Starting stuff using a keyboard is not a strenuous activity, one can say, but some individuals have so much to type in a day that their fingers are cramping. You've surely heard about voice-to-text software by now, and that seems like a good alternative to typing your fingers off. There are lots of such applications out there, but we're going to focus on Talk & Write — a simple Chrome extension that spares you some typing, without impacting your productivity.
The interface was built with simplicity in mind
The UI can be brought forward by clicking on the extension's icon. Inside the layout, a large text panel and, three commands, and a language selector can be found. Due to its reduced complexity, this application can be mastered in a couple of minutes.
How to convert your voice to text?
Before engaging the add-on, you must ensure a microphone is connected to your machine. Click on the mic button to activate the app. While active, the microphone icon will display a constantly moving red bubble.
Select the language you wish to talk in and start laying words down. During our tests, it was noticed that if the wrong language is selected, the extension will try to make up words corresponding to the selected language. Also, taking too fast might affect the text composition. Talk & Write is not perfect when it comes to registering words, but with a bit of practice you can figure out the correct tempo.
Exporting your text
Depending on the used language, the extension is capable of adding diacritics to the text. Furthermore, for cleaning the boards, one must deactivate the microphone and click on the icon with a brush next to a notepad. The other button is for copying the contents to the clipboard, allowing you to paste your text to whatever text document you wish.
To conclude, Talk & Write has the potential to be a dependable voice-to-text service, but it still requires a bit of work to make it more reliable. The main issue is how the voice is capture if one talks relatively fast. Other than that, the extension works as intended, providing the user with what’s advertised.


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What’s New in the Talk Write?

Talk & Write is a Chrome extension that converts your voice to text. It’s actually a very simple and useful application that provides instant text from the user’s voice. The extension is simple enough to use and users only need to have a microphone connected to their computers. The extension allows you to customize the language and the accent of your choice, but it also allows you to go beyond basic text by adding diacritical marks, copy the text and paste it anywhere, and lastly export the text to a text file. This should be used as a companion to a keyboard, but it’s a great tool if you’re ever typing too much.
Talk & Write works with the following languages: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, and Norwegian. Users can select their preferred language and accent.

RSS Notifier is a lightweight RSS reader for Chrome that gives you the option to view and keep track of your favorite websites’ headlines and content in one place. It supports RSS feed and allows you to quickly add news sites from your favorite list. It’s actually pretty easy to use and the application isn’t very resource intensive.
The application has a straightforward interface, with a few buttons to customize the settings and view the news items. One can also easily view the number of feeds added. The interface is not the most eye-catching, but the content is displayed in a clean layout.
With the help of RSS Notifier, one can view and quickly add feeds from a list. This list can be edited and arranged the way you like.
The app also allows users to subscribe to new feeds, while adding those in bulk is also possible. Another great feature is the option to add websites in bulk, which can be quite useful.
Exporting is also available, and it can be done automatically. Another useful feature is the option to add news from websites to a list, which is handy, especially if you don’t want to add a site manually and prefer to use the menu for that.
RSS Notifier is a simple application that provides a great browsing experience, but its inability to import websites from a folder, and rather frustrating exporting function are the only downsides.
What’s new in 1.4:
It now adds news from the visited websites.

The People Tab is a Chrome extension that displays your Facebook friends’ names and online statuses in a tab. It’s a feature that hasn’t been available in Facebook for a while. You can also easily view, delete or add your Facebook friends from this tab.
The extension isn’t

System Requirements For Talk Write:

Game: Fate/Grand Order
Platform: PlayStation®4 (PlayStation®4 Pro™ is not required)
Additional Notes: When installing this game please take note of the below requirements:
32GB Minimum Memory
4GB Hard Drive Space
128GB of free space on the PS4™ system (installed games + game save)
Please note that this is a digital-only title, and is not playable on any physical retail game system.
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