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Talk Text Crack 2022

Talk Text is a simple, easy to use text-to-speech application. If you need to have ‘new’says’ read to you, Speak it! is for you.
Talk Text Speaks:
New/Old file/Directory. Text File, Clipboard.
Talk Text Features:
– Supports audio file playback from any folder.
– Use the Run Application button for easier playback.
– Playback can pause, resume or stop
– Easy access to the ‘Speech Recognition’ section of Control Panel.
– Speakers can be changed at any time.
– Audible beeps are played when audio files are played.
– Distinct beeps for audio files can be changed.
– Audio file codec for all applications can be changed in Preferences.
– Say what you want. For example, ‘Speak it!’ can be a command to ‘New’ (‘o’ – saying ‘old’) or anything else you want.
– Say what you want. For example, ‘Speak it!’ can be a command to ‘New’ (‘o’ – saying ‘old’) or anything else you want.
– Say what you want. For example, ‘Speak it!’ can be a command to ‘New’ (‘o’ – saying ‘old’) or anything else you want.
– Talk Text has been tested with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.
System Requirements:
Talk Text requires either.NET 3.0 or.NET 2.0.
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Talk Text Free PC/Windows

Talk Text is a speech-enabled text editor developed by Mutebox, designed to help you write your favorite texts in a convenient way.
Key Features:
• Record your own voice for any text and customize in seconds.
• The speech interface is extremely intuitive.
• Add or delete words at any time to make the speech sound better.
• There are many accent and dialect settings.
• Play and record your messages through the talk text application.
• Change the font, size, and color of the text if needed.
• Slideshow support.
• And much more!
Want to know how it works? The speech page where you can listen to your recordings and change settings is here:
To find the speech setting page, click the speech tab in the upper right-hand corner and then click the Speech Settings option.
For more helpful applications, visit

Special thanks to Polish alpha team for help with Polish text:
Grigory Barbacz

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Talk Text License Keygen

Talk Text is a lightweight and intuitive text-to-speech application that can play text files and clipboard entries.
Talk Text offers you full playback control (pause, resume and stop playing), can append text files and features easy and fast access to the ‘Speech Recognition’ section of Control Panel.
Talk Text’s intuitive user interface lets you enter or copy text files, documents, URLs and clipboard entries directly into Talk Text, enabling you to play them and read them aloud from your computer’s default microphone, stereo speakers or any other audio source you have connected.
If you have written down a telephone number, you can enter it and read it aloud as a text file.
You can also copy-and-paste text files, documents and URLs from any application or the Internet to Talk Text.
Read text files and copy clipboard entries from within the program and control Talk Text’s playback with two buttons:
• Stop playback – used to pause playback of the file you are currently speaking to.
• Resume playback – resumes playback of the file you stopped reading.
You can also use Talk Text’s built-in engine to do more complex tasks, such as outputting text from a database, which can be highly useful for creating voice prompts or voice memos, or reading from your clipboard directly, just as you would on a mobile phone.
Talk Text can open files in any of the following formats: txt, html, flv, mp3, m3u, wav, wma, wma files.
Key Features:
• Playback Control: pause, resume and stop playing.
• Copy & Paste Text Files, Documents & URLs: directly into Talk Text.
• Easy Access to the ‘Speech Recognition’ Section of Control Panel: with a quick-start list of available speech engines.
• Built-in Speech Engines and Custom Engines: by using the ‘Speech Recognition’ tab.
• Help: with extensive help information.
• Mobile phone & tablet support: mobile devices support Talk Text via USB connection, if a mobile USB host is available in the system.
Supported Languages:
You can select the language that you are using (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian) when installing the application, if you don’t want to select it later.
You can change the system’s language later by following these steps:
1) Open Control Panel and navigate to the System section.
2) Click ‘Language’, on the left.

What’s New In Talk Text?

Talk Text is a very lightweight and intuitive text-to-speech application that can play text files and clipboard entries. You can create commands to select text and have the selected text spoken. Talk Text also allows you to pause and resume text playback.

What’s new in this version:

Added bookmark support

Improved compatibility for the latest version of Windows

Improved bug fixing

What’s new in version 2.5:

Added support for the latest version of Windows.

Added an option to play the selected text with voice-activated system commands.

Improved performance and stability.

Updated translations.

Improved readability.

Added support for the ‘Speech Recognition’ section of Control Panel.

Added support for creating custom speech commands.

Added bookmark support for text playback.

Added support for mapping any system tray control to “Play” (by default).

You can now use external viewers such as Windows Explorer, as well as drag and drop any text file into the text-to-speech player to start playback.

Talk Text now supports the latest version of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Talk Text can now play text files or clipboard entries that are partially cut/pasted, in case you copy/paste partially selected text into the editor instead of fully selected text.

Talk Text now loads the latest version of Windows Speech API (2.1) used to create custom speech commands.

The program now remembers the last speech command used to play certain text.

Talk Text now allows to play (pause) selected text either automatically or manually.

Talk Text now has an ‘x’ button in the main window to execute any provided command when no text is being played, e.g. to interrupt an automated speech command.

Talk Text now automatically stops after the end of speech recognition for human speech input.

Talk Text now plays text streams with ‘pause’ and ‘play’ buttons on the playback controls.

If a system tray icon is selected for playback and there are more than one speech command registered, only one of them will be used.

You can now set the background image.

Improved system tray icon, custom user interface themes.

Improved translation support.

For customer support please contact us directly on our support page:


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Dual Core CPU
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 1 GB Graphics Card
Hard Disk: 2 GB space
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet Connection
How to Install?
Download the game for installation.
Run the game and login.
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