Navigating through your computer with default methods is easily done by anyone. However, advanced users might look for alternatives with enhanced possibilities and quicker ways to perform certain operations. This is possible with file managers and tabbyFile aims to redefine simplicity through the set of features it puts at your disposal.
Simple design lets you quickly accommodate
The overall design is simple and easy to comprehend, both in terms of visuals and functionality. Two panels let you have different locations on your computer active at a time, while toolbar controls provide even more comfort. Its elements are customizable and there's even a quick launch toolbar so you can place shortcuts of applications and games you frequently access.
Keep multiple directories active in tabs
Don't be disappointed that you only get to work with two panels. Integrated tab support helps out in this regard, because you can keep up as many active directories as you see fit, while pressing the corresponding tab entry fills in the big panel with its content. More flexibility is provided by the favorites manager. All folders you save can then quickly be selected from a drop-down menu.
Operations you get to manage are the same that Windows provides in terms of file management. A context menu is put at your disposal for more comfort. Drag and drop is also supported so you can manage files this way.
Create and save custom layouts
Icons can be displayed in several layouts and you can scroll through them with a dedicated button. What's more, the application lets you save custom layouts you can quickly apply to any active directory. Needless to say that one of the toolbar entries is a search engine to find files of interest in the blink of an eye.
To sum it up
Bottom line is that tabbyFile doesn't come with too many features to overwhelm you and oddly enough, this isn't a bad thing, not even for a file manager. It's well-organized from all points of view, with its simplicity further adding to your comfort. Functions are in plain sight and several customization options are at your disposal for an enhanced overall experience.







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Your computer is usually in your hands and your primary method of navigation. Regardless of the operating system you’re using, operating it with default methods is sufficient, but navigating through folders with default functions might take some time to get used to. With tabbyFile, you can easily open as many directories as you need with tabs, giving you extra comfort.
Save your time and get to work
To make things easier to choose a directory that suits your task, a set of file tabs are integrated and files can be added to the start page in less than no time. With its customizable elements and the option to save personal file layouts, tabbyFile makes searching for something easy and hassle-free.
Tabby File Features:
Create, save, delete, and edit tabs in an active directory
Keep more than one active directory open at a time
Create and delete search engines
Read progress, download, and list files of interest
Drag and drop support
Tab customization manager
Search engine
Free to download
System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7

Developer : LINX
Category : Document Management
License : freeware
Note : This is a free shareware. You can get this software’s license code if you like it.
Description: It is an easily customizable document management tool that effectively organizes your files. It can organize multiple directories into one, making it easy to navigate, and an option to view and control access is also available. Organize files into three different views to preview and organize them accordingly, and with a few clicks you can modify the program’s options.
Document Manager with integrated File Browser (Features)
Option to organize directories into one, making it easy to navigate
Display and control access to files
Create, delete, edit, and sort tabs
Display and customize the application’s panels
Ease of use and application modules make up Document Manager’s interface, making it a highly customizable tool. You are in charge of setting view settings so you can view and arrange files in different ways, and organize them into folders.
Organize the directory structure
Organize files into multiple tabs
View, set, and remove tabs
Manage privacy settings
Keep multiple tabs active at once
Create and customize panels
Assign attributes to tabs
Save the view settings you choose
New option to view and control access to files
Option to organize files in the menu
View all kinds of files and directories
Organize multiple directories into one
Search for files

TabbyFile Download Latest

I would like to share my experience with tabbyFile Torrent Download, which was just recently released for the Linux platform (after 4 years development on windows). tabbyFile Crack Mac is a File Management tool but has much more to offer. TabbyFile allows you to:
* Create Icon layouts from which you can choose icons to be displayed in tabs
* Fast search file recursively (all folders, subfolders,…)
* Ability to select folders using a drop down menu
* Ability to create a snapshot of files of interest
* Ability to create custom desktop filters
* Ability to resizable icons in tabs
What TabbyFile does not do:
* TabbyFile does not read your music / videos files and files list as well as does not handle your downloaded files
* TabbyFile do not create library that is the default place for your files
* TabbyFile does not give you the possibility to create filters over your files
* Tabbyfile does not search through your normal/alternative drivers
* TabbyFile does not change your icon size
* Tabbyfile does not allow you to create other additional tabs (separate file managers)
… For the full description of the feature and the main bug fixes i will release soon, please read the FAQ when you download the demo version. Don’t forget to report bugs and ideas as i will try my best to enhance this program for the future!

I have a unique idea for an app, and I can’t seem to find anything similar out there, hopefully you can make something of it.
It’s a program that will create a backup of your files, folder-by-folder, and saves the info to an.img file on your desktop. This way you can email the file to other people for them to do the same and recover what they just lost.
The file type for the file is.img, it can be anything really, and you can install it on either Linux or Windows, but it can only have one.img file on it’s own, and the reason for that, is to maintain the amount of space to make the image as small as possible.
Right now it can only backup a folder, but I will add as many folders as I can.
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I would need someone who knows what the program is about in this topic, if you do, please let me know and if you have other programs that do something

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What tabbyFile Does
tabbyFile is meant to let you browse through different folders on your computer. It displays directories as tabs and the main panel inside lets you work with files. Hint: drag and drop is supported.
What tabbyFile Looks Like:
tabbyFile doesn’t come with any flashy graphics. The only two panels that are available to you are of course two. You can customize their layout to your liking.
TabbyFile Main Features:
With tabbyFile, you can keep multiple directories active at once and the application lets you quickly switch between them. It also has its own built-in search engine and you can setup a drop-down menu to save custom layouts for easy access in the future.
tabbyFile Interface & Controls:
The interface features a toolbar with shortcut icons, the classic open menu and the save option. This section lets you quickly accommodate a good number of actions.
tabbyFile Pros:
Interface is fairly clean and intuitive. It is accompanied by a well-executed wizard for customization. tabbyFile offers you several ways to deal with your files.
tabbyFile Cons:
Gestures aren’t supported, and drag and drop could use some polishing.
Where can I Buy tabbyFile:
tabbyFile is available as a free application. You can download it from its official website.

openTense [Offline] is a free to use word processor. openTense allows you to store documents and export them in.doc,.dot,.txt,.html,.xls and rtf formats. You can also share files to others and download files from them. openTense runs in both desktop and online versions.

The K-desktop is a GUI that enables you to run the Windows K-menu-like command shell using a single window. It is written in Java and it uses AWT components. It is designed to be compact, fast and easy to use. It is similar to Windows Explorer and it allows you to open the same directory as Explorer.

The Startup Manager is a small utility that helps you to see which installed software is being started each time you turn on your computer, or how it is being started during the boot process. It can generate the startup logs on an embedded usb flash drive.

The laptop battery discharge calculator is designed to keep track of how much time and money your battery could save you. It knows if a recharge is necessary and you can

What’s New in the TabbyFile?

Bottom line is that tabbyFile doesn’t come with too many features to overwhelm you and oddly enough, this isn’t a bad thing, not even for a file manager. It’s well-organized from all points of view, with its simplicity further adding to your comfort. Functions are in plain sight and several customization options are at your disposal for an enhanced overall experience.
Download tabbyFile Free

Handy file manager Simple File Explorer is the program you need for effective file management on your Windows PC. It offers several functions to perform file management using the interface of a file manager. It also includes a slew of features you’ll use all the time. Powerful search
The program gives you a powerful search feature with result page showing you the exact match of what you’re looking for. You can filter the results based on mime types, size, contents and so on. You can then navigate to directories, move files in or out of them and various other operations.
Navigate through system windows
You can navigate through your computer’s system windows with mouse and keyboard. You can change the size of directories, explore their content, and do various other operations.
Multiple panels, one at a time
Simple File Explorer provides two main panels. The second one is for your active directories with a directory tree structure at the root. You can use the search feature to select specific directories from the tree. Drag and drop and clipboard management
Simple File Explorer also provides you with a clipboard. The programs includes a number of gadgets to place up to four items on it and all gadgets are able to manage your files. You can drag and drop or copy to them from everywhere on your computer.
More tabs, more tabs
You can add as many panels as you like, including for your documents, pictures, music, and so on. While your options are quite limited with just two, this comes with the advantage of having more panels on screen at any given time.
When dragging and dropping files, image previews are displayed so you have a preview of what you’re doing. You can also copy files from the panel to anywhere else. Moreover, copy files you move from one panel to another.
In case you’re missing a panel, you can always rearrange the panels on the fly. You can also add more shortcut to any panel you’re using.
How to get it
You can download Simple File Explorer from the link below. However, there are several points of view.
Other version
You can also get the complete suite

System Requirements:

Windows® 7
1.0 GHz processor
512 MB RAM
2 GB hard disk space
Windows® XP
256 MB RAM
Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)
8 GB of free disk space
2 GB of RAM
Minimum 128 MB graphics card
Internet connection

Minimum 256 MB graphics card

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