ or ‘B’ buffer mode starts or stops the sound stream.
‘Pressing the footswitch down’ or ‘up’ while in ‘A’ or ‘B’ buffer mode starts or stops the sound stream.
If the wind-up knob is turned clockwise, or if the wind-down knob is turned counter-clockwise, the sound is played back over the entire buffer length.
If the wind-up knob is turned counter-clockwise or if the wind-down knob is turned clockwise, the sound is

Super Echo SE-i

Super Echo SE-i Cracked 2022 Latest Version is a third-generation pedal based on our already acclaimed Super Echo SE-i vintage, but with an upgraded echo architecture providing a sound quality more faithful to true retro rack units. The most distinctive feature of this pedal is the new echo architecture which provides a dry/wet control to your sound. You can either double the sound of your instrument or just add another layer of echo to make your sound all the more substantial. This pedal provides totally different sound effects that can be used creatively to enhance your live performance and recording.
Super Echo SE-i is loaded with a few unique features such as a Feedback control which is used to automatically reduce the delay time to prevent feedback. The following controls are available: Dry/Wet, Feedback, Delay Left, Delay Right, and Boost or Damping switch.
Enhanced Time Lag: Super Echo SE-i uses state-of-the-art time-delay circuits to produce multi-voiced sounds as faithfully as possible. Diodes are used to extract the time lag from each channel to ensure the delay times are stable and correct and protect the circuit from power surges. And the ‘Sensitivity Meter’ also gives you information about the sound level of each voice extracted by the diode’s circuitry.
Frequency Tuning Function: The ‘Frequency Tuning Function’ is extremely helpful for those who seek sounds of particular frequencies. This function consists of a LFO (Low-Frequency Oscillator) with a brightness control. Then the frequency of the LFO is tuned using that control. This function is used to adjust the mix of sound from the higher frequencies to the lower frequencies as the brightness is varied.
Variable Delay Control: The ‘Variable Delay Control’ allows you to adjust the timing of the echoes in a stereo image. This is achieved using the stereo dry/wet control.
Variable Delay Time Control: The ‘Variable Delay Time Control’ gives you control over the time lag of each voice. This is used for blending the echoes.
Independent Echo Cancellation: Super Echo SE-i has the unique ability to have multiple time-lagged signals to provide time-delayed signals from a source which can be cancelled by the ‘Independent Echo Cancellation Control’. This allows you to double your existing sound with totally independent effects for each input. Just apply the ‘Dry/Wet’ or ‘Boost/Damping’ control to dial in

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Unlimited delay, delay feedback and dry-to-wet effects are provided by 2-channel effect switcher and 1/4-inch VCA.

4 types of delay functions, delay feedback, dry-to-wet effect, tweeter-follow, legato effect, automatic tone control, expression pedal control and programmable High and Low tone controls are provided.

Expression pedal can also be used to control the VCA / VCA, VCFC circuit and output.

Dry-to-wet function is provided using the switch control section.

Additional volume, EQ and channel assignments (L, R) for different effects are also provided.

A stereo mixer function is also provided.

The effect / mixer section provides control of overall sound level, feedback, delay, effect type and other controls.

Super Echo SE-i Features:

Dedicated Microphone Input

Supports two (2) microphones: MIC/LINE and LINE REC

Feedback control section for creating more authentic live performances

Dedicated Expression Pedal Input

Level control, Treble / Bass control, Channel control and Effect control

Programmable High and Low Control Section (Above / Below 12dB, 12-24dB, 24-36dB and 36-48dB)

Delay section with Feedback, Delay Left and Delay Right modes

The sound from two instruments can be connected to the unit using the Microphone/Line input control section. The effect/mixer section also contains controls to set the sound levels of the two instruments.

Delay section feature

Delay mode:

• Feedback mode: with standard feedback and delay.

• Delay Left mode: Left channel is delayed, Right channel is delayed, the delay times can be set freely.

• Delay Right mode: Delay on the right channel, feedback on the left channel

• Adjustable delay time: Delay time can be set freely (0.1~10 seconds).

Delay feedback section

In Delay Left, Delay Right and Feedback modes, your dry sound is recorded into the memory buffer, which is proportional to the amount of difference between the dry signal and the original signal. In the Feedback mode, a percentage of the dry sound is discarded. The rate of the sound level reduction is proportional to the amount of the difference between the dry sound and the original sound.

In Delay Left and Delay

What’s New In?

Equipped with a new-generation circuit, this time-lagged modeling effect is capable of capturing up to 14-second sound segments and playing them back up to a 12-second delay. By adjusting the delay time and sound capture time, Super Echo SE-i is capable of modeling up to four sounds simultaneously.
Super Echo SE-i has four main dial controls: Feedback, Delay Left, Delay Right and Dry-to-Wet. Super Echo SE-i can
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System Requirements For Super Echo SE-i:

OS: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, or XP
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or better
Memory: 2GB RAM
Hard Drive: 2GB free space
Video Card: Nvidia 7800 / ATI X1950 or better
Video Card Resolution: 720p HD
Video Card Drivers: Latest NVIDIA or ATI Drivers
Total: 4 GB
Processor: Intel Core i3, i5

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