SwS KurdDic is an electronic dictionary which contains 16000 English-Kurdish pairs of words.
■ Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1
■ nag screen
■ 30 words









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– UI: User friendly and easy to understand.
– Screen: The best view of all dictionary for you.
**Some Notations of this Dictionary:**
■ uppercase/lowercase: Kurdish and English word
■ sp. Albertson: AralBOR
■ semicol. Albertson: ABOR
■ x2 sp. Albertson: ABOR
– Backspace key: deletes last word of line
– Return key: goes to next word
– ‘C’ key: Search for word
**Keyword (need more words):**
– İsim: meaning of word
– Kısım: meaning of word
– Türkei: meaning of word
– İngilizce: meaning of word
**New words (need more words):**
– Tibbi: dzieciątko
– Mom: dziewczynka
– Urbanka: szkolka
– Jako: dziecko
– Oto: dziewczynko
– Bob: dziewczynka
**Compile Command:**
1. Copy SwS KurdDic Free Download and place on C:\program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.1\Bin.
2. Open XCOPY.EXE and copy all files and folders to directory you created.
3. Open command window and run these commands:
NCDICT_NUGEN.EXE SwS KurdDic Torrent Download.diz.dict
NCDICT_NUGEN.EXE SwS KurdDic.diz.dat
NCDICT_NUGEN.EXE SwS KurdDic.diz.gpe
NCDICT_NUGEN.EXE SwS KurdDic.diz.ins
NCDICT_NUGEN.EXE SwS KurdDic.diz.ist
NCDICT_NUGEN.EXE SwS KurdDic.diz.mak
NCDICT_NUGEN.EXE SwS KurdDic.diz.min

SwS KurdDic

SwS KurdDic is a multi-lingual dictionary for KurdDic for Kurds and English speakers. SwS KurdDic is compiled using the Dialogtek Middleware API.
Which means that you don’t need to install any additional software to use SwS KurdDic on your computer.
■ It supports the MS-SIRIKA Kurdish Language standard (ISO 639-2).
■ The words are divided into 5 levels. It consists of 7 different levels.
■ The words in the dictionary are presented in their native, native-Arabic, or native-English form.
■ The words are sorted by the stemming algorithms. This means that very short words such as sine, sinee, sine, etc. will be placed first
■ The most used 25 words in the dictionary can be defined as favorites.
■ Many more languages and words can be added as new words are downloaded.
What’s new:
■ Added Persian (FA), Arabic (SA) and Amharic (TA) words.
■ Added Turkish (TR), Russian (RU), Hungarian (HU), Basque (OZ), Polish (PL), Czech (CZ) and Slovak (SK) words.
■ Added the Hebrew (HE), Indian (IN), Slovenian (SL), and Albanian (AL) words.
■ Added new words and new definitions for Middle Eastern countries, including Russia, Pakistan, Egypt, Iraq, India, Israel, Iran,
Syria, Turkey, Cyprus, Afghanistan, and the Persian Gulf.
Other Features:
■ All Kurdish characters are supported. (including Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Farsi, Bulgarian, Albanian, as well as the extended
Kurdish characters.
■ It is not fully kurdish-Arabic neutral. In order to keep the dictionary seperate from Persian and Arabic, words are searched
based on their English form.
■ Words are sorted by their native and not by their English form.
■ Simple and default language settings (English-Kurdish) are added.
■ You can change language settings, and languages other than English and Kurdish are added on the fly.
■ Auto-Complete as well as the spell checker function are added.
■ Customizable themes are

SwS KurdDic Crack Download

SwS KurdDic is a simple dictionary that contains English words, in Kurdish.
This is an added application for SwS Dictionary.
Some people don’t know the Kurdish language, so they need an electronic dictionary.
SwS KurdDic will help people learn and understand the Kurdish language. It’s very useful for
students, teachers, and others who speak English, Kurdish, Turkish or any other of the
non-Arab languages.
SwS KurdDic contains 16000 English words in Kurdish that will help anyone to learn the
English language, due to its rich content, it contains a lot of words.
■ nag screen (When you’re done with swS KurdDic you can close it with the
screenshot button)
■ Simple and easy to use. (swS KurdDic is a word by word translation
■ This is a word by word dictionary, you will get all the “swear words” too!
■ Contains a lot of rich vocabulary, with a lot of words and definitions.
■ On first launch of this application, you will see a nag screen, give it some time to
show all the loaded data.
■ As soon as you enter some text, SwS KurdDic will show you the translation of the entered text in
■ Doesn’t show the number of words while loading, but only when you open it for the first time.
■ SwS KurdDic takes about 20 MB of hard disk space for storing the dictionaries.
■ Lots of themes and other dictionaries can be added to SwS KurdDic easily.
■ This is an English-Kurdish dictionary. It contains keywords in order to make it easier for
the users to enter and translate them.
■ All words can be searched.
■ This dictionary will display the key words from the dictionary, you might not be able to
understand all the words.
■ It has a bit of memory leak.
■ A lot of work is being done to make SwS KurdDic a useful Dictionary.
■ You can’t add any dictionaries to the application.
■ If you are having any other problems with Sw

What’s New In?

SwS KurdDic has been developed under the supervision of the Kurdish National Council in Europe (KNCE) and by the Institut für lateinisch-persischen Komparativität, Komposita und Akklimatologie (KBA) in Leipzig, Germany. It has been developed as a joint project between the Kurdish cultural center in Germany, the institute for Lateinsch-Persisch Comparative Comitality, Kompositalität und Akklimatologie (KBA) in Leipzig, Germany and Iraqi Kurdish activists in Berlin, Germany. The work of SwS KurdDic is focused on selecting words and collecting them in the dictionary, i.e. nearly all the Kurdish words (as well as many Persian and Arabic words) are collected in the dictionary with the help of lexicographers. They are selected by the Kurdish Cultural Center and the institute for Lateinsch-Persisch Comparative Comitality, Kompositalität und Akklimatologie (KBA) in Leipzig, Germany and the Institut für lateinisch-persischen Komparativität, Komposita und Akklimatologie (KBA) in Leipzig, Germany. To create the dictionary, a team of thirty Kurdish lexicographers who have not been working with SwS KurdDic has been gathered under the supervision of the Kurdish National Council in Europe (KNCE) and the institution for Lateinsch-Persisch Comparative Comitality, Kompositalität und Akklimatologie (KBA) in Leipzig, Germany. The KNCE and the KBA have not only supervised the project but also have supported it financially. In doing so they want to enable the Kurdish people as much as possible to get to know the Persian and Arabic languages and for that reason work has begun on compiling the SwS KurdDic dictionary. The goal is to give the Kurdish people access to words in the Persian and Arabic languages through the creation of this dictionary.
The aim of the KNA was to gather the Kurdish lexicographers who specialize in Persian and Arabic and to train them in accordance with their professional goals. These goals include researching and compiling both Persian and Arabic words.
After compiling words in the dictionary, all the words were examined by the Kurdish Cultural Center and the Institut für lateinsch-persisch Compar


System Requirements For SwS KurdDic:

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7 (64-bit) Windows 8/8.1 (64-bit) Windows 10 (64-bit)
Mac OS X 10.9 or later
Processor: Intel Core i3 or later (8 GB of RAM recommended)
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 8600 or later
Hard Drive: 500 MB of free space
Sound Card: DirectX 11 Compatible Sound Card
Additional Notes: Manuals and settings are included.
The year is 2048, and after


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